Gastro problems, anxious & losing all hope

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I have lived with anxiety, panic attacks and depression for many years and my GP has never given me anything to aid the problem. Since graduating in July, I have been more stressed than usual due to moving house and starting a new job. However, I know my mind is strong and I'll never let it overcome me.

My crippling fear of vomiting makes my anxiety a lot worse & I don't find counselling helps although CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) I'd like to try if I could bring myself to do it.

Around 4 weeks ago (July 2015) I woke up with heart burn. It felt like someone had lit a match inside my stomach and the heat was rising up my chest only it was like a cold burn- I can't explain. When I ate that morning I felt overwhelmed with nausea. I started to panic, sipping water. I hadn't felt panic attacks in a while I didn't understand how it had returned. Over the next few days, every time I ate, whether it be a biscuit or an actual meal, I'd feel the need to throw up and I'm convinced I would if my mind wasn't so set on trying not to be. As the weeks have gone on I can only really manage water/squash and tea. Solid foods- any foods i just can't face. I have no appetite what so ever, I can't even remember the last time I felt hunger. I miss food, I've lost 7lbs in 3 weeks and am now only 7st 1lb. I've always been small but now I just feel ill. I can see my bones it's too much and there's nothing I can do to gain wait- I've always struggled as it is, attending a food clinic as a teenager. I'm at my wits end, I think I may have a gastro syndrome like schatskis ring syndrome or a few others I've researched through the NHS but I need a camera down my throat to diagnose anything like that. I can't bear the thought of something down my throat, making me want to throw up. It would send me over the edge. Basically, my life isn't my own anymore. I'm a 23 year old girl who should be living life to the full, instead I'm a shell of the person I could be. I feel all alone, I just wish there was a pill I could take to make this feeling go away...

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    Sorry you are feeling ill.

    Go back to your gp and ask if you can have some investigations including looking into your stomach.

    With a camera (gastrostomy ) you can have this under sedation you don't feel any pain and it's all over in a few mins.

    Dr could give you medication for your could try gaviscon from pharmacy.try not to worry because it could make you feel worse.

    If you go to the chemist the pharmacist will advise you and proberbly advise gaviscon and go to see your gp.

    Hope you feel better soon holly

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      Thanks Holly smile

      I have tried Gaviscon both liquid and tablet form but unfortunately they don't seem to be settling the problem. I've tried wind settlers, ranitidine & rennies but nothing is helping.

      I'm going to make another appointment with the GP to see if there's anything I could be prescribed.

      Thank you for your reply,


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      hi, l started with severe nausea a few month ago, from waking to bedtime daily, went off food, no appetite, but would have tea and biscuit, oaty type several times a day, maybe a small plain meal on a good evening, l lost 2 stone over a few month, but was 3 stone oweight before,l felt very tired and drained with it, looked it, napped more, and it did cause depression, any debilitating life changing in a negative way is bound to affect phycalogically, more so if you dont know cause or how to improve it, l,d tried all the chemist stuff, ginger, herbal, no relief. Got scope showed gastritus, and your offered anascetic or being awake.

      l was given omprazle, also stuck to one small plain meal a day, pots, veg, chicken fish, rice pasta, stopped dairy, took probiotics, spring water, even for tea. l had a course of cognative therapy many years ago for anxiety, l found it quite good, But its often as likely for many that physical health problems can cause or worsen phycalogical as well as other way round. l think some docs are too quick to resort to the phycalogical route, more so if youve an episode in your past history, like your labelled for ever, can often lead to physical problems being missed for a long time. So agree you need for a gastro to have a look inside see if youve inflammation, its only a half hour event, but there is often a long waiitng list, but your gp might mark it urgent or you could always speed it up going privately for consultation to gastro if your able. l was on my own when it was bad, it does make it harder to cope with, but with right diagnosis and meds it can improve, so see your gp soon and push for scope asap,    best wishes.  

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      Thanks so much Lynne, it feels relieving to know I'm not the only one to suffers like this. Yesterday was a good day, I managed a boiled egg and even bread and soap in the evening and some crackers in between. I felt better for it but again, today's another day and it could be a nightmare but I'll take it as it comes. Booking in the doctors today too. Thanks again!
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    Feeling nauseous since 7-8 months due to chronic gastritis. I lost 35 kgs!! I was bodybuilder tho, not overweight.

    All blood tests are ok. I almost tried everything. Probiotics, omega 3 supps, digestive enzymes, betaine hcl (it hurts), lemoned water and so.

    I'm better now but still not %100. Still feel nausea after eating but not severe.

    You are not alone, absolutely.

    Take your PPI. Don't read too much. Listen to your GI doc.

    Don't stress if it's possible.

    Don't eat raw veggies, raw fruits (maybe just one banana a day), citrus fruits, tomatoes, carbonated water, dairy and junk.

    Don't eat meat for some time. I'm ok with brown rice, legumes (except peanuts of course) egg whites, wholewheat bread, pasta. Always cook your veggies.

    Hope we all get our health back soon.

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