Gastro GERD Possible Barrets Syndrome Reflux Oesophgitis????

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For a year and a half I have been on 20mgs Omeprazole in morining and 10mgs at night, Domperidone 10mgs twice daily and Gastrosoothe 10mgs twice daily.

Developed adult onset asthma.

Last few months have had to use mylanta alot more.

Had a bout of pneumonia and i think the antibiotics have caused some damage.

Was doing ok with not much dysphagia  then last two weeks got swelling in my outer neck and cheeks and very sore throat.

Took antihistamines as ED thought it was an allergic reaction. The antihistamines just knocked me out or got bad side effects.

They tried to increase my omeprazole and it made things even worse.

The sore throat and not being able to swallow got extreme.

I went back to original dose of omeprazole as the increase they suggested made my symptoms worse.

I Also got told to cut out gastrosoothe a week ago to see if that was the allergy.

A week later i am sitting here with consistant gurgling going on in my tummy...a sore throat constant dysphagia and cant eat anything but yoghurt which i only started up two days ago.

Drinking water now is an issue and can feel water logged.

Last night acid reflux was extreme and took mylanta twice to try to releave it.

Now the acid reflux is apparent all day today.

I have been struggling with breathing issues at times and the swallowing issue and it has been two weeks and over it.

Why did it all just go wrong and hwo do i get mangement back.

Doctor suggested i try Ranitidine 150mgs at night.

I am booked in for my endoscopy 1st December.

Are there ways you can eliviate this dysphagia and throat tightness so i can sleep and relax.

I am not eating as if i do it makes things so much worse also.

At a loss any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I also get ongoing gaging and vomiting. This is all getting me down.
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    My symptoms were and are not as bad as yours, mine were mainly the breathing problem.  I found the more I took of Prilosec the worse it got even more symptoms, so I decided to ween myself off the stuff, It has gotten better, I still have a breathing problem but not as bad, that is now my only symptom. it has been over a year since I quit taking medicine
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    Sorry to hear of your problems.

    Glad you're having a scope soon to find out what's the problem. Dysphagia should always be investigated promptly. It sounds as if you have some sort of restriction to the oesophagus restricting the normal peristalsis.

    It is possible you have an allergic reaction to th eantibiotics. My Mother had a hypersensitivity and her face and neck blew up like a balloon if there was even a suggestion of an antibiotic around.

    Omeprazole is good for reducing acid but not for reducing reflux. If you're taking a dose of omeprazole at night, I don't know why your doctor is suggesting ranitidine. It should not be taken at the same time but is quite normal to take omeprzole in the morning and ranitidine at night but it's not so effective as omeprazole. Though it sounds as if it's the reflux that should be targetted. But why do you need the mylanta? Do you feel acid burning?

    Gastro-Soothe or Buscopan is an anticholinergic used to reduce pain by relaxing the stomach and intestinal muscles. Domperidone is an antiemetic used to help peristalsis. Could the two be counteracting each other to a small extent?

    Sore throat, pneumonia and asthma may all be indicative or result from reflux.

    Reflux of full column may breach the upper oesophageak sphincter and aspirate into the respiratory system. Go to DownWithAcid org uk and scroll down the contents (home page) to find Extra-oesophageal reflux below the main Reflux heading to read more about this.

    Meanwhile keep your energy up by finding soft foods you can manage by eating small mouthfulls slowly to let each clear the oeosphagus before the next. If necessary ask your doctor to prescribe some high energy drinks. And eat frequently but not for at least 3 hours before going to bed and follow all the normal advice for reducing reflux.

    The Down With Acid book / site referred to above has more advice on handling reflux.


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      I stopped the gastrosoothe a week ago when they thought i had an allergic reation and could only determine it maybe that in my meds. as i have had no new meds and as i hadnt had antibiotics in way over a month plus now. I hear other PPIs work better and Ranitidine isnt that effective. Thankyou for your response and suggestions i truly appreciate any kind of support or ideas as im at a loss what to do. I as ok then next minute wham it all turned to custard. I will look into supplement foods. i cant even tolerate yoghurt my body is on shutdown and my allergy test they took doesnt come back until another week.
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