GB does not function normally, alternative to surgery?

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Hi there,

I've had a letter this morning stating my gb doesn't function normally and i've been referred to the GI surgeons for consideration of surgery.

I know from a previous scan that I have a small (4.5mm) polyp which is nothing to worry about but now following from the hida scan i've been referred forward.

I really don't want surgery, I've just had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst which meant 3 weeks off from work (SSP only) and we will be getting busy at work now (Accountancy)

I realise I need to speak with the surgeons but i'm just wondering if anyone had been in a similar position. Now I have the proof I can cut out fat - I try to stick to the Slimming World plan anyway and this will only spur me on, I also am interested in any herbal supplements I could consider.

Anyway any advice welcome smile

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    Can I ask what symptoms do you have? what type of surgery : to remove gallbladder completely ? I'm just trying to understand from risk point of view. If it is no fall stones that means it won't go through your duct and won't cause you any pain.. because as far as I know polyps are usually attached to the wall so they don't move. But it depends on your symptoms. If it is something minor, maybe there could be other alternatives.

    For example I am at the stage of not knowing what is wrong with my gallbladder. It is sore a bit sometimes but not bad. I get itchy hands and feet. I don't think I have gall stones because I did ultrasound in home country where I was visiting my family. But they said I don't have gall stones , just sludge and thick bile and the form of gallbladder is deformated that gives obstruction for my bile to get out of there...

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    Cutting out fat is a good idea. Cutting out sugars, too.  But a diseased or non-functioning gallbladder can get worse.  And it affects the organs in the digestive system, including your stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines. Herbs won't help (though I'm sure the people selling them will tell you differently).  Actually, herbs can make you much more ill.

    I understand that gallbladder removal in the UK (if that's where you're at) is an elective process.  So, if you decide to get it removed it might take a very long time between the time you meet with the surgeon and get your appointment for surgery.

    Best of luck to you! 

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    I'm really sorry Mason, but on this forum we do get people posting from time to time, who are trying to control their symptoms by eating a low fat diet. Some have tried all the weird and wonderful potions suggested. I'm not a medical person; and in your case it may be different, as you don't apparently have gallstones, but in most cases whether it's a disfunctional gallbladder or gallstones, they end up having to have the surgery. Delaying surgery can be very risky and can cause other issues which are sometimes worse. It also means you have to severely restrict your diet, which is not good in the long term.

    I waited five or six months for surgery during which I tried to control my symptoms by eating a strict low fat diet and it helped. Attacks were less frequent, shorter and less painful, but I still got attacks which were worsening and in the end I could not go on living with my symptoms. I had my gallbladder out by open surgery in February and feel better than I have in years.

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    Hi all and thank you so much for the replies, hope I cover most of any questions by this one reply.

    Ok so symptom wise it started in Oct last year, I had 3 really bad days where I had to put a hot water bottle on my right side and take painkillers because I didn't know what was wrong. I felt very sick but was never sick. I went to the docs the day after the first 'episode' as I called it. Hes aid because I had an ovarian cyst that we should look into that first but the docs have said all along that my cyst would NOT be cause of this acute pain.

    In all honesty I describe how I feel as this - I want to comfort my right side just below my rib cage, I often find myself holding that area withour really realising (someone might ask why i'm doing it) I thought it was extreme period pain but a bit higher up so the cyst seemed the obvious - It was a dermoid cyst that just kept growing. Anyway I had an abdominal scan which showed the polyp and referred to a consultant who I have to say has been so thorough thoughout, i've had a scan, liver test and now although my scan was clear (apart from small polyp) he syill referred me for the HIDA scan. I felt physiacally sick after that bloody drink!

    Anyway 1 week later I get the letter so I don't really know what's wrong. I only know I didn't have stones throoughout any scans.

    I've looked into the herbal route, it's too expensive and they all say only take under guidance anyway.

    Perhaps i've jumped the gun a bit by saying i'm NOT having surgery yet - obviously if they say I can wait I can decide then can't I.

    What I reallyI know is that if I eat bacon without removing the fat I feel ill within 30 mins, th other day I had mousakka and man alive, within an hour I felt rough but then the next day after aswell.

    I need to be kind to myself and listen to advice given and I thank you all for that smile

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    Hi Mason, I wonder what your ejection fraction is? Whether you have your gallbladder out sooner or later depends on how much pain you're in and if you're able to control it with pain relief. I found over time the pain just got worse. Yes cutting out fat will help and eat smaller portions more frequently as its easier for your body to deal with.

    I would wait until you see the surgeon as it could be sometime before they can operate, they may also want to wait depending on how recently your other operation was as the belly button incision they may want healed a bit more. 

    It was about 8 weeks for me from seeing the surgeon to having the operation but I know some are alot longer.

    Let me know how you get on.

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      I have no idea of my results, just that it's 'not functioning normal'.

      Been watching what I eat and cut back on fat, changed milk to 1% fat and the only thing thats upset me so far this week is Cous Cous - you know them ones you add water too and they are ready to eat - won't be eating one of those for a while, blurgggggg

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      The best milk I've found is Arla milk. It's called BOB milk and fat free. Tastes really nice. It'd got a yellow label with red writing and can get it in Asda and Tesco xx

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      Yes - that's a lovely low fat milk isn't it! I've started measuring my milk (meant to on Slimming World) and i'm having way too much so i've not only cut down but moved from SS to 1% fat and loving it.


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