Gastritis symptoms for 8 weeks, now weight loss and severe anxiety!

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My very long story!... 8 weeks ago on my way home from work out of town I grabbed a bucket of hot chips, some dim sims and a coffee from the local petrol station (bad dietary choice I know!). About 5 hours later I got a severe belly ache (like no other before) followed by diarrhoea that was pretty much constant for an hour. I had severe nausea also but didn't vomit. I slept fairly well that night but did have to sleep sitting up with pillows behind me because of the nausea. The next morning my whole abdomen was that tender I could hardly move so I seen my GP and he suspected viral gastro bug or food poisoning and suggested I use buscopan for the pain and cramping. The buscopan will improve my discomfort. I feel like I never recovered and have seen my GP on a weekly basis for the past 8 weeks and just couldn't get an answer. After 4 weeks of dealing with it I had a CT scan with contrast, lower and upper abdomen ultra sound, blood tests, stool test and all came back clear. In the first 4 weeks I mentally dealt with it ok as I truely thought I had something viral and it would improved. After 5 weeks, I wasn't improving and started to feel very anxious and stressed about what was going on with me and I just want answers! My current anxiety level is pretty high and I can't get the bad thoughts out of my head. 1.5 weeks ago I had a break down in my GPs room and demanded an endocpopy and colonoscopy because I have had enough. last week I seen a gastro specialist and had my endoscopy and colonscopy which showed a normal colonoscopy and gastritis in my stomach. I have lost 4 kilos over the past 4 weeks ( I have made dietary changes but can't seem to eat enough to put any weight back on or even maintain in), I have severe reflux and indegestion and have had a couple of nights where I have had severe heart burn that makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack. My anxiety is very severe and my bowel movements are now constipation to diarrhoea. For the first 6 weeks I had diarrhoea only and daily. I get a full and sometimes sharp pain just under my rib cage, mostly on the left but also central and right sided. I have muscle weakness and today feel like I have had cramps in my calfs! My stools are a pale yellow colour and I have had my liver and pancreas function checked and they are ok. My GP started me on Rantadine 2 weeks ago which helps and my specialist started me on somac 3 days ago. I stopped taking the somac today because I was getting headaches and found my anxiety symptoms worsened. I will see my GP this week to organise an alternative. 

Is it normal to have pale yellow stools, severe anxiety, severe reflux and discomfort with gastritis? Is it possible the somac changed the colour of my stools?

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    Hi Vicki 

    sounds like you have had a really rough time. I suspect you are losing weight because you are worrying so much. I have been in this position to a certain extent and I can think I have everything and then I will get the symptoms to go with it.

    i wondered are you on antidepressants because I really think they would help. It may also help if your doctors surgery had a person who you could talk over all your worries with. Hope you get better soon.

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      Hi Lorraine, 

      I am having an extremely rough time and it is effecting my day to day life. I run my own business and it is becoming a juggle! I'm not on any medication for my anxiety as it only flared up to this degree since this all starting for me but I know I need to do something about it. My doctors surgery is really good, there is one particular nurse that I get on very well with and she allows me to get it all off my chest. Thanks for your message

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    Hi vicki85531

    Has your doc had bloods done for any bacteria in your system...apart from H.Pylori which is a common gut bacteria you may have taken in another bacteria from the food or drink you may need your doc for some bacterial blood wishes...

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      Hi Lillian,

      I have had the break test and blood test for the H/Pylori and was negative. I have had bloods, stool test and urine test to check for all bacteria and viral that can be checked and all negative. I think this is what is most frustrating - nothing is showing up! I was glad that my endoscopy showed gastritis because I atleast know what I am dealing with and now just waiting for my biopsies to come back.

      Thanks for your message

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      Hi vicki85531

      Happy to try and be of some help.....hope you get through it successsully....have you tried mastic works for some wishes you for your recovery....

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      No I have never heard of mastic gum but will defiantly look into it. I am happy to give anything a try! thank you again smile
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    Gastritis is very common problem these days due to our bad eating habits, junk foods, sitting for a long time, Lack of physical activities. It can be cured easily with home remedies like ginger tea, lemon water and check more here: . But if you have anxiety, weight loss then it might be something serious like hormone imbalance, Thyroid etc. You have to consult doctor. 

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    Hello Vicki,

    Hang in there buddy, hang in there. I share all your Symptoms and all your diagnosis point to point. I was diagnosed with Gastritis a few months back, H.Pylori came negative in all tests. I have acidity, and have become very selective with my food intake. I had sky high Anxiety and still has it but under much better control now. I am going through Homeopathic treatment although there is nothing wrong with going with the conventional treatment, but more side affects. 

    Now, understand this. Your Anxiety is the main killer here. I couldn't get out of my house for long, could drive alone etc etc. But now I am in charge of my affairs back again. I workout, lift weights and swim regularly. Despite loosing weight I am building muscle so I am getting leaner but stronger at the same time. This routine has also helped my digestion as well. 

    The key my friend.... is not to eat to much at one time nor remain empty stomach for too long. So I do it like this, I take three light meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and in between Fruits and Bananas. The fruits helps a lot. Don't ever eat full stomach even if you are hungry. No packaged foods, absolutely not. 

    Anyways my I want to share my SkypeID with you 'rizqureshy'. Reach out to me if you want to share more and want to talk about how I am trying to best this condition. My doctor has says 'I SEE NO REASON, WHY YOU WON'T GET FIXED' but 'IT WILL TAKE TIME'. So remain patient, follow a strict diet and stay positive. 

    Reach out to me on Skype. We can better help each other in this. 

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    Hi Vicky.

    Just wanted to find out how you were? 

    I too have had similar symptoms. The persistent stomach ache/burn, erratic bowel movements and rampant weight loss (7 kg in 3 months) - the weight loss has made me exceptionally anxious.

    Been difficult to follow a strict diet especially during the festive period. Chocolate and alcohol are the worst! Almost removed them completely. Had an upper endoscopy only to find a swollen stomach lining and much acid a all other tests came back negative (biopsy, h.pylori etc). Take nexum in the mornings to control the acid which prevents the sore throats and loss of voice.

    After 3 months of ongoing symptoms I am exhausted. Literally! Struggle to sleep as well.

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      Hello glen,

      I am also suffering the same dymptoms. How do u feel now

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      Hi Sweetie. 

      Still not at 100%, I've since realized that this may be a long process of healing and that the illness/ailment + anxiety are merely messengers of an underlying problem. Stress and anxiety usually have roots elsewhere. Granted, it doesn't help being anxious about your health on top of that. Need to stay positive and forward thinking - can only aid the healing process. 

      How are you? How are you dealing with all of this?



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      Hi Glen

      How are you feeling now? I have similar symptoms.

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