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I really wanted to ask some questions to whoever is willing to answer. I've had quite a bit of problems with contraception and i'm at my wit's end. I was on cerazette for maybe 6 months to begin with, but it got to the point where i had pretty much constant breakthrough bleeding and it became pointless to keep with it. Then i went on microgynon 30 which caused a lot of problems (headache,nausea, massive moodswings, irritability) and some which i think it caused or at least contributed to (hair shedding, anxiety, panic attacks,jealousy,depression). I came off it as i really couldn't take it any more.

The problem is, my boyfriend can't use condoms as he feels pretty much nothing when we use them (and to be honest, i don't feel all that much either) and almost all other birth control is hormonal, other than the copper iud, which i'm  little scared of, as i don't like the idea of something always being in me that i can't remove myself. And i'm terrified of going back to the way i was, or making my problems worse, but i'm also completely terrified of pregnancy, so we've been abstaining for a long time now, which of course, isn't great.

It's really really getting me down, as i feel a little useless; i can't think of a solution, and most other women seem fine with some form of birth control sad

Could anyone please help me out, and just tell me of their experiences with birth control, good or bad, and what they found was best? (or any other solution i may not have thought of) I would greatly appreciate any help!


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    Hello smile I've just finished a project at uni about this where I made a booklet for people wanting to choose contraception but it's full of people's own experiences with them instead of just the facts.

    But just from my little bit of experience I can say you sound quite similar to me. I was on cerazette and Cerelle for 2 1/2 years and had similar issues. No sex drive, a lot of anxiety, and depression. So I went for the IUD because I just didn't want any hormones in me anymore. Im still on the pill for month incase the IUD needs to come out but it's not felt weird having anything in there smile periods are heavy and more crampy but it's nothing you can't deal with. Hopefully once all the hormones are gone from the pill it'll be even better! But I'd say the IUD is a really good option, and all the stories I got from my project about it were good smile the only thing is when they put it in - it does hurt, but it's so brief and I'm just so relieved to not have to deal with the pill anymore.

    Good luck finding what works for you! x

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    I was in a similar situation. Fortunately, I'm childfree, so once I found a doctor to tie my tubes, that was done with.

    Up until then, I used condoms. You might want to try out Crown or Beyond Seven condoms, which are MUCH thinner than any other brands, and surprisingly strong as well. I had a guy tell me it feels pretty close to not using a condom at all.

    If you might someday want kids and sterilization is not an option, I suggest that, or talking to a doctor about the copper IUD if tha doesn't work. I know it sounds a little weird, but IUD's are quite safe these days.

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    Before consuming any contraceptive, you should once consult it with the doctor, as not all birth control pills is applicable to everyone. A guidance of an health expert will surely help you to solve this problem.
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    i really feel for you, I'm in a similar boat! I'm currently weighing up the pros and cons of condoms or copper coil. Neither are making me feel very happy. I've had two children now, don't want any more, can't take anything hormonal, so it kinda leaves a barrier method (which we both hate using condoms) or an IUD. The pain of insertion of a coil makes me feel so sick just thinking about it, but if I can just overcome this fear I'd have one tomorrow. I love the thought of it being sorted for five years, nothing else to do or remember. Our current method is no fun (avoiding sex and avoiding talking about it too!) and the baby isn't a year yet, so I figure it's normal for me to not feel like doing it at the moment, but I miss it and want to get this sorted! Because it's not an immediate problem, I've kind of given up thinking about this decision, but I know that's not the solution. People tell me the coil really hurts going in, and then you get a lot of cramping and bleeding and worse unpredictable periods than ever before! I'd rather use condoms if this is true, but I don't know who to believe, and we all have different perceptions of pain I suppose. In my heart, I think I'll wimp out of having a coil and be stuck with condoms until I find some courage.  Good luck with your search!

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    Read my IUD review smile I feel I've overcome a massive step and you sound very similar to me!!
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      Hi, I read your review and it was really helpful, thanks! It sounded very promising, i just wish i wasn't such a wimp, the idea of really heavy periods and bad cramps, and just having it inside me scares me. I also have a pretty narrow frame, so i feel like that might make insertion worse! Is there any chance you could do a follow up review after you get your next period, about how the cramps were etc? smile
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