Gerd and Nissen's , is it any good ?

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Few years ago following soemone i know passing away i started getting weird feelings, chest and abdominal pains, no matter what i ate it was so bad, felt kinda shakey and just something didnt feel right and i was in pain and annoyed all the time ... i've done all kinds of tests, with the last being gastroscopy ... they found that my stomach lining was inflammed and my doctor put me on rantidine, i would feel better for a week or two they it got worse and slowly i started taking more and more drugs till i was taking 1-2 tablets of Nexium (omperazole) a day .... i countinued like that for a year or two and whenever i suddenly stopped the meds i had the worst acid refulx you can imagine plus other annoying symptoms ..... that was till last year i read some articles here and there about omperazole and that its not risk free and actually not as a safe and can cause serious damage so i stopped taking it and went back to rantidine , which is weaker and sometimes i do have a bit of a heartburn but i try to take it on time and eat good .

thing is nexium is bad, its good for heartburn but at what cost ?! plus taking it was probably causing me frequent gastritis , rantidine keeps a small amount of acid which is good, far less side affects and safer but it doesnt help 100% and lasts only 10-11 hours .

iam 23 years old and i dont feel normal, whenever i go out with friends, drink , eat chocolate or do anything fun i end up with heartburn and pain so i have to always keep a great diet and cant even bend forward , this is not the kind of life anyone wants especially when youre not even 30 !! my doctor told me i can keep taking pills or theres a surgery (nissens) , basically tying the stomach around the valve to strengthen it and stop the refulx .... what i want to know is how many people actually had it, does it work and if does for how long .

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    hi mike im in pretty much in the same situation . lost my little sister to suicide in 2011 and then about yr or so later i starting to notice weird symptoms like i was swallowing air cause it felt like i wanted to burp. Any these symptoms soon turned into panic attacks. and developed in to major acid reflux for me. been suffering for quite a while now and tried most medication lanzroprole nexiam omeprozole eomeprozole and yet nothing works. i allso had an endoscopy said i have swollon intesrines but as far as taking medication its doesnt seem to work for me .i am now awaiting to have my acid levels tested and then maybe surgery after that myself . Its horrible and i totally understand how ur feeling. and i too would like some feed bk on surgery myself smile . I have really terrible symptoms like breathless one day or wake up with my chest gurgling and making popping noises. or chest pains randomly its hard not too think im having a heart attack sometimes. maybe anxiaty could be tied in with it as they both feed off each other like a bad cirle . Can u relate to any of those symptoms. it would be reasuring im not the only one that has gurgling chest smile . And hope u find the ansers ur looking for and fix ur problem soon

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    I can relate to many of these symptoms, chest pains, burping, bloating, heartburn, and weird shakey feelings once in a while, as for the gurgling, not in the chest area but more in the center closer to the stomach, it feels like being a washing machine sometimes .

    i tried PPi's and they do work indeed the heartburn was none exisestent, a lot of the annoying feelings went away but the pain would still be there, not always but at least a month a year iam in pain and avoiding trigger foods, but ppi's are bad, they have a lot of serious side effects that while not common are not something anyone wanna miss with for long term ... i instead chose to take rantidine a H2 blocker, it doesnt eliminate all the acid which is good cause we need acid but sometimes it could cause a little heartburn, nothing severe but it can be felt, and its not really strong so less side affects but weaker effect overall . 

    I really wanna stop taking meds but idk how, without meds its just too much to handle and on the other hand i cant jsut avoid sweets, alcohol,coffee, sugar, citrus ...etc thats far more depressing than the actual condition, i did my reasearch and looks like 85% of those who had nissen's have been reflux free for 10+ years , and 90% of them would go through nissens again if they had the option to ... basically looks like its a good solution, and all these people are in their 40s,50s or even older so a twenty something should have a better and stronger valve that can last longer than and older person ... either way i guess do it if helps you , its a pretty simple operation nothing dangerous as far as iam told and looks like a good solution .

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    Hi Mike. I am a 61 years young lady and have been suffering from stomach ulcers and Gastric Esophagus Re flux Disease since I was 25. Over the last 7 years I have found that the PPIs. don,t hardly work to control the symptoms. I have constant upper abdominal pain that is like a wide band going around my waist to my back. Nausea and vomiting daily and acid re flux coming up in the night when I an asleep cutting my throat. for 5 years my throat was bleeding every morning. After endless scan, x-rays, barium meals and cameras there was still no diagnosis. Like you I was offered the opportunity to have the Nissans operation which I had in Sept. 2016. I was told it may work 100%, 50% or not at all. This was the chance you took. For me personally it worked 25% and I told them in the beginning it had failed , but they would not believe me. Only this year have they agreed and apologized. From my own research prior to the surgery I read that after the operation you may not need to take medication or only a low dose. This did not happen. Over the last year I have suffered to long episodes of Gastritis and Duodenitis which lasted months and have only just got over another stomach ulcer, which was my 4th. The third one burst. I then had to double up on the osemeprazole - 80mg. daily and 600 ml ranitidine. I don't know how how long I had the ulcer for. I was in agony. After the operation you can never vomit again, so I still feel sick every day, sometimes for up to 5 hours at a time and have to take sickness tablets and gaviscon which only work now and then. I constantly have to what I eat, avoiding fatty foods like bacon, burgers, sausage, Indian food, faggots acidic fruit and many many more .As part of the stomach was pulled up to tighten my valve my stomach shrunk and I lost about 2 stone, but put it back on later. I still have to eat smaller meal and it takes up to an hour. There is no rushing your food anymore. As the valve is tighter the hole is smaller than that of normal people so my food takes ages to pass through it. Rush makes it build up and make you choke so I have to go to the toilet to get it out. I can be sick from my esophagus only. If you heave you can pull on the valve and it is very painful an can even burst. It takes me half an hour to eat a roll or sandwich or more. Soft food is better. Chicken is the worst. It gets stuck on your esophagus as its porous. I'm glad I had the operation as 25% is better than nothing, but as it has failed , they can't do it again. They did offer me another operation a couple of months ago which would remove the lower part of my stomach. It's called a partial Gastrectomy, however, there is further long term problems you have to live with post op like malnutrition and a variety of other horrible thing. So I'm still in constant pain with G.O.R.D. and another unknown abdominal condition yet to be diagnosed. I hope this will give you a better insight into this op. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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    Hello there I actually have gastritis and nexium is not going to help I tried that too but then I talked to my gastroenterologist and he told me to take zantac 75 twice a day every day for about 6 months and I'm 3 months into it and it has help me tremendously I mean it has made a world of difference definitely in proved my quality of life and I was also prescribed ranitidine I couldn't handle the side affects but gi doc says same thing just ones over the counter the other is not maybe talk to ur doctor and see about giving that a try. Fyi if you start taking zantac dont miss a single dose bc if you do symptoms will appear immediately full force speaking from personal experience. I am 36 yr old female and ur right nobody wants to live like that no matter what the age. Hope this was helpful.

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