GERD and probably LRP are making me depressed

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Hello, I am a 21-year-old female and I got diagnosed with GERD (at least while lying), gastritis signs, hyperthyroidism and recently swollen sinuses. My heartburn issues and acid regurgitation started approximately in March and it always happened because of the combination of stress and lack of food and maybe over-tension, it was pretty severe these times, but went away when I calmed down. I started to take Nexium 20mg for two weeks, but I didn't feel like that really helped, I even feel like it made it worse because once when I got really angry suddenly my stomach hurt a lot for a longer while and that never happened before just because of anger, at least not in a severe way like that. 

Now: The heartburn and acid regurgitation have stopped more or less, but I still don't feel healthy at all.

My symptoms right now:

.) swollen sinuses and often the feeling of blocked ears (I got a nasal spray and it seems to help a bit, but that's not the permanent solution)

=> so I can't taste and smell that well and it sucks

.) Mucus, especially while brushing my teeth and sometimes after eating

.) foreign body sensation at the neck, sometimes worse and sometimes less worse

.) sometimes trouble swallowing, especially while doing sports (it was definitely different earlier) 

.) lots of burping, also when I haven't eaten for a longer time or just after drinking some water - the burps often feel more superficial 

.) no hunger feeling since at least two months - I still like eating, but I hate the fact that I don't feel normally hungry like I used to, it makes me really sad - I also don't feel full like I used to and somehow I also miss the feeling of thirst 

What I don't have: coughing, a permanent hoarse voice...

But this still sounds like LRP, even though it hasn't been diagnosed yet (I already have a date for the check though).

If I would have to describe the way I feel wouldn't say that I feel lots of pain or anything, but I still can't enjoy life anymore like this. The body just feels weird, there is the lack of natural things like hunger and smelling perfectly and all these things make me so depressed. I am crying a lot and quite pessimistic because I have read that LRP is harder to cure. And I always think back to when I didn't have these symptoms, even if I wasn't healthy then, but I feel like I could have avoided all this  sad  the thoughts make me even more depressed. I always wish for a time turner to go back to a day when I didn't have this yet.

I would be grateful for an answer. Does this sound like LRP? Is this abstinence of a hunger feeling related to it somehow or does it sound like something different? How big are the chances that I ever will feel better again, what do you think? 

The thought that I will have to live with this my whole life is truly sickening sad

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    Please do not overemphasise stress, especially if the medics suggest you may be stressed. They will be guessing and putting the responsibility on you.

    Ensure you do not go to bed hungry.

    Ensure you have food at hand if you wake up in the middle of the night. Empty stomachs in these cases can be part of the problem.

    Drink water while eating, but always only enough to hydrate you. After eating, drink to alleviate thirst, but it won't solve gerd, so drink sparingly. Fruit and veg have water in them, so you dont need to drink a lot of water. It can make things worse.

    Check for h. Pylori bacteria in your stomach.

    Hope this helps!

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      Well I don't really notice any difference concerning feeling stressed or not anymore, I just feel very weird all the time now. I am not sure if I still have gastritis, I don't really feel any pain, but my stomach still feels weird somehow, so does my neck. I don't really get hunry as I mentioned, like I don't eat anything for 17 hours and I still won't feel like I need to eat... And when I eat it isn't as satisfying as it used to be, I don't really feel full afterwards like I used to. I don't wake up at night so often, usually the symptoms are better while lying and sleeping might not be perfect, but there isn't a huge difference to before. And I really try to avoid eating while lying or halflying since I have noticed that that has caused me heartburn in the past. 

      I will get checked concerning asthma, the ph metrie and gastroscopy, unfortunately it will take some time.. 

      Thanks for your reply! 

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    Oh, and check your prescriptipns for side effects. They may be the culprits for your sinuses etc.
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      I took Nexium for two weeks, but that was several months ago, right now I don't take anything aside from remedies. 

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    Hi Marina, have you had a full check up, blood tests etc. - check for Coeliac Disease - not that you have the classic symptoms, but it can be a sneaky thing. Someone suggsted that maybe side effects of you medication - are you on meds for your Thyroid condition, if so check the side effects. Try and take one day at a time. Good luck
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    One of the easiest things you can do is change your diet.  I know this may be hard when you are not hungry, or maybe you already are doing that, but it might not hurt to try going grain(not just gluten, but all grains)  and dairy free, no caffeine and no legumes (beans) for a few weeks and see what happens.  I would also recommend some guided meditation for the stress..there are lots of things on the internet.  I am doing that diet right now and i will be honest, it is not easy, but i am already seeing improvements in my sleep and weight.  I am not really doing it for the weight loss....i'd honestly rather be overweight and feel good ....but i figure it will only help if i have reflux.  (scope this week).  Being hyper thyroid will mess you up until you get that under control.  are they treating that???

    I know how absolutely frustrated you are and i know that it can be depressing.  I am almost 53 and have been suffering on and off my entire adult life with these symptoms as well as others.  I  always recommend checking with  your doctor before really changing your diet...but they cant really argue with protein, veggies and fruit!

    Oh...and I agree with Peter below....if they try to brush it off as stress or anxiety, politely telll them that diagnosis is one of exclusioin and lets rule everything else out first and then we can talk about stress/anxiety.  (this was told to me by a very kind ER physician, so it is coming from an MD...but I could not agree more!)  you really have to not be afraid to advocate for yourself.  I wish i could have been a better advocate for myself at your age!  You will get through this!


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