Gastritis without pain or H-pylori

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hi all seen this website while looking around suffering from gastritis. internet is a good thing but i trust the GP more, i am not a health professional the only reason i come here to see others suffering similar symptoms and how they deal with it.

long story short last year i have been diagnose with excessive stomach acid, after H -pylori test, blood test and some ultrasound and x-rays , i only seem to have folic acid deficiency . been given PPI 20mg omeprazole , h2 blocker and folic acid supplement by GP, these sort me out last year but seems like they are keep coming back and coming back even harder and stronger.

2 months ago i think i had a gastritis attack for the first time went to GP i was sure i had H-pylori symptoms was clear;


burping with or without food


acid reflux

loss of appetite

lack of energy/fatigue

GP ordered a stool test and blood test and soon as stool test done she said i should start omeprazole 20mg and i did. for the last 3 weeks didn't drink coffee and also been not eating anything spicy or take away or fast food or fried for the last 6 months. I am also a strong believer of good gut health so the probiotics are always for me. just finished my 100 billion doze a day probiotic.

H-pylori is negative , blood test is ( no action needed) clean .

once or twice a day i have been having mild pain last 3-5 minutes around my stomach ( upper just under my bones) which where is the stomach πŸ˜„

it has been 10 days since i have omeprazole but the symptoms still staying although they seem to come and go but there isn't a good amount of relief , acid reflux gone but every so often i seem to have gastritis flare up.

i burb, feeling bloated and cant eat and feel nausea ( mild to moderate) I check and read many things about gastritis and stomach problems, and while i was reading on this forum many people has the same thing going on PPI specially omeprazole doesn't seem to help that much.

GP still ones to see inside my stomach but i am quite against it , just because she can say its gastritis i don't want all the suffer. As clearly after all the test there isn't anything abnormal.

today another gastritis attack ( loss appitite, cant eat anything, mild pain last 10 mins a time, burping and nausea moderate ) (Is this how gastritis feels like? ) now she is changing me to Lansoprazole 30 mg ?

did any of you have a relief from this PPI ? is it may be omeprazole we all suffer from ? i am trying from tomorrow and hope to share the reviews of it. and i am hoping a relief from the symptoms .

Happy Christmas to all!


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    Forget about omeprezole and the GP. See either a gastroenterologist or go to a hospital E/R for a CT scan and the proper treatment.

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      agreed , i was thinking of CT scan privately anyway, nhs doesnt really dish out ct scans. i am surely need to referal to a doctor.

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    You really do need the camera into your stomach to see whats going on otherwise it is just endless guessing!!! omoperazole, lanzoperozole, they are all the same, don't think changing them makes a difference, however you do need to get a diagnosis, change your diet lifestyle etc.

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      yes and no the doctors should be able to tell you if you have gastritis or not with symptoms, blood test and stool test alone. now its difficult to see a doctor anyway only gp's available . so i need to wait for that anyway.

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      I disagree, you really cannot tell from symptoms, I have been down this road for years, ended up having a nissen fundaplication, hiatus hernia repair and my gallbladder removed but you obviously know better.

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      no i understand, of course i will listen to the doctor, i was just checking other experiences how people felt. i had stool test, blood test (for a few things) and ultrasound on the gut to see liver, gallbladder and other organs around, chest x-ray too. all come completely clear. The Gp did say it my be a condition where the body will produce excessive acid no matter what you do, some people just use the PPI very very long time. I think that condition is Hernia or something like it.

      I have anxiety problems too and many years been on SSRI's so doctors are also considering this as well. Some even said i might be creating all this with my worries and brain πŸ˜„ So the best way should be CT scan or camera down to the stomach. But i need to wait till 2020 as its christmas the GP referals takes months. Realisticly i will ask GP referal but i will go o CT scan on private just to check if anything bleeding or odd. ( but again if i had bleeding it would have come in Stool test. ) So just checking other souls to see how they deal with it. Thats all πŸ˜‰

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    i have done many diet changes by the way, i guess if anything very serious would have been present it would have come out. i also had GI scan which was also clean. hopefully first week of jan i can get the tests done.

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    Hi Tan

    I also suffer from many of the same symptoms you have. Been to 2 gastro's and one for IBS. Was taking Omeprazole as well for a couple of months. It definitely helped but I was having memory problems so I had to get off of it. My main symptom is sever bloating and some acid coming up. The first thing my doctor ordered was a CAT scam. it came back empty:( I also had a sibo test which didn't show anything either. The bloating is horrible. Have it everyday now for 5 1/2 years. Recently, went to another gastro who wanted to put me on Celexa ,he said its due to aniexty problem. I tried it but it made me feel to out of it. Hope you find a solution soon. also mine started at 52 all of a sudden when I started on estrogen.

    I have had lots of weight gain as well 😦


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    hie guys.....suffering from gastritis and it's horrible. I was diagnosed with mild antrum gastritis caused by Hpyroli bacteria.

    I had excess burping with or without food. I've finished 14 days of triple therapy. However after this treatment my situation has worsened.

    I now have severe acid reflux... acids are just coming up all the way to my throat all day long some even at the back of my throat. am burping these acids twenty four hours a day.. no sleep.. loss of appetite.

    I wonder how some of you are getting on now?

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      hello, I'd like to know whether your problems have been resolved. i am having exact same problems. excessive burping, pressure build up in stomach, gases and nausea

      is there a treatment that actually works?

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