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Over one month ago, I came down with the worst acid reflux. Had no idea even how this happend. I went to see a doctor one week later, and he think it might be gastritis. My blood tests are all fine,(no h-pylori)but waiting endoscopy. I always have this "hunger pain", and need to eat almost every 2 and half hours, even through the night. I have gone on a strict diet...mostly low sugar and no carbs. I am also on dexilant.I really wonder if anyone here has experience with gastritis/ulcer and have some suggestions on how to manage:

  1. Constant night hunger pains/acidic you all still eat every 2 or 3 hours throughout sleeping time?
  2. How to cope when burning in stomach/acid reflux flares up for no reason? Is this common with gastritis? Do you take more antiacids? I am already on ppi...
  3. How long does it take before you began to feel better?

Thank you so much for your response and help. All is appreciated!

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    1. not eating during night.
    2. adjust your diet and keep using ppi and antiacids when needed.
    3. i have burning for over 14 months. docs think its in my head. 1 day i can feel relatively good while the next it will strike like it never went.

    its hard...main key is to fix your diet and stick with it. healing time depends. couple weeks....months....its individual. but in most cases its not a fast process

    take care

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      Thank you. I hope you recover soon. The body will heal over time.

      Good luck.

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    I have suffered from really bad stomach pains (I had gastritis). These are some things which helped me:

    1. Stopped eating after 19:00. Sure I got hunger sensations but drinking water helped.
    2. Obviously related to the first point drink lots of water
    3. Probiotics! I cannot stress this one enough. I would go into more details and explain how exactly probiotics help. But to cut it short, I will just say this saved me a great deal of pain and helped in my recovery greatly. I started using yogurts and seeing some help, I switched to probiotic supplements. Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural to be precise. This really were great
    4. Exercise: It might seem unrelated but believe me, with acidity, exercising really goes a long way to help and also removes toxins from the body.
    5. Never skip on breakfast.
    6. Avoid chili / spicy food
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      Thank you for the suggestions. I will take points to those. I am wondering, did you get healed from your gastritis and how long it took? or at least, if you feel a lot better now, how long it takes before you start feeling like major improvement, and are you on medication or how long were you on medication ( ie ppi) and did you taper off?

      Thank you kindy agin! Appreciate your feedback.

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      Actually since I started taking the prbiotic supplements, I have been feeling a lot better. I still take them whenever I feel the slightest pain or discomfort.

      But with conditions such as gastritis I think you always have to keep an eye on what you eat and when you eat. I do not know if we ever fully recover

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      Thank you. I think what really bothered me is my heartburn that comes with it, I really want to get off my ppi...I know some people don't have heartburn, so they are not on ppi.

      But thank you for your comment.

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      I am about to start a OTC PPI because what I was thought was gastritis seems to be more GERD/ACID reflux. I have a strong acid buildup that I can feel this morning. Felt nauseaous waking up and burped some even though I had Oatmeal for breakfast and no coffee .Overall I feel much better compared to my last bout Gastritis I had last year.

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      I have seen a few cases on forums that people that have gastritis, some do end up with acid reflux. I still don't know why. Like for me, I never have it ever, and then suddenly came with bad heartburn and hunger pains. I did ask some people when they got healed from the gastritis, they say their heartburn went away with it too.

      I am not sure what yours is, but if you are having some hunger pains, maybe a light gastritis. But no matter what, the suggestion is always keep positive and don't think about it. I totally agree, your body and mind is so powerful. So, this is life. Do what you can about it and do your best with it. I could not accept it at first, but I guess nothing I can do except do what I can. Of course, I believe in God and believe in praying and that is what I will be doing as well. Good luck with yours. Your advantage is that you are young, your body should repair a lot faster than some of the older people. But anything is possible. It will take some time, so do something positive and keep doing the right routine for your body.

      As for ppi, I don't like it, I take it, because of my heartburn. I do worried about rebound effect, but right now, I need to heal my stomach first. You are lucky, you didn't get rebound effect. And for most people, I think the way, is take ppi, get well, then think about how to get off ppi or going on lower dosages.

      You should get second opinion from your doctor as well.

      PS .there are also H2 blockers(which is less harmful as ppi) out there. If your heartburn is not so bad , some people use that as well. But H2 blocker didn't help me when mine stomach inflmmation flares up at night time. You need to find out what works for you the best.

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    I had a similar gastritis bout last April -June. It just came out of nowhere. I had some acid reflux for a week and then it went away. The hunger pangs though lasted for several weeks. Almost two months. I changed doctors because my one at the time didn't tell me to stop taking my prilosec in order to take my H. Pylori.

    My new doctor told me to stop taking prilsoec for two weeks before my test. I did that and took the test and it came negative. This was in July. Around the same time, my symptoms disappeared.

    The hunger was horrible. I would wake up in the middle of the night with hunger. I hated it. The PPIs helped but I feel they created other GI issues at the same time.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your reply. One month ago, I suddenly had the worst heartburn ever. Days leading up to it, I was going on empty stomach, or eating very late for many days. Or I was just drinking yogurt or eating orange on empty stomach. Also, I don't think I could drink milk, which I was eating every day with cereal. I think this all contribute to it. So along with acid reflux, I also had hunger pains. I am on ppi, and now is getting better. And I am also praying to heal soon. Everything helps.

    My doctor told me to never miss a meal and always try to eat at the same time. So, I realise this is important. Also, I was not eating good, my body lacked nutrients to fight off bacteria. I was negative for H-pylori...but now, taking probiotic helps a lot.

    I would really suggest you start eating right, at the same time, and healthy. Take good probiotics and try to relax. I was very stressed too, leading up to the event.

    You are young and if you take good steps now to look after you body, you can prevent any possible flare ups. Besides, it is good for your body.

    Can I ask you this, when you went off ppi...did you get any rebound effect? And if you did, did you take any other medicine to help with the rebound effect?

    I am sure you will be fine, if you take good care of your body now.

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    what probiotics are you taking? When I stopped PPIs I had no rebound effect. By that time, I wasn't experiencing acid reflux. Just hunger pangs. I hate them though. I would rather have some heartburn than hunger pangs. I despise them.

    Almost a year later, I seem to be having these same symptoms again although not as severe. Just hunger pangs. Im good if I eat something but then I feel hungry much later. Last year I got real bad cramps and pain if I didn't eat anything. Fortunately they are not as bad this go around.

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    I just started taking probiotic, my cousin got me really powerful potent ones ie 30 million or the 50 million active cells. To tell you the truth, I did not study medicine, so I just think the more strains in my stomach, the better it can kill bad bacterias. I think you should ask the pharmist about it, they can always suggest something good. Someone on this thread suggests Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. I think they are all good.

    From the many forums I have been reading about gastritis, yours was one of the fastest for recovery. However, I also read that once it happend, you stomach is never the same again, I mean, what it means, you need to make a life time commitment to more or less eat healthy and always eat at the same time . I read someone who had gastritis, his doctor suggests him taking small meals ,and always at the same time, after a few weeks, his gastritis went away. Also, look up , this guy has some suggestions on how things helped him. Of course, these are not doctor's advice. If concerned, seek medical advice.

    But food choice and lifestyle, I believe can help a lot. You should start looking after your body now. You will be fine.

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