Gastritis or something else?

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I'm new here but would really like to see what others thoughts are on this condition I seem to be suffering from - it is a long explanation but have a lot of history.

In January 2013 I came down with what I thought was a stomach bug. A lot of stomach pain constant didn't let up apart from for the first 5-10 minutes after eating something like potatoes or rice, then the pain would be back more intense mostly in the area above belly button up to my breastplate. This went on for about 10 days. Then all of a sudden I had a very intense pain in the right side up under my ribs and stabbing pain just under my right shoulder blade. The pain made me sweat and took my breath away. I got straight to my doctor as an emergency, when he pressing on my stomach he sent me straight to the hospital with suspected gallstones. I was admitted and told they would do an ultrasound scan I was NBM. After 2 days they still hadn't done the scan, I was there 48 hours by which time all the pain had gone again so I discharged myself and it was as if it had just disappeared. I have bupa so arranged a private scan, can back with enlarged gallbladder. Went to a private gastro man and he done an endoscopy, said I had gastritis all other bloods can back clear. The pain had gone so I thought that was as it all cleared up.

Then went for a hard run in July 2013, 3 miles out I have this constant stomach ache, when I got home I was in a lot of pain and thought I was hungry so had some rice and chicken I was in agony as soon as I ate it. After about a week of constant pain again I went to gp (different doctor) explained my symptoms and he said I think I know what it is reflux, do this poo test for a bacteria and them take omeprazole. I did sample and then started the meds. Was told it would take 2 weeks for results. Meds did nothing pain was constant. it hurt if I didn't eat but really hurt when I did. Then was told the sample needed to be done again as I didn't put my name on the bottle although the paperwork was in the plastic wallet with the bottle by this time I had been in constant pain for 4 weeks. I got referral and went private with bupa a different gastr man. I had gone from 54.5 kilos to 50.6 kilos. Then as I as ordered up for ultrasound mri and bloods all the pain disappeared again. All test came back clear and gastro man said I have IBS. During all this I didn't have constipation, diarrhoea or lower pain????? I walked out thinking really???? Never heard of that??? I wasn't pooing much whilst I was ill as I wasn't eating much.

Whilst all this is going on it accrued to me, I usually hiccup only once or twice at a time maybe 4-5 times a day throughout the day - whilst I have been I'll it stopped both times then as soon as the pain goes hiccups return as usual.

Then a week ago, went for a run 2 miles out, the pain was back I jogged easy home and quickly put some steamed rice on as it is like when you are so hungry your stomach is so painful and is touching your back - that's how this starts every time. I ate the rice but then it was back with all force. It has now been a week again - have appointment with first gastro man on Saturday morning. The pain is like a constant pain that feels like it is squeezing me and then releases a bit pain in back and this time over to the left of back and middle of stomach and to the left just under ribs but the pain radiates out. Sometimes it will come on strong for hours then it subsides to a dull ache then I eat or drink and we are off again.

Does anyone have any ideas what this is? I would have thought if it was gastritis I would have diarrhoea, or vomiting or that it would come and go throughout the day? Walking and moving around makes the pain and aching worse.

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    It's sounds like the fall bladder isn't working right if you are having constant pain when you have eaten or running or anything physical my ex had all this he was sick in the mornings he was inconstant pain loads of tests in and out if hospital in the end after an endoscopy they found an rotten gall bladder and stones around him he had the op back in 2011 he has been okay since I believe I left him in 2012 so he wa okay then hope this helps. Otherwise ask for another second opinion.

    Have you been checked for everything else grumbling appendix? But wouldn't just accept what's going on that's for sure.anyway go back I gp and get yourself back for more investigation I would.

    Let me know what you find out. T.C🐥😊X

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I have already had my appendix removed so it's not that. I just can't understand how running could be the start of weeks of pain. I have another appointment with specialist on Saturday but the pain appears to be reducing so it will be my luck that it will be the same as before sad

    Let's see what he says this time lol!

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    Yes our bodies play hide and seek when there is nothing there one minute and the next it's back!

    But have you been checked for your diet what you eat? Could be a allergy like wheat or something that your body may not be tolerating anymore. You never know. Coeliac try and see if it's that.

    Tried IBS irritable bowel syndrome mmm I don't know what else.

    But I would keep on until they find it. Hun take care x 🐥

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    Sorry - for the awful pun...

    My 'gut' feeling is the gallstones theory - they seem to be the sort of thing that can come and go. Have a guess at various different problems and look them up on the web for their symptoms to see which most accurately matches what you describe.

    Then go ask your GP if you've got [insert problem here] then they'll either get you tested for the specific problem or risk being sued! A means of audio recording might be useful for this! (Some MP3 players offer a record function - or mob. phone).

    Your thoughts on this ?

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    My wife had stomach pain (but nothing like yours) with the pain going up to the shoulder which is evidently a classic gall bladder symptom.

    If you had stayed at the first hospital for the scan you would know if that is what it is long ago.

    They used to say the gallbladder affected 'the fair, fat and forty' but I know many exceptions including my slim 6' 2" cousin who got it at quite an early age.

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    Thanks for the tip with the recording wink. Might have to give that a go and see if I get the tests I need. I will be doing on bupa so hoping they don't put up a fight over the tests and scans.


    Thank you for your comments wink. I did discharge from NHS hospital but only as I thought 2 days of being starved for a ultrasound scan when my pain had disappeared agin, in a ward full of people with nova virus - I was risking being even sicker. I had a scan done on bupa within 2 days, but as there was no pain and they said no stones.

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    I had thought of recording a consultation. I wish that I had with the last registrar cardiologist I went to. She was totally useless and spouted inaccurate information. Her later letter to my GP had most of my symptoms wrong as my GP recognised. He was going to write to her about it.
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    That really doesn't make you feel very confident when the consultants can't even get the letter to the doctor with the right patient symptoms .

    I really hope mine actually listens to what I say lol.

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    It happens all the time. I was attending urology at my local hospital and was sent for a CT scan. I did not hear anything back and phoned the consultants secretary who had the report and told me that I must have dropped of the radar.

    Last year I was again having tests and phoned to see what was happening and told that they were waiting for the result of a kidney scan and asked if I had been given a date for it. I told her that I had it three months previously.

    With that cardiologist she told me to see my GP for a prescription. I asked how long I should give it. She said that I would know when he had his when I got mine in about two weeks. Several times I have been told two weeks for a letter.

    Not hearing in that time I phoned and the secretary assured me that all letters had been sent out and that I should get it in a couple of days. When I phoned again a few days later she checks the registrars in tray and finds a pile of unsigned letters.

    At the start of this series of cardiology appointments in December a locum GP said she would refer me back to the hospital and that it would take her letter two weeks to get to the hospital. I asked why they were not E-Mailed.

    I phoned the consultants secretary and updated my symptoms and asked if an existing follow up appointment for the end of January could be brought forward. I got a call back two days later saying to come the next day and he would fit me in.

    The letters, consultant dictates letter. It is sent electronically to India where it is typed into a computer and sent back to the UK for printing and posting.

    I live in Sussex and sometimes the letters are post marked Bristol.

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