Gastritis easy way?

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Hey, i have gastritis, duodeno-gastric reflux and erosive reflux esophagitis. I understand the meaning of gastritis but know nothing about other two, i guess thats related to acid reflux.

What i've read from forums that i need to follow strict die and first of all cure my gastritis. I dont have to eat any sugar food, salt food a little and eat only non-acidic foods. For me it is almost impossible, because i live in stress almost everyday and i should eat some salt food or fried chicken to level up my dopamine. Without dopamine increased its hard for me to work at some projects and just to enjoy life. I dont eat a lot, i eat "trash" food like chips 2-3 times a month. And i want to know maybe there is more easy way to reduce gastrtits? 

Also i want to say that my gastritis and acid reflux worst show up when im at home alone. I dont know why so, but when im alone for a long time the biggest and painful acid comes. 

Also i drink baking soda and its pretty good. 

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    Duodeno-gastric reflux is reflux of bile from the duodenum into the stomach. Some reflux of this nature is permitted if you have animal fats persisting in the stomach to permit the acid there to break up the fats, in much the same way as detergent helps fats and water to combine.

    Gastritis is inflammation caused by the acid and bile attacking the stomach lining. Your acid is also refluxing into your oesophagus where it is attacking that lining. That is erosive oesophagitis.

    You need to give the gastritis and oesophagitis a chance to heal by reducing the acid for a few weeks with a proton pump inhibitor ("PPI" - eg omeprazole) .

    Forget about the acidity of foods. That will make no difference to the acidity in your stomach. Excess acid may be produced if you eat too much fatty food as it lingers for longer being sprayed ineefectively by more acid (until bile is called on for assistance) which isn't being neutralised.

    Baking soda is an on-demand neutraliser for acid but it's better to reduce the production of it in the first place.

    Reducing the acid with a PPI for a few weeks should enable your stomach and oesophagus to heal. If it doesn't see your doctor. You may have done permanent damage to your oesophagus ( = "Barrett's Oesophagus" ) which can in a few cases mutate to cancer.

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      As studies are comming out the risk of developing cancer from Barett's is really really low. Basically doctors also find out that they were exageratting pretty much with that turning into cancer. We should stay alerted but being diagnosed with Barrett's is not be worried too much.

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      Thank you for your response. I have some meds prescribed by my doctor, but im not sure if i have to take it. Yes, it basically can reduce my pain in theory, but im aware of side effects of these drugs. If i tell you brand name of my drugs, can you give me some advice about them please? By the way, im from Russia so you may not know them. Here it is:


      Nolpaza (pantoprazolum)

      Ganaton (itopride)


      These first drugs i should use for first 2 weeks, then i was informed to add some other additional drugs in my curing scheme and take them with the first four for another 2 weeks (1 month completely). 

      I hope you to see you. Thanks.

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      Nolpaza (pantoprazole) is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) that will reduce your stomach acid. Take it daily half an hour before breakfast for the best effect. (I'm guessing you'll have been prescribed it either at 40mg (maintenance dose ) or 80mg (high dose) for a few weeks to allow the gatritis to heal.

      Gaviscon is an alginate that neutralises acid already produced nad floats on the stomach contents to reduce reflux.

      Ganaton (itopride) is a pro-kinetic / anti-emetic that helps peristalsis move food down the oesophagus and through the stomach.

      Odeston is an anti-spasmodc intended to relax the pyloric sphincter to enable easier passage of stomach contents (chyme) into the duodenum.

      Although there have been exaggerated adverse claims made about PPIs, they are really quite safe drugs when used properly.

      Gaviscon is a safe drug to use.

      There has been some concern over pro-kinetics like itopride that in large quantities over a period they may cause heart problems. For that reason they may not be available in certain countries.

      I do not know enough about Odeston to offer an opinion on it.

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