Gastro and Heart Palps

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23 yrs old Male.

So about a month and a half ago I had a caffeine overdose. I attempted to flush my system by drinking a lot of water to no avail, so I ended up in the ER. Flushed my system and said I was good to go. Then a few weeks later my girlfriend came down with gastroenteritis (probably contracted by our son in daycare) and she ended up in the ER. They gave her IV fluids and sent her on her way. I got the symptoms next night. Throwing up and liquid stool simultaneously. I never went to the doctor as I just continued to drink fluids

Fast forward two weeks I start having heart palpitations, in the form of slow Heavy beats and my left arm is numb. I go to E.R thinking I'm having a heart attack. They say I'm fine no issues, my phosphorus was low but I'm on a medicine for that now. I start getting pains in my chest along with the palpitations and arm numbness and tingling now. So I go to a cardiologist, they say I'm 22 and it's rather anxiety or has to do with the gastro.

I set up an appointment with my gastro but it isn't for a few more days, as well as my family doctor (haven't been there in 2 years)

Today I got severe abdominal pain and got the liquid bowel movements again, accompanied by heart palpitations. I've stopped going to the gym since this has me so down and physically and mentally disconnected. I've only been able to go to the gym two times since all this started and it's not helping my body or self asteem either. I'm slipping up at work and I have a retirement job that I can't mess up at and I feel bad because I'm so disconnected from my girlfriend and my son.

Anyone have similar issues?

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    Too much caffeine can cause heart palpitations, stomach pain and loose stools.  Acid reflux can also give you chest pain.  Chest pain and acid reflux can be caused by anxiety.  I get numbness and tingling in my hands and arms due to nerve injuries.  Maybe you injured yourself in the gym and trapped a nerve?

    Your stomach may also not have settled down after the stomach bug.  Sometimes IBS can be triggered after stomach infections. See a gastro specialist to verify these things.

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      I have an appointment with a gastro doctorin a few days. I've cut out caffeine almost entirely outside of the occasional chocolate I consume. No more pre workout and no more coffee or energy drinks. Been mostly drinking water for the past few weeks now. I'm worried it could be myocarditis, but my local infectious disease and internal medicine doctor isn't taking new patients. I had though of the fact I pinched a nerve in my elbow as I felt the pain in the gym in the past. I ruled out anxiety because even when I was at the movies with my girlfriend and was occupied watching the most is the chest pain persisted. I know I've gotten heart burn as well while having this but the pain felt different. I hope the echocardiagram I have scheduled shows something.

      I'm worried that I've waited to long and whatever is doing permenant damage

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      I think anxiety is fuelling your heartburn and chest pain. You seem to be having health anxiety about other conditions you may or not have.   You are also worried that you have waited too long.  It would be better to hope that your heart examination shows nothing. The fact you are hoping it shows something, suggests you are concentrating on a negative outcome which will also be causing you stress and anxiety.  Sometimes you can be anxious without knowing it.

      Remember, you are very young and heart problems are rare at your age. Try not to google your symptoms because this will cause more anxiety. Hope for a simple, non frightening diagnosis.

      If the chest pain and hearburn occur at the same time, this sounds like acid reflux.  When I got stressed with college work in my teens, I developed chronic heartburn and chest pain that was sore to touch.  Try an antacid, milk and painkillers to see if they go away.  I tried this and it worked for me. If these symptoms go away by doing these things, then the cause is likely acid reflux.  Acid reflux symptoms can feel like heart problems when they are not.  If you are working or at college, this can be stressful too with a child to bring up.

      Palpitations can also be caused by anxiety.  I have had palpitations and hyper ventilation due to stress. You could also try changing your diet.  Try avoiding processed foods and cook from scratch which will help with hearburn. 

      If you felt pain in the gym, this is a reasonable explanation for your tingling and numbness.  Nerve injuries can take time to heal.

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      No doubt about the anxiety, but as far as being to young for heart troubles. My family has a history of heart disease, failure and peripheral artery disease and my sister had a heart attack at the age of 30.

      I have definitely over googled stuff, but especially when doing cardio my heart rate takes longer to level then it normally does and I get very short of breath. I've always been in good health, no asthma or allergies (not saying that either of those things can't develop later in life)

      I have delusions about the anxiety negating the physical symptoms, but even at that. When resting and relaxing, after eating a solid diet of chicken rice and oatmeal/peanut butter/ fruit. The pain persists all day. It has so much as even woke me from my sleep.

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      Try to relax about your heart tests; it may show nothing.  You may not have picked up any inherited heart condition at all.  The fact you have stomach pain as well and diarrhoea may well point to stress.  Stress can cause stomach pain and diarrhoea.  Some people have these symptoms together with chest pains and it turns out their problem is gastro related and the chests pains have come about through anxiety over their abdominal problems.
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