Gastritis for weeks??

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Since coming back from a holiday in Greece I’ve been diagnosed with gastritis because I kept feeling like I was genuinely lying on a tennis ball when I lay on my stomach, as well as feeling constant motion sickness  and sometimes having a burning or even sometimes stabbing pain in my abdomen. Prescribed Omeprazole and been taking for 2 weeks (told to take for 4 weeks come back). I still feel the ‘tennis ball’ and I still get the same sickness feeling! I’d have thought I’d start to see improvement by now?? I’ve changed my diet to smaller bland meals and no joy. I did 2 pregnancy tests despite being on the implant because I just don’t understand it! (Negative).. I feel sickest in the morning. 

I’m now also worrying that I have early menopause!! I’m 27, my period is late and I get hot flashes, can’t sleep because I’m so hot and my period is really late. My periods have been weird for a few months- I’ve been bleeding a small amount every day for up to 3 weeks. I have no sex drive either and I feel anxious.

None of this is helped by the fact I’ve had anxiety in the past . I’m terrified every day that 1) my gastritis is something more sinister 2) I now won’t be able to have children sad 

Sorry for the long post I’m basically miserable, constantly feeling sick and at the end of my tether. Thank you. 

Ps I’m quite sure the motion sickness feeling is not due to anxiety as I’ve only become anxious since feeling so ill for a while 

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    What tests have you had before getting that diagnosis? Where abouts in your stomach do you have the “tennis ball” feeling?
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      Just under my ribs in the centre is the feeling. The doctor just listened to my symptoms and felt my stomach and just decided it was gastritis !!
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      I have the same feeling, I have had it on and off for years. This year it has become a bit of a problem it has made me feel really unwell, so I am getting an endoscopy. I have 2 suggestions as to what I think it could be, one is chronic pancreatitis and the other is hiatus hernia
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      Wow thank you- these are 2 things I have also considered particularly as I’ve started doing intense abdominal exercises lately so possibly a hernia? Hope you get yours sorted soon
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    Anxiety will make your gastritis worse and will affect your periods.  Keep persevering with the omeprazole for another two weeks.  Everyone is different and recovers at a different rate with gasteitis.  If you are anxious, your recovery will be slower. Some people feel better on omeprazole quicker than others.  Try a food diary to see what food triggers you may have.  Try distraction techniques such as light exercise or a hobby to take your mind off your stomach.   Anxiety seems to be your main problem.
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      I know thank you. I know anxiety can affect people in all sorts of ways I jus find it so hard to come to terms with the fact it could cause physical symptoms this severe without there being something else wrong with it sad but maybe that’s just my anxiety talking!!! :0 no clue. Thank you for your reply, I’ll try and be more positive I just get really worried about my health- always have 
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      I am autistic and as a a result I have had chronic anxiety all my life.  In the end,it led to GERD and IBS three years ago, The gut is very sensitive to anxiety because of the gut brain axis.  A diagnosis helped me to come to terms with my IBS and my doctor told me anxiety and stress was the culprit.  This stopped me worrying about other causes.
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