Gastritis/Duodenitis and diarrhea / other problems

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So, for almost 7 months now I've been dealing with this and still having issues.

It all started with popping/punching feelings in the upper middle abdomen, went ot ER they said it's not cardiac.. told me to drink magnesium citrate to clear out. Did that, but that's where things got worse, after that had diarrhea that would not go away and bad stomach pains in the upper middle abdomen that went away with food. Doc put me on Dexilant for a few weeks, seemed to help for a little. Then had other issues and got moved to prevacid for 12 days, then nothing and nothing got better.

Four months later finally got an upper endoscopy done and got diagnosed with Duodenitis, Gastritis and a sliding hital hernia (unsure of the size). Doctor put me on Omeprazole 40mg (morning, was slowly phased off after a month of it) and Ranitidine (Zantac at night) 300mg each day after two months of this my stomach pain went away. Problem is now I'm done with that and stomach pain is still gone but now I have other issues back..

1) Diarrhea returned slowly a week after getting off zantac

2) Tension type head aches and feeling off balance started up after going off the zantac. Tylenol helps a tiny bit with but not completey

3) Sometimes I can feel my heart beating in my stomach where I used to have the pain, just randomly I will feel it usually after I eat lunch though, never had this issue before this whole thing started.

It felt like someone was squeezing my head from the sides, and i felt like I was falling backwards or walking tilted when standing up and walking.

The Diarrhea started with softer stool, then progressed to what today has been almost pure water.

During the diagnosis I did have a complete abdominal ulltrasound done, they saw nothing of interest with my pancreas, liver, stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, or aorta / IVC. Ontop of that CBC blood test came back normal, and metabolic profile / lipase came back normal.

Any advice? Maybe the original issue isn't completely cured yet?

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    Maybe you are having reactions to coming off Zantac and rebound symptoms.
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      Yeah, I thought that too, but it's now been a week and a day, and still happening... not sure how long rebound side effects last

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      If you have acid rebound, you may have to wait 4 weeks before the acid settles down ro normal levels. Try milk in the meantime which is a natural antacid.
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    Hi.  I know what you are going through.  I just came off a months long fight with salmonela that make it's way into my bloodstream.

    My advice is twofold.

    1) Continue to push your Dr to continue testing until 100% certain that it isn't anything "organic", due to the chronic diarhea.  I now have Post-Infectious IBS-D although it little by little seems to be resolving itself 9 months after I got sick.

    2) I suggest you talk to your Dr or see a therapist about your mental health.  Tension headaches and sensitivity to body functions sound more like anxiety/stress.  I experienced the same things and more.  I just learned that chronic illness can take a MAJOR toll on mental health, especially when you have GI issues, and when I started seeing a therapist it definitely helped me feel better physically and mentally.

    Hope that helps.

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      Oh the doctors have brought that up too about stress / anxiety, I just find it odd that it started after I stopped the medication. Was't having them before I stopped this latest course of meds

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    Sounds like you may now be pretty dehydrated. Are you able to drink?
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      oh I'm drinking a lot of water and some other things doesn't seem to have an impact, was doing that before I went off Zantac also so no real change in water intake

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    Hi, I've not only had the same problems over many years but seen this so many times on here.  Ok, I have a H hernia? 5cm plus other excess acid production symptoms over a 25 year period.  I’ve been on every medication going and had every test time and time again.  Tried not eating this and tried eating this that and the other!!! Have diarrhea which can turn to constipation overnight.  A simple answer has proved the best solution for me: 20mg or 40mg and sometimes 80mg per day Pantoprazole and don’t eat after 8pm.   I choose the dose as required. Now, some will say oh PPIs are so bad for you long term and come out with all the negatives.  My reply is: Ok you try living with excess acid which inflames you whatever you eat and over long periods can lead to cancer!!  Your food tries to make reappearance after eating lol. Sometimes (and I came to this 5 years ago after 20 years of problems each time getting worse) you have to take the option that suits you and managers your condition the best.   And, it’s not a nice thought thinking that you have to stay on PPIs for long periods if not the rest of your life but its also not nice thinking you could end up with ZES!!! ?Oh and yes I was told I had IBS which was crap by one Doctor just because they want an end to your visits sad 

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    I had same sittuation but I took 5 diffrent courses of antibiotics before I took ppi s for 2 monthes . Now agtwr bein hospital over 15 times with pain in legs . Tummy and dirreeha and then constipation . I have funagl . Ueast over groath . Stay away from ppi s they cause more problem s in.long run . I should of never took them for 2 monthes .vyou need acid to keep your stomach safe . Modern medication will mess you up . Get antifungals fast and do candida diet and dont listin to anyone sYin its in your head . CauE thats wat happin me in lreland and now iv bad yeast infection its had to beat . Im on 200mg of diflucan for 2 weeks

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