Gastritis is making me depressed and I cant end the cycle. :'(

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Hi everyone. Im new to this so I dont even know if this will work. (Im hoping so).

Ive been suffering for about 2 years now with gastritis. It all started where i wpuld wake up at like 2am and feel extremely hungry and have like a knawing pain in my stomach and i would just eat a slice of bread thinking i was just "hungry". It then turned into like a reflux type thing as i would try to sleep, thats how i knew something was wrong. 

I had an upper endoscopy and a Helicobacter pylori test which came back nagative.

I was just told to take PPIs (omeprozole) and sent on my way. It was classed as "mild gastritis".

Now.....Im not sure what severe would be but mine wakes me up EVERYNIGHT...I feel sick and i cant eat anything without burping or feeling uncomfortable.

Ive tried a very bland diet...sleeping upright....water...exercise....slippery elm...cutting out meat....all the things they say try and im still suffering.

Has anyone or know anyone thats cured this and can go back to "normal"? Or is this a condition im gonna have to tip toe around for the rest of my life? sad Its making me very tired and very depressed. Im 31 years old and have a 2 year old daughter. I also would like another baby but the risk of this getting worse is stopping me. Its literally ruining my life.

I dont religeously take the omperezole as i have tinnitus also which im scared it will effect and make my mood plummet even more....would that be a way to go?

And how do i know this iant ruining my stomach and leading to cancer? My head is in a terrible place right now and the doctors do not care...Im very skinny. Im 5"10 and 8stone. Because i cant eat any fat i look horrendous.

Id really appreciate any help. Thank you so much xx

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    I would take the omeprazole every day because it will help to control the acid.
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      I did when i first got it but it really didnt help me i still got this pain.....So now i think im taking it as a placebo as i still am in pain with taking it sad x
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      How long did you take it? It takes about 4 or more days to kick in. 
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      Sometimes omeprazole can take up to 4 weeks to work.  You could also try a food diary to see if you can identify any food triggers.
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    If you can, try going vegan, I did it for two weeks and I didn’t need any pills for my Gastritis. Unfortunately I gave in to temptation one night I held a buffet. Just remember your B12 and iron supplement. Also for your fatty essential oils you could try Wild Atlantic salmon oil capsules, as this is the freshest oil you take, without numerous impurities. Another alternative is sea buckthorn oil capsules, these have omega 3,6,7 and 9. 
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      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. With the supplements (daft question) are they safe with gastritis just i read so many conflicting information online im absolutely terrified of making it worse. sad Its really taking over my life thats the problem.

      My friend is Vegan i may ask for some food ideas from her. But because im so skinny i just hope i dont lose anymore weight...What I forgot to mention is I get horrendous mid back pain after i eat right opposite where my stomach would be but in my back and it radiates up between my shoulder blades....Do you suffer with a pain like this? x

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      Hi Kay

      Yes they are safe, sea buckthorn oil is actually good for Stomach issues. I’ve had the back pain for a few years now, it’s really bad when I bend forward. Yes, you do need to watch you don’t lose weight going vegan, I didn’t mind as I needed to lose weight, I just couldn’t stay on it. 

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     so basically there are several things you can do for this: 

     If you have anxiety trying to find ways to reduce that such as meditation which you can find on YouTube for anxiety or depression etc.,

    If possible get some counseling If you have stress and anxiety.I find that the more anxious I am  The worst the gastritis gets..

     Take the medication every day because that can make a difference. Some people take it first thing in the morning, but others will take it midday.

     I also have gastritis and had the endoscopy  with no H. pylori, or ulcers or cancer.

    It’s best To eat small frequent meals rather than three large ones.

    Avoid acid forming foods and you can find these googling.

     since I have been eating mainly roasted vegetables and salads, I felt a lot better and it doesn’t take much to feel poorly again. As soon as I eat the wrong thing, my stomach does not feel good. So we really do have to be careful what we eat.

    Some of the worst things that will set it off are Pop, alcohol, red meat, dairy Especially cheese, some bread,etc.

     so just remember that getting anxious about this will increase acid in the stomach which will in turn increase the symptoms. Take one day at a time. If you are still in terrible pain I would suggest that you go back to your doctor. They can always do a CT scan of the abdominal organs just to check them out.  I hope you feel better soon 🌸🌸🌸

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. 

      I do need to get my stress and anxiety controlled also so it may be an idea to mention that to the doctor when i go but i booked an app today and it wont be till the 12th March. sad

      As ive mentioned above I also get bad mid to upper back pain after I eat? Do u experience or have you experienced it before? It feels like its sore inside (if that makes sense) but sometimes it gets so bad i cry. Ive been up to A and E with it but they just give me pain relief and send me on my way.

      Research has led me to believe it can be my stomach,pancreas or gallbladder and that itself drives me barmy because my doctors wont listen to me. I had an ultrasound which came back ok but i dont trust ultrasound because its a very cheap way to see things basically... And my doubts are backed up by the fact i had a kidney ultrasound once telling me my kidney was backing up...had a radiation scan they said it was functioning perfectly :-/

      I really dont know what to do...I shall try more smaller frequent meals as i do but maybe more often. I sleep raised...But this pain is taking over I just want to feel "normal" again. How long have you guys suffered for? Xx

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      Yes  I did have the back pain with terrible indigestion. It felt like the knot gnawing between my ribs that would go through to my back. The doctor said it’s all from gastritis. I was also concerned about pancreas and he said I could get a CAT scan if I wanted but he didn’t think  The pancreas was involved. He didn’t want me to be exposed to CAT scan radiation but if I feel poorly in the next few months, I could get one if I wanted to. I’m going to wait to see how I feel.

       My gastritis started in early November and I had the endoscopy January 3. It seemed like a forever wait.  

      While you are waiting to see the doctor, really try to relax your mind any way you can.

      Do slow deep breathing meditation found on you tube. One is called Mindfulness breathing Guided meditation 10 minutes.

      It helps you get more control over anxiety.

      Every day, think of things you are grateful for 

      Listen to calming music, also on you tube for anxiety.

      Go for walks in nature.

      Enjoy the simple things that make you laugh and smile 

      The more relaxed you are, the less acid your stomach will produce. 

      Im a very anxious person and have to work on it daily but the Mindfulness approach does work.  

      Before you know it, your doctor appointment will be here!  

      Make sure the doctor knows how much pain you are having.  Maybe a different meditation?  

      Look up foods that are more alkaline vs acid.    Alkaline is best .  

      Hang in there! 😁??🌸

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      Just had the same thing, but I'm over it now after taking Nexium for a week.

      Yes, it goes to your back, down your side, I even felt it down my arm and leg. Thought it was gall bladder, had a panic attack, then thought I was having a heart attack. Calmed myself down and went to the clinic and doc said it sounded like gastritis. She said nerves in your stomach radiate out to other areas like your back, etc., which is why the pain radiates out. 

      I found that when I took a couple of Pepto Bismol, the pain would disappear like magic for about an hour. That's how I knew it had to be gastritis. The Pepto coats your stomach temporarily blocking the acid from irritating it. The Nexium took 4 days before it kicked in. I took it for 8 days total, and now I'm fine.

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    Thank you all so much for taking your time to respond to me in this hard time.

    I thought I would do an all round response as youre all being so helpful.

    As i can see the back pain im experiencing is quite common but it literally is so painful as i said i cant even wash up properly without feeling i need to stop and cry and also it radiates up to my shoulder blades. I really want to try everything I can to stop this as its really ruining my life.

    I will try those supplements mentioned. I also need to get my anxiety in order. When i think back it all started when i broke up with my partner and my daughter was only 12months old,when she would wake up in the night I would get that "stomach drop" nervous fight or flight feeling and it started from there and i still have that now....I was woken up again by it this morning and my stomach feels all acidy. But ive been reasearching and its difficult to know whether the gastritis is making me "feel" nervous or its an underlying nervous issue thats making the gastritis.

    I also had an MRI on my head and spine because i get alot of my back and head :-/ Reading online said pancreas and gallbladder issues can do that. Im just at a loss....

    Im so worried that because ive had it over a year now that its going to be lifelong.... Scares me.

    I think im very daft because the longest i took the omeprozole for was about 2 weeks then after i just took it when i thought i needed it. Its because i get worried i will become dependant on meds and never get off them and wanted to beat this with diet but clearly i cant :'( 

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