Gastro issues for almost 3 years and can't get to the bottom of it

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After any advice/insight...

Since giving birth to my son in February 2017 I have been struggling with a variety of issues and I am sure that it is all coming from some form of gastrointestinal issue.

Am unsure if its celiac or IBS or SIBO...

My son (the one I gave birth to in Feb 17) has been having very similar issues. I am to the point where I have no idea what to feed us, what supplements we should/shouldn't be taking... So confused!

So symptoms are:

Me - constipation, food intolerances - gluten and dairy, bloating, headaches, fatigue, muscle/joint pain in particular ribs above breasts and back just under bra line, mucus in stool, restless legs, hot spots and numb spots on body that occur randomly lasting for seconds to minutes at a time, with a flare I will get blistered eye lids and dry sore eyes as well as itchy tops of hands and feet, will also get bad gas pain with a flare, recently tried a plant based diet which created a massive flare, probiotics make me nauseous, anxious, tired and headachey, get anxiety with a flare - seems that heart rate speeding up from flare triggers anxiety

My son (almost 3) - constipation, fatigue, general malaise and poor immunity, food intolerances - gluten and dairy, bad keratosis pilaris, sore tummy, mucus in stool, loss of appetite with a flare, reflux as a infant treated with poi's

Relevant history - strong antibiotics course for me (and his via breastmilk) when he was a couple of weeks old, celiac bloods negative for me but had already cut out almost all gluten at the time, stool test for me showed really low sIgA, low SCFA's, no lactobacillus or good e.coli strains in microbiome

I am also currently pregnant with number 2 and would really like to try sort my tummy before having him so I don't pass on my messed up microbiome to baby... Also have to bear in mind for any treatment that it needs to be safe for baby.

Not sure what to do next, what diet we should be on, what supplements to take, who to see to help (so far GPs and naturopaths haven't helped much)... Would love any help!

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    Have you seen any medical professionals for help and what do they say or do?

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    I would go back to your GP. You may need to be retested for celiac since you were off gluten at the time. You need to be eating gluten for several weeks before a celiac test. Your doctor will be able to tell you what tests and treatment you can have since you are pregnant. Congratulations, by the way!

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    Hi melissa , first congrats on the birth of you bundle of joy . Second , you both need vitamin D levels checked , it is very common for the mother with low levels of D while pregnant the child will also . Low levels of D have stomach issues , including IBS ,gastritis , SIBO ,candida bacteria overgrowth , also bad stomach enzymes ... The labs protocol dont include vitamin D ( pro hormone ) check with most doctors ,it must be requested by the patient . You and your baby boy need to be tested .. Keep us updated

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    ive just been diagnosed as having celiac disease. I had all these same symptoms. You need to be eating gluten to get a positive test and even then sometimes you may test negative.Maybe if you cut out Gluten and lactose you will see an improvement in your symptoms.It will take a while, Im gluten free 2 months now and I'm just beginning to feel better. If you've been ill for 3 years its definitely worth a try. In my opinion doctors don't seem to know too much food intolerances.......good luck.

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      Youre right denise ,and unfortunately doctors dont know to much about vitamin deficiencies as well . The good thing is ,in the past 2 years doctors are learning more about these issues

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      Well its stands to reason if you have celiac and can't absorb nutrients because the villi in the intestines are damaged you're going to be deficient in vitamins and minerals too. It's such a basic concept yet it gets overlooked.

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    I I agree with everything that you said I I have almost every symptom you have I also have a vibrating thing that goes on a rushing feeling that goes up to my head with my stomach it makes me feel like it's my chest I get very very nervous and it brings all my anxieties right now I'm probably the sickest I've ever felt I don't know what to eat I agree with the other people that replied to try to go gluten-free I have not done it it makes me feel like it's my chest I get very very nervous and it brings all my anxieties right now I'm probably the sickest I've ever felt I don't know what to eat I agree with the other people that replied to try to go gluten-free I have not done it long I just know that I feel absolutely horrible and I've had every single test and everything comes back negativeand it is very very frustrating it is like I am cursed

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    Hi melissa133

    You definitely need a vitamin and mineral test VitD, VitB12, Folic Acid. Vits and minerals are never tested in a routine blood count your doctor has to specifically order them. Now you are pregnant again you should be prescribed Folic Acid....did you take them during your last pregnancy? They are beneficial for you and your baby. I would recommend you get these checked as soon as you can for your sake and the baby your expecting (congratulations!). Also, have your child checked for vits and minerals at the same time. Doctors are not quick to mention vit and mineral checks you have to give them a nudge......

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