Gastritis help - at wits end :-(

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Hi all, new to the forum but just wanted advice. First of all I have to say I am a worrier and suffer with anxiety and have suffered with mild/moderate depression as a result. I currently take Sertraline for this (100mg) daily. Had it since 22 years old and am now 35

Anyway, around November last year I went to work and was overcome with severe bloating and stomach pain/gurgling. I noticed in the build up I was becoming board at work, drinking more tea/decaf coffee and eating rubbish food. Diet has never been brilliant but I don't decline fruit and veg. I went to see GP. She listened to my stomach and was amazed at the noise. She gave me buscopan. Ok for 2 days then bloat/pain returned. Went back and she referred me to see a specialist. I said I had private medical cover so within two weeks I saw a consultant gastroenterologist. Told him symptoms and he arranged for me to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Had that a week later, the prep is awful by the way and I found the endoscopy worse than the colon. Anyway, it was noted on my info sheet that I had gastritis and I also saw the word dyspepsia? Was told by nurse to keep taking lanzoprasole. Specialist said make an appointment with GP to discuss results then arrange a follow up with him on 5th Jan. GP was telephone conversation and utterly pointless. She didn't have a clue as she wasn't the GP who first dealt with it!? Just said gastritis. So, I arranged the follow up with Gastro consultant.

Saw him 5th Jan. He came across very well and said basically said I have mild inflammation (gastritis) and that there was a marker for possible IBS. He said that the marker was when they inflated my lower bowel with air it didn't like being stretched? He said to take lanzoprasole and it may take some time to clear. I had blood tests prior to visiting him and everything came back normal. He did a bowel sample and pylori test and they both came back negative. He said there is no crohns or colitis present or anything serious. He was aware of my anxietypast/present. I'm worried he may have missed something? Celiac maybe? Would all tests he did show the warning signs of digestive problems/disorders?

I don't take lanzoprasole daily and only take Sertraline when I feel I need to. Tonight has been weird. I ate a lot of pizza with my other half and later on I felt weird, a bit sick and dizzy. Started to panic and now I feel weak. I just want it to clear up as I've got the left side under rib cage pain but thankfully I'm not burping as much. Stools are fine, regular and not painful. I am suffering with some pinching below my belly button both left and right side. Stomach still gurgles but not as bad as two months ago. I do get stressed easily and have had some prolonged grief at work. Today has been stressful with confrontation.

How long does it take to clear? Can anyone help?

I'm 6'3, just under 17 stone, I'm a smoker (roughly 4-5 a day) more at weekends, drink socially. Heart rate resting at pre exam check was 58 bpm and surprisingly 100% blood oxygen level and normal blood pressure. Digestive problems in family. Mum has diverticulitis and my sister has IBS.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks all.

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    Similar boat to you.. Pizza is a killer! Your story sounds like where I was 2 years ago.. I've been there, I've panic'd and made the situation 10 times worse to the point where my arms went completely numb just through my panic at what was happening. I've had anxiety all my life. I don't have nearly as many issues with my stomach now but the intestines.. They have a complete mind of their own.. At least one day a week I'm so ill from trapped wind and bloating I have to stay in bed all day because when I stand up I feel dizzy and out of it. The wind breaks free from the small intestines just below my belly button whenever it feels like it.

    They did diagnose me with Chrohn's after my colonosopy and then when they didn't find the bacteria in my stool revoked the diagnosis and left me high and dry!

    So.. 2 years of my life wasted on tests and things and I've got no firm diagnosis.

    PS.. I just turned 36 :p

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      I used to work for the Ileitis and Colitis Foundation back in the 70's and I don't recall anyone there having the test for the H-Pilori virus.  If you do have Crohn's Disease, you need to be treated for it as it is a serious disease.  I do remember some of the people at the Foundation who had Crohn's were treated with Prednisone.  You might want to ask  your gastroenterologist about that.

      Good luck,


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    First off, I would say you should quit smoking as it does aggravate the stomach, upper and lower.  I have a friend who has Celiac disease and I will email her and ask her what kind of test she had done to diagnose this disease.  Do you know if  you are lactose intolerant?  If I were you, I would stay away from dairy products for a month or so and see if that helps.  I, too, have had gastrointestinal problems all my life, also due to stress.  When I was much younger (I am 72) and in my 20's I had IBS and had the test you mentioned where a sydmoidoscope is inserted into the rectum and air is also and it's a nasty test.  I live in New York and I feel like you and others on this site live in the UK.  Am I right?  I promise to get back to you re the Celiac test (if there is one).

    Good luck,


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      Hi Frankie, yes I am in the UK. I have no idea if I'm lactose intolerant and I'm pretty sure I had all tests done. Consultant said nothing serious to worry about. I'm just frustrated with the aches and pains.
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      Dear Brian,

      I heard from my friend that there is a blood test for Celiac's

      Disease which she had done as well as a colonoscopy

      which gave the diagnosis. She was very, very ill for months

      but as soon as she gave up gluten and sugar started to get

      better. I am assuming that you are aware that this disease

      is a pre-cursor to stomach cancer. Her gastroenterologist

      told her that she cannot cheat even a little bit. I hope that

      I have helped a little and wish you the best of luck in getting


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      Hi Frankie. That's for this. I had all tests and am nowhere near as bad as your friend sounds. My Lanzoprasole tablets are helping me a great deal now I've settled on them. My stomach is better than what it was so I'm guessing it's getting better slowly?
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      Hi Brian,

      Yes, my friend was really sick and used to pass out frequently in addition to her stomach issues.  I am so glad that you are getting better.  Good luck!         Frankie

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    Poor you. I too suffer from digestive problems having been diagnosed with diverticular disease in 2007 and just recently with stomach ulcers even though the test for h.pylori was negative. Worry is the killer here. The specialist has told me my ulcers have been caused by stress but it's very difficult to eliminate stress completely. You have had extensive tests all of which are normal. Please take comfort from that. The blood tests can pick up the tiniest thing and yours were normal. I expect they have already tested you for coeliac disease as that's the first thing they looked for when I was diagnosed with DD. I know two people with Chrons disease and believe me if you had it you would know about it in a big way. The best thing you can do at the moment is to try to give up smoking and eat a healthy diet. Pizza is a no no. I've cut down on meat and am eating less dairy. Trying to eat smaller portions too. I'm on 30mg of lansoprazole and have to go back for repeat endoscopy in a few weeks time to see if the ulcers are healing. My husband has been fantastic as I've sunk into depression but can't take antidepressants as they make the stomach produce more acid. The other positive for you is that you are still young. I am 60 which by today's standards is still young.

    Take care and keep posting 

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      Thanks for the reply Liz. It's just horrible to have a rumbling stomach with pain and gas and the the constant ruminating whether my gastritis will ever resolve? :-(
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    Hmmm. Have you been food alergy tested for anything?  Rule out celiac or any other food allergies. I would start doing a diet elimination to first rule out food allergies.  Try a dairy free diet, then a gluten free diet, but not at the same time since you want to rule things out.  Try each for about 3 weeks.  Smoking is terrible on your intestines over time and so is stress but at least you can control one of them.  Try looking up the side effects of the drugs you are taking. Sometimes the side effects are worse then the actual benefit it is suppose to have.  As far as IBS eating fiberous foods will irritate that condition as well.  I do know from personal expeirence that having any type of bowel disruption takes a long time to heal.  At least a few months if there is a disruption.  Best of luck...
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      Hi Julie, thanks for the reply. I had a full blood count, endo and colon camera. Gastro said no crohns and just mild inflammation. I would have assumed he would have tested for everything else through bloods? By the end of Jan it will be 3 months but it's nowhere near as bad as November so I guess that it's just a slow healing process?
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    Just a quick update for you all. Feeling much better. Still have some left side pain and gas/burping but it's calmed down a lot. I'm drinking and smoking less and have eaten light meals. Uncle Bens microwave rice with tuna/chicken has been fantastic and no bother to the stomach. It's definitely a long road but touch wood it's getting better. Just hope this gives some of you a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and does get better in time 👍🏻
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    Hi Brian

    Glad to hear that you're feeling better.  I'm still struggling with my ulcers and beginning to wonder if the negative test for h.pylori could be a false reading.  When I had the endoscopy done on 4th January I was still taking omeprazole and the specialist didn't mention coming off it.  However after a little research and a look at a these posts it seems that most people have to come off their medication before their scope otherwise they can get false results. Were you told to come of your meds before your tests?  I am taking lansoprazole 30mg x 2 and if I'm very careful about what I eat I can keep the worst of the symptoms at bay but I just don't know how much longer I can put up with this.  I have been like this since late October and not really getting any further forward.  When the specialist said it can take time did he give you any timeframe?  I don't particularly like my consultant and he originally messed up my prescription by only giving me enough for one lansoprazole per day so I'm beginning to lose confidence in him.  Any help would be appreciated.  Did they say what caused your gastritis?


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      Hi Liz, I've taken omeprazole before and they weren't good enough. They're not as effective as Lanzoprasole. I reckon my gastritis was caused by fibre overload in a month. Stupid amounts breakfast wise. Can you not say you weren't happy with your consultant and ask to see someone else? Didn't the cameras pick up anything?
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      Hi Liz.   I have had several endoscopys.  Each time I had to come off the PPI 5 - 7 days before.  I was told that the Gastro-enterologist would not be able to diagnose H. Pylori if I was still taking them.
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      Thanks for your reply Jan. I am beginning to wonder if my consultant has missed a trick here. I've emailed him with my concerns (last Friday) but he hasn't got back to me yet. I may contact my GP and see what they have to say.
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      Do let us know what the outcome is.   Hopefully they will suggest doing another endoscopy.  

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