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genital warts

hello i have a long story that i will try to make short. 4 months ago i went to the doctor to check on me because i had some bumps shown near my denital area. without a hesitation he said that i am having a genital warts and he burn them directly. couple of months later i went to see another doctor because i had another bumps again and she said that they dont look like genital warts and she applied something that removed the bumps within 5 days. these bumps appeared again and i am looking for your help in diagnosing the problem.


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  • aksns61 aksns61 james 37374

    These look very small could be a bacterial skin infection,  and easily cleared by a over the counter antibiotic cream.  Unless these are painful or itch, just gently wash the area and apply the antibacterial cream.  Your doctor should have told you what they were caused by and a way to avoid them in the future.

  • luciano51767 luciano51767 james 37374

    Do you shave often? I'm not saying your doctor is wrong but you might consider folliculitis as a main cause. Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles in the skin.

    It usually occurs where hair follicles are damaged by friction or shaving. Excessive sweating is also a cause as well as using cream or irritant and you suffer a side effect. I'm not sure this is folliculitis but you might consider taking a break from shaving for a few days as well as avoid tight clothing which can make you sweat. Exposure to fresh air is also very helpful.

    In the meanwhile, don't share towels, razors or anything. Most cases of folliculitis don't require treatment as they're usually mild but if you notice a cluster of these annyoing pustules, it would be better if you check your local pharmacy and buy an emollient. Ask for the pharmacists' advice. 

    Again, I don't know if folliculitis is the cause but since it's a common condition, I'd try seeking alternative care or treatment, even home remedies or changes in lifestyle like the one aforementioned.

    Inform me of any change. Take care and stay safe. 

    Keep me updated.    

    • luciano51767 luciano51767 james 37374

      Sometimes instead of focusing on the symptoms, we have to re-direct our attention on the cause. It includes changes in diet, lifestyle, potential exposure to bacteria or fungus and sexual history. 

      There's little I can tell. You were there. I wasn't. Work with your doctor on the disclosed causes. If it's undisclosed or unknown cause, take a blood test so you can rule out the potential conditions. 

      Other than that, stay in good health and wait to hear from you after you speak with your doctor and take the test. Take good care smile 

  • Doc Jyami Doc Jyami james 37374

    Hiya James, you've got a mild case of Molluscum contagiosum, its a viral infection you can get from anywhere but commonly sexual contact, people can carry this virus for years without symptoms and still transmit it, this is a harmless condition in most cases and should go away on its own, however if you notice it suddenly get worse or if it doesnt go away for 6 months, go see a GP and have them treat the sores directly or take an antiviral medication.


  • ben33604 ben33604 james 37374

    I know this is a older post but was wondering if you found out what they were I one morning woke same thing exactly like your picture maybe about ten in total searched hi low all say std but nothing matched no pain blister nothing like herpes I got frustrated no time to see dr so I peeled them off put alcohol on them they scabbed a little and cleared in about a week all was fine for about to months now I have to tiny ones on my shaft of my penis, can't be std was tested before I started dating my girlfriend and have been in a faithful relationship two years now they showed up after a bout with joke itch I used straight tee tree oil bad idea burned my sack cured the jock it but these stupid things showed up

  • a42470 a42470 james 37374

    Hi James,

    Its around 2 years that I have the same issue. I showed them to a dermatologist in NZ and he said they are nothing to be worried of, they are not genital warts he insisted and not contagious at all. Thy are not eachy by themseves but they grow beside eachy areas under scrotum as well as on the penis shaft. If you search more you will find out there are some tiny red spots on different parts of your body too and the number of brown spots on your body has been proliferated. The dermatologist prescribed me Clobetasol+Miconasole for a month once per day as well as some soap substitute. During the time I was using the medicines I felt no itches and all symptoms except those brown bumps disappeared but after 1 or two weeks my skin became itchy again. The dermatologist said they are some kind of eczema called "seborrheic keratosis" which is caused by changes in weather conditions and foods. I have immigrated from a dry country to NZ which is humid. Let me know if you have the same symptoms as I have and if you have found any cure for it.


  • private35629 private35629 james 37374

    I noticed these show up just a week ago, worried about it. Do you have any updates from the doctor?

    These bumps don't hurt at all, no itch. Any help diagnosing this would be greatly appreciated. 


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