Gastritis? Or something else? Please help me :-(

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Hi all.

I'm a 20 year old female, smoke daily and suffer from anxiety.

Two weeks ago I developed a cold (sore throat, cough and lots of phlegm) it gradually disappeared after a week or so but for this last week I have felt very very sick, all day everyday. It's constant. First it was just nausea so I went to the doctors and she diagnosed me with gastritis - I was given omerprazole 20mg. I've been taking this for 7 days now and I feel a lot worse. I still have constant nausea (haven't thrown up) and now my abdominal constantly feels full and bloated, with dull pains. Mainly in the middle upper part of my abdominal and to the left side. I always get hunger pains and burning sensation. I also always wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick to my stomach I have to sit up and watch TV for at least 4 hours before I can get back to sleep. I did go back to the doctors today (saw a different doctor) and to be quite honest with you I just think he wanted me out. He told me he doesn't think I have gastritis anymore and it could be a bit of IBS causing my symptoms. Now even I know that's not true, if gastritis is what I've got, it certainly wouldn't go after 7 days especially with the pains and feelings I feel. I just want someone to tell me I'm going to be okay.. I've changed my diet also for the past seven days, been living on bread, chicken, lots of salad and water! Nothing has changed and I don't know what to do! I live alone so I panic a lot especially because I have a phobia of throwing up. Has anybody been through the same thing? Is it gastritis? If so, how long will I feel like this? Am I on the right medication? I feel alone and depressed over this. It's stopped me from doing my daily activities.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post. Any reply will be much appreciated!

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    Hi there. It's difficult to diagnose gastritis without having an endoscopy or more thorough tests.

    You should be tested for h pylori infection if having prolonged gastric symptoms.

    Ppi (omaprazole) will assist you if you have gastritis but you need a proper diagnosis first and remove any underlying causes.

    Your diet is key to healing from gastritis, and reduced stress. Ppi takes about 1-2 to fully get into your system.

    Push for a more thorough diagnosis and in the mean time eat clean and reduce your stress. And smoking won't help I'm afraid

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      Thank you Paul for your reply...

      I thought the exact same thing when she diagnosed me, all she did was feel my stomach look at past notes and told me it was gastritis. I thought I'd need at least a blood test or stool sample anything like that. Although a couple of months ago I did have a blood test and inflammation was found in my tummy.. whether that could be connected or not I don't really know. I think I'm going to go back to the doctors tomorrow and ask for more tests, it's very impossible to sleep now and I love my sleep. Lol.

      I have cut back to smoking to 1 or two fags a day instead of a full packet. I will stop properly now I know it won't help. Thank you very much again

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      Yes push for an endoscopy and stool sample

      For h pylori (if they haven't tested for it yet).

      Start keeping a food diary and eliminate from your diet anything that irritates you.

      Avoid the following :

      Alcohol, chocolate, sweets, high fat foods, acidic foods and drinks (fruit juices / soda), dairy, tea/coffee (even decaf), gassy vegetables (also try and cook rather than have raw).

      Do eat:

      Lean meats, potatoes (cooked healthily), other cooked non gassy veg, healthy cereals, non acidic fruit (melon / pears - be careful with bananas as they irritated me), bread if you can have it. Eggs scrambled or poached.

      Try and drink water.

      You should feel

      Better if you eat like this.

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      Endoscopy absolutely frightens me.... having anything down my throat terrifies me - so if I could avoid it I would, although if this carries on I will go through with it, I'll have to! Is there any other tests that I could have so I wouldn't have to have a endoscopy? I know you said to avoid tea, I've been drinking peppermint tea to calm the nausea.. shall I stop? I'll keep in mind what I have to eat... also are oranges any good? Thank you so much for replying again you really have helped out my mind at ease. smile

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      Endoscopies aren't pleasant but they aren't painful, and worth having to get a proper diagnosis and rule out anything more serious.

      A barium meal test may show up gastritis, you'll have to discuss with doc.

      If you have gastritis (which needs confirming!) then all teas except camomile may irritate. And oranges are very acidic so avoid.

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      I've just came out of doctors appointment.. he examined my stomach AGAIN! It was not the same doctor as before either. He asked me to describe my symptoms so I did. He told me I've got to have a blood test because he thinks it's irritable bowel syndrome? I'm sorry, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. He completely ruled out gastritis so I couldn't ask about these tests. He wasn't pleasant at all. Made me feel like it's all in my head really.. I asked him why the other doctor thought it was gastritis and made me take the medication for gastritis. He said I have to ask her, he doesn't know. He has prescribed me peppermint oil tablets. Do I stop taking the other tablets I have at home or not? I feel like I get more help and support of here than my own doctors! I'm very angry and frustrated right now. He said there's nothing he can do until I get my blood done which I understand but he had all my notes up it's a joke. I've lost all hope. I haven't slept properly for two weeks.

      Thank you Paul.

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    Did they check your appendix?  Ask for a full workup including a liver test.  The liver has a lot to do with digestion and metabolism.  Probiotics and digestive enzyms are helpful.  Pain in the upper right abdomin is the stomach.  If you don't feel any better in a couple of weeks or the pain gets worse insist on an ultrasound to see if anything unusual shows up.  Some people get gall stones.  If you can, look for another doctor who will show you respect.  Also check on the Internet for IBS diet/solutions.  I believe salads and raw veggies are not advised while you are having symptoms.  Good luck and feel better soon.

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      Why have you asked about my appendix? Could this be something to do with my appendix? Everytime I go to the doctors I see a different doctor, never the same one! I don't even think I've seen the same doctor twice! It's ridiculous really, they don't really seem interested it's like they just give me medication to shut me up, because I do suffer with anxiety and tend to google my symptoms a lot, they think I'm less important to others, when I'm not. This is affecting my mental state to which they don't really understand. I will talk to the doctor tomorrow about all these tests.

      Also, how come salad is no good? It's all I can stomach really. My bowel movements are normal I think. I wake up every morning needing to use the toilet. More than once. Usually as I wake up with uncomfortable stomach pains.

      Thank you for using your time for helping me and giving me advice. It really is appreciated!

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