Gastritis? Or acid reflux? Help

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Hello, I had posted a few months back about stomach issues I’ve been having recently 3 weeks ago I was able to get my endoscopy/colonoscopy done which showed normal esophagus, small hiatal hernia, stomach was written as non specified irritation other than that normal no ulcers or gastritis, colon was normal as well. Negative for celiac and colitis, however I recently have been having really bad bloatness which has remained day in and out followed by nausea and hungry stomach ache it stays 24/7 and occasionally will get slight burning its more of a bad stomach ache and hungry if that makes sense anyone? My bowel movements are recently soft stool/constipated and have been passing gas my stomach gurgles. I don’t understand what’s causing this and if it is gastritis? Any ideas or help would be appreciated thank you and I still have a decent appetite and can eat just it seems to make the stomach ache or bloatness worse which remains all day.

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    If your endoscopy showed no gastritis. accept this.   It sounds more like IBS. Does you pain move about?  Does any food or stress set it off?  Go back to your doctor and ask about IBS.


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      He didn’t see much or didn’t show gastritis just mild irritation non specified is what the comment said.  At the moment seems like I’m bloated all the time and have more of a stomache with hunger but I do get some pain like I have to relieve myself followed by faltulence. They have told me I may have ibs not really dug into it other then check for colitis which was negative and celiac thank you for replying pippa 
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    Well according to what you said, you have a hiatal hernia...and if there is irritation of the stomach lining....that's gastritis. So apparently you do have 2 conditions that could be causing those symptoms. There is a tablet called a proton pump inhibitor (acid reducer) that helps with gastritis. Hiatal hernia may call for surgery but there may be non-surgical treatments. Talk to your doctor. 

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      My gi doctor didn’t seem to concern for it for I am not really getting acid reflux for the most part I do burp but I don’t seem to get the standard acid reflux symptoms and probably cuz my esophagus was normal with no irritation. My hiatal hernia was small. And yea I was thinking it’s probably gastritis even though he said there was ant enough irritation or inflammation to suspect gastritis and I have no ulcers. Yea I was looking into antihistamines rather  Than ppi for the long term effects. Will see maybe I have to try a change of diet see what works thanks for the reply farrah
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      Oh and I had a stool and breath test weeks back which both tested negative for. Not sure if I need a blood test. 
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      I cannot stress enough how important diet and lifestyle changes are. Medication without those changes will only heal you partially...but combined should give you a full recovery. I used to skip breakfast everyday and eat lunch late. I used to leave my stomach empty for long hours. I was studying for my degree online from home and used to stay in bed all day with my laptop. Was too lazy to go to the kitchen for food. Bad habits I know. I was carefree and wasn't thinking about health back then. I got away with it for a while but it eventually caught up with me. I actually caused some damage to my stomach lining and started to feel sick often. I'm now trying to turn my life around and make the necessary changes along with medication. It's a tough journey but we'll both get better. Keep a positive attitude. Stay away from alcohol, smoking, junk food, spicy food, citrus fruits and caffeine. Good luck. Stay in touch.

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      Yea thank you Farah, I’m gonna try dieting again and watch what I eat and see if there is some change small change is better than no change, I appreciate your support and I wish you luck as well in your journey. Forsure stay in touch as well.
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    Hi Noctilz.

    I had an endoscopy done earlier this year and the findings were small hiatus hernia and inflammation of the stomach. But the doctor told me I have no gastritis. I am bloated every day for the past month and have loose stools as well. Cramps and spasms everyday. I feel so miserable.

    I am planning on seeing a specialist next week to have more investigations done. I m thinking a colonoscopy and ibs tests. It's very stressful to live like this.

    Please advise on what questions I can maybe take to the doctors.

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      Hi christelle, yea seems like I’m like that 24/7 bloated and discomfort in my stomach I have hunger pains like a stomache but hungry not sure if you know what I mean occasionally will get mild burning like gastritis but my gi doctor said it’s a mixture of stress related and diet, advised me to try a low fod map diet and take probiotics digestive enzymes and limit stress. I agree mentally it takes a toll on your mental health try your best to stay positive there’s so many people on here going through similar stuff your not alone, as far as advice I would ask him for a colonoscopy just in case it’s something going on in your colon, ask to be tested for colitis,celiac disease if you haven’t have him rule out everything before he determines it’s ibs let me know if you have specific questions.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I get the exact same feeling . It's so vague and difficult to put into words.

    I will definitely ask the doctor to rule out what you mentioned. Thanks again.

    And it's good to know we are not alone.

    Get better Noctilz.

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