Gastritis and general feeling of unwellness

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Hi everyone,

I have had an issue that ruined my life for the past 5 years and wanted to see if some of you have the same issues.

I have had gastritis, and according to the burning sensation in my stomach, it may be continuing. Now, this is not the most problematic part of my issues, it seems to trigger some debilitating symptoms.

When I stand, I feel some stomach tension and can't stand for a long time. After a while, if I don't sit down, I would start to feel panicky and tachycardic. These episodes are invariably followed by copious belching. 

I also experience, every couple of weeks, some stomach spasm (one off strong contraction), and would feel extremely unwell a couple of hours after. Never found out was this is.

Since this started, I feel fatigued, can't exercise and have lost weight. Nothing came out of the dozen consultations I had with my doctors. I am at a loss, let me know if you are going through the same ordeal or have ideas.



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    Seems you have severe bloating/indigestion and it's causing the problem, are you taking omeperzole?

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      I can't take PPIs otherwise the food just sit there, horrible feeling. I do take Ranitidine though.

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    You have to follow a strict diet..... chronic gastricis is hard to deal with but curable.

    Anxiety wont help you. Stop worry and be positive. Andnif you taking omeprazole or any of thoose they are well know causing bloating...nausea etc in long term use..

    Shoot me a pm if you want.

    Take care.

    I have bad gastritis myself.

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      I do to ed I was wondering with urs do u get really bad stomach pains and feel sick a bit like labour pains
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      Hi. Well i cant tell you how labour pain feels.... i am male... now on serious note.

      I have constant burning..i mean permanently... no matter what i eat.. its there.... but i would not describe it as labour pain... but it all depends... if you have erosive can well be strong pain....

      I am just testing water with foods and trying to stop taking omeprazole.... already halved dose by opening pills... its a poison in long rung.... deficit of vitamin b12 or E can cause much more damage to your body then gastritis on its own....

      On another hand... the key i believe is to stay positive and motivated.... and jeep smiling....

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      Just to add i feel sick sometimes.. but thats due indigestion caused by omeprazole... not by burning..i am sure...
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      Thanks. I try to be disciplined and have already eliminated a lot of trigger foods (chocolate, fatty foods, etc...). You are right regarding anxiety. Unfortunately, I do have a high stress job.
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      Well .i dont wanna statebmy employer name...but believe me on job is one of the most stressful.... what drives me forward are my kids.. wink

      For food...what works for someone may not be good for other its all based on individual.... i have positive respond to lactose free milk....gluten free cereals... blueberries and gluten free pasta with courgettes and bit of brocoli... yes and thats it.... anything out of this and i am suffering.... its a mind game as have to be strong.

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      I had food poisoning and then given antibiotics with corticoide steroids followed by 2 tripple therapy for helycobacter ..over month on abs...and guess what? All wrong..after biopsy found that i had no helycobacter.. its been 6 weeks since i stopped using abs...but not getting major improvements yet...endospocy confirmed gastritis and deudonitis..none erosive
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    It can also cause osteoporosis.  I was on the med for over 10 yrs, so that's probably how I developed it. It'really meant to be used short term.

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    Hi I have the same as u I have gastritis also I am in lansoprizole for it and ranitidine for 4 weeks the doctor said this wud clear up but I went for a endoscopy and my gastritis shown up and also took a biopsy and thy said I now have h pylori I have all the symptoms u have all the stomach pains. But the standing up I get dizzy and the room spins the doctor has sed I have vertigo if u r still worried about the pains ask doctor for an endoscopy that should be Able to tell them what us going on. My pains have been that bad I have been admitted to a and emany times as the pains feel like labor pains and I have also got fibromyalgia which does not help ad I am in pain daily and not sure what one is coursing it sorry to ask but do u get eggy or called sulphur burps which have a really bad smell of rotten eggs if u do go back doctor and explain

    Hope this helps xx

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      Hi Jacquie, I had an upper endoscopy and it showed mild gastritis that is "unlikely to explain my other symptoms" according to my doctor. I think I also have a form of CFS. What a terrible condition!

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