Gastritis sucks

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I started with bppv dont know why but suddenly overnight i got an attack of GERD had it for 20yrs get attacks lastung days or weeks. This though horrific

Ive never had it this painfull. I was taking Serc and Stemital plus an asprin

The Asprin since November. Idk if the Asprin damaged my tummy more.

I was seeing chiropractor for my bppv going to see a therapist for nerves.

Anxiety Grief. Gp sent me for btests full everything you could think of twice.

Sent me for scan of gall bladder everything was 100% . I was taking Nexium 40mg for Gastritis Zofrani for constant nausea never ending day on day out

Took me off Serc and Stemital as they were supposed to be for bppv and were as useless as chocolate teapots. Nexium made no difference in fact it made me light headed and sick then taking Zofrani to stop the sicknessthe nexium and bppv was causi g (bppv benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)11 days ago

Gp said right off everything all pills even my daily asprin prescribed by coronoray specialist. All im taking is a nerve pill have stemital in case and taking the odd tablespooon of gaviscon. My brain feels loads better off all tnose drugs but acids still there wind bloating nausea thank god has eased up still have it but its ok goes for hours then just comes back knawing pains gone just an ache now bloating tight dont want to eat. Had pylori blood test's Tuesday as they didnt want the breath test due to having to take pill and as my tummy is so sensative the blood centre rang my gp asked for btest not breath test. Get results on Saturday if no pylori then for now im over it no

More tests enough. Ive spent since November more time at Doctors at hospital ive had more tests than ive had in my entire life. Im seei g a tnerapist every 2 weeks for fight flight. Dentist is myhobia went monday 2hrs away

Had a filling its dropped out cant go for 2 weeks and its aching a bit. Im tryi g so hard to see a funny side at least hubbie and i go to bed togethet now at 9pm i was a1am girl. Ive given up smo,ing 6months and it was so easy 50yrs

Took nothing to help just stopped and found out i dont understand why the fuss its easy and i smoked a pk a day but i was ready to stop so????

One good thing bppv gone nooo not chiro hubbies spirts physio a week today said oh i do tne Epley manouvre went last Friday and dadzda went

Now that is pathetic. Thanks for reading sending big hugs anc thank Suzanne

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    I’m go thru the same it is horrible.  My doctor said to change the diet like no tomatoes,no onions, coffee, no fried foods  no NSAID meds, I’m in pain . 

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      Hi Ellalmee, its easy for them. Ive just woke up after waking at 4am. Since ive been unwelll 4 to 5am wideawake. Today i fell back to sleep till 630!!

      First thing hubbie said was how do you feel? It made me feel sad.

      Wind sore and scared . Belching still not gone.

      Im so sorry you feel bad too. Ive stopped eating heaps too.

      No ice cream no fizzy drinks stopped coffee no thai in fact ive lived on vegies with a bit of gravy but cant eat much of that either cos im full.

      Plus worry i will get the huge wind pain that feels like a knife.

      I hope yours goes asap and in a few days you will feel ok cheers 😀

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    You should ask your doctor for the Heidelberg ph test.  Most doctors treat gerd with ppi's when your problem likely is too little stomach acid - not too much.  Try apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup water) before meals and some type of deglycerized licorice tablet or 2 from a health food store.  The acv neutralizes your stomach acid.  Too little acid and too much have the exact same symptoms.  If you are not able to get a test for stomach acid, another thing is to take some type of betaine or hcl pepsin capsule.  They say to take them right after or with a meal.  Keep increasing the number of pills per meal until you feel a burning sensation in your stomach and then cut back the capsules by one.  It makes a world of difference when you get the dosage figured out.  You can neutralize that brief burning in your stomach by drinking a small amount of baking soda in water.  Good luck Suzanne.

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      Hi Beverly,

      I did loook at Apple cider at chemists yesterday but im at a place at the moment where ive just had enough. Idk what the phylori blood results are.

      Find that out tomorrow if its negative i will see what he comes up with.

      Its not as bad as it was but ive never had a flare up this long.

      I took Dual action Gaviscon peppermint one last night today i can really feel and hear wind rumbling! Cheers for replying i will try your suggestions if gp

      Says im ok 😀

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