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Hello I'm due to have bunion removal surgery on both feet on the 10th October, the right foot will have the toes broken and restraightened, as the bunion pushed them out of place, this will then be  put in a plaster cast, the left foot will need an incision and the bone scrapped and be bandaged.

I am aware that i will have to keep my feet elevated for the first few days/weeks after the OP and realise that we are all different, but when did you start to do the everday things that you wouldn't normally bat an eyelid at, making a cuppa, general house hold chores, gentle poodling around. What about batheing and the like

I am fortunate that i live in a bungalow so have no stairs to argue with so was hoping this somehow would work in my favour. When did yoy make your first trip out, I was wondering whether to get a wheelchair so i could get hubby to take me out and about when he's not at work as i think being stuck at home will send me stir crazy. 

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    Hi Misskh.  I didn't have as much surgery as you are due to have.  I had a bunion corrected on my right foot, they realigned the metatarsal and plated/scewed it.  I am now just over 4 weeks post surgery.

     I didn't do anything for the first week but then ventured out for a 'hobble' around the block.  Turned out to be a big mistake as I took a lot out of me physically.  Not so much my foot, but getting around on the crutches.  (True to form i had to learn the hard way). After that I did as little as possible for another week. I started to venture out again at the end of week 2 but not for long.  Even now, I only go out for short periods and always take it easy and have my foot up whenever/wherever possible.  

    As for house chores....I will be fobbing those off on my husband and son for as long as I can get away with it :-)

    I was allowed to get my foot wet once the stitches came out at 10 days.  Until then it was good old fashioned flannel....(my surgeon insisted I not even attempt anything else but I know some people have been able to shower with protective covers on their casts).

    When I make my lunch/cuppa,etc, I put it on a dinning chair and shuffle it across the room...luckily we have wooden floors so its easy.

    Good luck with your surgery and don't rush recovery, rest rest rest, that is the key x

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    Hi there.  I had both feet operated on for bunion removal in January 2014 -the left foot had been more painful pre-op as my toe was more misaligned, but when the surgery took place I had a cyst on the bone on the left big toe, so that one was more of a problem after the op.

    I was told to rest with both feet elevated for 2 weeks post-op, and I made sure I did this.  I had lots of fantastic friends and family popping in with treats and to keep me company, plus lots of magazines, dvds and books to help while away the time.  Went out for the first time properly after 3 weeks but it was a struggle  - had special shoes to wear and two crutches, but I found I became tired quite quickly (and I am usually a fit and active person!).

    As for pottering around with household chores, I could manage a few 10 or 15 minute slots every few hours or so, after about 3 weeks.  By 5 or 6 weeks I was able to gradually do a lot more.

    I slept downstairs for the first 3-4 weeks as I was nervous about tackling the stairs, and as I couldn't use the (upstairs) bath, we got a small inflatable paddling pool - yes caused great hilarity among my relative and friends to think of me splashing about in it....but it worked as I could lower myself into it with just a small amount of water in it, on an off a lowish sturdy stool - and at least could wash all those important little places every day, which made me feel a lot more human!!!

    Good luck with the op.  Eight months on from my surgery I am fine, though I do occasionally do too much walking/standing and my feet complain!

    Best wishes, Anne

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      Thank you for your replies... I have read much info on

      how peoples surgery has gone which has helped along those lines but not much on the getting about afterward

      parts of the recovery, I will of course stick to Drs orders as I wouldn't want to have any set backs.

      Strange as it may seem I'm looking forward to having

      my OP done as it will be lovely to eventually be able to

      wear something on my feet other than FitFlops

      especially now that winter is creeping in.

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    Hi. All will go well for you despite all the horror stories that are around. I had both feet operated on a year ago. For 2 weeks do NOTHING but rest up. Read all the books you wish but stay on that bed! After you have the stiches out hten you may potter a LITTLE; but no chores, PLEASE!

    After 4 weeks, my husband took me for a 'spin' in Waitrose. I think that he though he was Louis Hamilton; he went round the aisles so quickly that I began to feel qeasy! You get to watch lots of trash on day time television :-(

    It's weird as you start to feel fine but when you habble around too much, the tootsies swell so rest up as much as poss. It's a small price to pay for decent feet.

    Once the stitches are out then you can wash your feet but not soak them and massage in plenty of perfume free cream. I stole some of my husbands baggy socks to keep my feet warm. Also bought some flat, wide, deep shoes which were great. Oh, flatties are in vogue now too so you won't look out of place. Good luck and if you were like me you will have zero pain. x

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    Hiya i am nearly at my 6 week check, i had bunion surgery on both feet i am so glad i have it done although my left foot is stil in a bit of pain, i am now at the stage i can do bits and bobs round the house but i think at this stage i feel myself i could do more but my feet have other ideas, unfortunately at week 3 i got an infection so had antibiotics i think i be off work another few weeks yet
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      Thanks Michelle good to hear you are on the mend,

      after having the surgeon explain what the OP will entail

      I've resigned myself to being in pain for a good while...

      and if I'm not all the better.

      unfortunately looking at the calender we'd arranged as a family to go and see a comedian on the 16th Oct,

      which in my excitement of hearing I would be getting

      my feet done I totally forgot about. As its only a slight

      car ride away and I'll be sitting down I may see if I'm up to it.

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      Hiya, i stayed in hospital overnight which im glad i did, i had loads of pain the 2nd and third day then u can cope with it, so its 6 days after your op you are seeing a comedian, i think this may be ok but u will need to sit somewhere to elevate ur feet, i have been goin out in cars, to have meals and just elevate feet whilst there no problems. Two weeks afta surgery i had bandages removed and was allowed to shower and moistureise feet it felt so good, didnt really get told about any exercises so asked consultant who gave me a few good luck
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