gastritis or something worse ?

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I developed symptoms of gastritis in mid Dec and was treated

with Omeprazole which didn't do very much. I was then put 8 no Ranitidine and Lansoprazole which have helped a little. This also helped with improving my appetite. I have been backwards and

forwards to my GP with so much anxiety as I have now

developed upper left pain which goes round to my back. Unfortunately I have read up on this condition and it also mimics

pancreatic and stomach cancer. My GP does not suspect cancer in any way but has referred me for an endoscope next weds 24th Feb which scares the pants off me, but my worse fear is what

they will find. I have it in my head that this is definitely going to

turn out some form of cancer and the anxiety is just awful. I am driving my hubby to despair. I am now off my tablets as you need to come off meds a week before your procedure. I still don't

know whether to have sedation or not ? Has anyone else had

these symptoms and it has been ok ?

Many thanks

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    I had an endoscopy done about 6 months ago for abdominal pain accompanied by unexplained weight loss and while waiting for the procedure, I had similar worries. The endoscopy itself was not difficult. It was over before I knew it and wasn't the least bit uncomfortable or painful. The doctor discovered that I had bile in my abdomen which means that I have bile reflux. It's not a lot of fun but it's also most definitely not cancer. If your doctor doesn't think you have cancer, it may be because preliminary blood tests don't show any problem. The Internet is a wonderful source of information but reading about our symptoms can sometimes lead us down the wrong path and terrify us in the process. It's good that you are having the endoscopy so that you can get some answers and then get treatment. For now, best to be encouraged by the fact that your doctor does not think that you have cancer. 
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    Your symptoms are quite common. It's very unlikely you have cancer. Easier said than done, I know but you must try to stop worrying. Anxiety makes the condition worse.

    Your scope next week should put your mind at rest. If you've never had a scope before, it's not pleasant so most people would opt for sedation. It's not an anaesthetic so doesn't knock you out, just let's you forget about it. They'll see immediately if there is any cancer but, as I say, it's very unlikely and you would probably be experiencing different symptoms.

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    While saying that the endoscopy I had was not painful or uncomfortable, I negtected to mention that I was sedated smile Not being sedated was never an option I was offered. All endoscopies at the clinic where I went include sedation. There is not much in the way of after effect to the sedation. You should have someone dirve you home after the procedure and you shouldn't plan on a lot of activity for the rest of the day but other than feeling a little tired, you'll be fine.
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    Thank you so much to Dahlia and Barrett. I really appreciate

    your comments and thanks for responding. I take on board what

    you are both saying. I think I have worked myself up to the point that I'm ill dead and buried before even having the test which is

    not the best way to be. I had to stop taking all my medication as they need you to do this a week before the endoscopy and it's

    day 3 now and I didn't realise just how much they keep the

    symptoms at bay. I have the gnawing pain back in my stomach

    and the acid in my throat so I'm hoping that this is a good sign. I am going to make a real effort to leave "Dr Google" alone

    because you are right. Everything you google about medical

    stuff always leads to the cancer route and they also say how

    doctors get this condition wrong. But there are also 101 other things that this could be without the big C being involved.

    I will just have to wait to see what the scope says. My GP said

    that she believes there would be many more symptoms by now

    if she suspected cancer. But thank you to you both for sharing

    your experiences and advice. It's much appreciated and I will

    update after my scope. Here's hoping for good news xx


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      I'll be interested in hearing how you make out. Here's wishing you all the best!
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    Hi Carole

    I had an EGD few weeks ago for a a second time in my life, no sedation both times and it was ok. The first time was because I had lots of funny symptoms just after my gallbladder surgery in Oct 14. In Jan 16 did second one because after a year with chest pain that got better, I started to have stomach pain, horrible nausea. Both times was very unpleasant but I really needed to find out what was torturing my mind for over a year. You see I thought I had bile going into my stomach. I couldn't stop thinking, it drove me mad until I had my EGD done. I know I have gastritis caused by h pylori. It was probably the biggest relief I had in a very long time. So go for it, cancer it's very rare in the stomach. Feel well soon

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    Welcome to my world Carole. I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers at the beginning of January but tested negative for h.pylori. I was taking omeprazole at the time so I wonder whether the test could be a false negative. I have been on lansoprazole since then but don't really feel much better. The anxiety is awful and I'm convinced that the "ulcers" are something much more serious. I'm due for a repeat endoscopy soon. I too am driving my husband to distraction.

    How did your endoscopy go?

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      Hi. It went ok. Not he nicest procedure but managed it without sedation. They said nothing nasty in there. Only thing found was mild antral gastritis and negative for H pylori. I asked him if I would still get the pain in my sides and back with it being mild and he said yes you can and explained why. He told me to restart my Meds again when I got home. Got taken to recovery and.once better the nurse took me to a room to go through my report before letting me go home. At this point I was over the moon coz nothing bad was found but then the nurse said to me oh you shouldn't get much pain now as it's only mild and I said we'll I've spoken with the doctor and he told. me that I would. She said well you should make another appt with your GP to get your pancreas checked out. I was the worst person to say that too because it's the one thing I was already worried about. I get discomfort and burning pain in both side of my stomach but its worse on the left side and goes. into my back. These are also a sign of pancreatic cancer and other things too but I've honed in on this and now feel really down. Does anyone else have these symptoms with mild gastritis ? Thanks for your comments x
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      Sometimes these things feel never ending. I spoke to my nephew who's a consultant radiologist and he consulted one of his colleagues who's a gastroenterologist. I wanted to know about the possibility of a false h.pylori test and he's basically told me that "ulcers" can mimic the early stages of cancer and that's why they do a follow up endoscopy so I didn't really get an answer to my question and it's caused me more anxiety because I feel like I'm not getting any better. My specialist told me weeks ago that he didn't biopsy the ulcers because he didn't need to because they're benign but I still can't stop worrying because I still have symptoms. 

      Certainly when my symptoms first started I had pain in my back, mostly in between my shoulder blades and sometimes in my chest. That seems to have settled down now but I get the burning/soreness in my stomach usually at night when I lie down. Needless to say I don't sleep well. 

      Have you  had blood tests done? Looking at it dispassionately I would listen to the doctor and not the nurse, he knows a lot more. Easier said than done I know.

      im having a duvet day today because I feel so down and my life feels like it's on hold. Btw how old are you?  I'm 60 and normally fit and healthy.

      What a pair we are!

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      Hi liz

      I'm just 55 and I would have been satisfied if the nurse hadn't said. I have pain in both sides but more so in my left upper side which goes round to my back and up to my shoulders. In my side it is mainly in one place and if I bend over its painful there. It's like a dull ache that goes away occasionally then comes back. I got to the stage where it was a bit uncomfortable to lay on that side but I can at the moment. If you look at the symptoms on Google it tells you it can be gastritis but it can be kidney stones and pancreatic cancer and obviously the latter has scared me. Gonna have to go back and voice my fears on Monday to my GP. No peace 8 mind just yet xx

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      Just to add that bloods are due to be redone and I hope that you feel better soon. This worrying doesn't do us girlie's any good.
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      Hi Carole, how are you today. Did you see your GP yesterday? I had my repeat endoscopy yesterday which showed that my ulcers had healed (a relief) but there still seems to be an area of mild gastritis so he's retesting me for h.pylori via a stool test (ugh). As I'm still on lansoprazole not sure if the new test will show a false negative again. Have they told you what caused your gastritis? This whole thing feels never ending. If I eventually find out I have h.pylori and it could have been detected sooner ie being off the ppi's then I think I will feel very tempted to make a formal complaint. This has been going on since late October!

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