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Hello All

I have been trying to self diagnose my nausea and light headedness symptoms for the past year.No conventional dr's have pinpointed it. Waiting for an endoscopy in Mar/16. In my research I see possible symptoms I have with Gastroparsis?

Having some but not all, my dr wants me to try Reglan Rx , I have heard this is a harsh drug with many risky side effects.

So unless I know for sure I have it I do not want to be a ginnie pig?

So if anyone can give me any feedback on Gastroparsis or vagus nerve damage that might cause Gastroparsis would be appreciated.

I know diabetes causes this but I am not a diabetic.

Hoping someone can help with their diagnosis.


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    Reglan (metaclopramide) is an anti-emetic that can aid the peristalsis of chyme from the body into the duodenum.

    If your problems are from slow stomach emptying, then it is worth trying the medication. I've used it successfully in the past.

    Why do you think you may have vagus nerve damage? Have you had an abdominal operation or suffered abdominal injury?

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      Hey Barretts

      Just posted and got a reply... I am not sure what is going on with me. Since I can't get answers I am trying my own research.

      I had my Gall Bladder out 23 years ago but that is all. I just recently had an abdominal ultra sound but all good.

      Since I do not know what I have I don't want to try a Rx that has high risk side effects.

      My GP said it could be a emptying problem but wasn't sure.

      If one has a slow emoting condition I wonder if you would have problems with constipation? I am very regularsmile

      Did you have this issue of Gastroparsis and if so how were you diagnosed.


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      I, too, had my gall bladder out - 7 years ago, six months after having laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication. Just under 2 years ago, I had Collis-Nissen revision as my fundo wrap had loosened following a violent bout of norovirus.

      With a reduced stomach (the Collis procedure resections the stomach to effectively lengthen the oesophagus for a better wrap) I was getting emtying problems and asked my doctor for metoclopramide which she agreed to. It worked but I manage without it now.

      As with all drugs, there is a possibility of side effects but they won't usually occur unless you are taking large dose for a long period. I would suggest you try the drug for a couple of weeks. If it helps, you have an answer. If you experience side effects, stop.

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      Hi, just for the record, I also had my gallbladder removed many years ago. I read one of the worst side effects of Reglan is involuntary twitch which may be irreversable, too scary. I wish there was a Reglan like RX without ugly side effectsūüėü
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    Robin, I also have nausea after meals, after having all tests done the dr says Severe Gastritis.  Recommends bland diet, no carbonated drinks, no caffine, etc. i know what you mean about Reglan, I take it on emergency basis but am also afraid of side effects. 
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      Thx I will only take this drug if I knew for sure I need it and diagnosed with something that only Reglan would help.

      Even then I am not sure there has to be natural ways to heal the body, I stress a lot and am sure this doesn't help. From the beginning of my symptoms and having HPylori I am feeling that I had it bad enough to cause gastritis.

      I think I will have to weigh it out until it totally goes away.

      I try to eat clean and bland but if I slip up I tend to get more nauseated.

      I do hope when I have my scope in Match it will show this.


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    Hi Robin 

    I dont know anything about the drug but i know that  sometimes drugs can cause more trouble !! if you do think its some sort of nerve damage and your dr agrees has he not considered gabapentin? this is given to diabetics for nerve damage and is a gentle on the system but even so you have to wean off it you cant just stop ,i have a habit of self diagnosing as i cant get anywhere with any of the gps at our practice , they all say i have ibs , but unless ibs gives you pain 24/7 for months on end !! i dont think thats it . can i ask if you take omoprozole ? as i have stopped taking it after several years on it when i read the symptoms of long  term use are similar to ibs symptoms , i can say that after a week off them i feel 80% better so im hoping i continue to improve x thats why i ask ?

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      Hi Hazel

      I appreciate your information my GP is thinking I could have Gastroparsis but my GI doesn't think I do. Plus ER docs don't think I do ,its not a for sure thing I don't want to take Reglan a drug that has serious side effects .

      I use to take Zantac occasionally for years then I was put on PPI's the same family drug as what you take. I was diagnosed with Hpylori and had created more acid that's why I was put on these pills plus thinking I had a ulcer. I did control the acid but found I created a severe cough so I went off as per my GP. But every time I did I got worse but my cough subsided. So eventually after 10 months on PPI's I weaned off them and feel better with the cough. I wasn't told about the drug you mentioned I am not a diabetic?

      I will keep searching although I have read that this can cause issues with disease.... Law of Attraction. What you focus on you receive sad

      That is where I am right now in a whirlwind on what to do .


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