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Hi About a year ago, out of the blue, I started with debilitating Gastroesophageal reflux problems. It presents as severe pain between the shoulder blades. It was so bad at first I feared it may be the start of heart attack problems but eventually realized it was actually acid reflux problems.

I have endured all the tests, barium meal, radioactive scan, upper endoscopy etc all of which showed a “sliding small hiatus hernia” I did however have a very large PKD kidney that they thought may be pressing on the stomach and causing the hernia and acid escape every time I move or bend.

As a result I have just had the remaining large PKD kidney removed, a big operation and a lot of pain. The thought was that the kidney might be having an affect similar to that experienced by pregnant woman, a baby pressing on the stomach causing reflux. However after 2 months of surgery and pain, now that things have settled, if anything the reflux is worse.

Symptoms are worse after eating, even small meals, especially when combined with any activity, walking or especially bending, which seems to squeeze the stomach and force acid up. I really do not like bed time as even though I try and sleep with my shoulders raised I end up flat and if conscious can actually feel the burning sensation creeping up my chest.

Common sense tells me this is an acid problem so especially at night I have a weak concentration of bicarbonate of soda in a glass and take small sips to neutralize the acid during attacks. I also take esmeprazole twice a day, live on Gaviscon and simply suffer.

I will now be referred back to the gastro surgeons for the next stage of this unpleasant saga!

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? What about comments and suggestions as to how you have dealt with it. Any feedback about surgical treatments and your experience regarding the success and outcome?

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    I have symptoms similar to you and I am waiting for an endoscopy. What does the pain in your shoulder blades feel like? I get a warm unpleasant feeling next to my spine out to my shoulders, which makes me feel quit sick. I also get it these feelings in my chest. Sometimes when I swallow food, when the food goes down it feels like it is pushing a lump inside my right side of my chest. I am taking ranitidine and nexium every day and every time I try and stop I get really unwell. I think I probably have a hiatus hernia and maybe gastritis. I have had acid reflux for as long as I can remember but it has become really unbearable and I am getting quite a lot of discomfort at the moment. Every time I go to the loo for a poo it is really painful and makes me feel sick.

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      The pain feels as if am having a heart attack! Another way of describing it it feels like someone has hit me with a 4lb hammer between the shoulder blades. On the endoscope side, it's not so bad. That does not mean to say it is not hellish unpleasant but IMO not worth the anaesthetic because it is over very quickly and you can more or less go home straight after. You will gag and try to reach but all in all I managed so I assume most should. The trick is don't worry for days before, get there and it will all be over so quickly.

      Along with the reflux I get massive volume of gas (burping) every time I walk or exercise.

      Good luck

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      My shoulder pain can feel like I have been punched quite hard and it gives me a panic sensation when it happens. I am not having any sedation because I get really bad side effects. How long in total does it last? Did you take PPIs before yours, I have heard you are supposed to stop them 2 weeks before it to be accurate, but I can't bear the pain when I try for a couple of days.

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      hi i had an endoscopy last year. i have a sliding hitus hernia, but was also diagnosed with gerd , norrowing of the gullet and a small ulser on my esophigus. all have cleared up exept the hernia. think twice about being suddated, you are awake, but it takes the anxiey away, i dont even remember a thing after it, its a light seddative and they look after you. the toughy of that tube going down my throat was enough to scare the life out me. good luck

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      When mine was done, lets say 5/8 minutes. The system is geared to catch you, one minute I was sitting in a room with people (guys in my case) some in gowns, a nurse came, I thought time to change, walked down a passage then right turn into a subdued light room, still not sure what was happening, sat on the bed, spray down throat to numb nerves, lay on side, down it goes. Strange sensation and you simply cannot help reaching, nurse holding your hand, pipe down a bit more (into stomach) more reaching, by now I'm thinking what am I doing, she says, a bit more to go, seconds later, finished. My suggestion is ensure that they spray deep enough in throat to help numb deeper, otherwise it is really so fast you will not believe it. Job done.

      PPI's Well I was taking them , still are taking them, no side affects in my case.

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