GERD and Sudden chest pain/ oesophagal spasms

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Two years ago I started getting a sudden pain in my chest, a crushing pain, which I think may be similar to a heart attack. Previous to this I had always got heart burn fairly easily, but I just took normal anti acids, my GP told me I have damage to my Oesophagus and this has caused the pain (oesophageal spasms) no endoscopy or other method had been used to diagnose this. I was then prescribed 20mg of Omeprazole (PPI).

Since then I have been mostly fine and it seemed that the medicine has been working to relieve the acid reflux, but every now and then I still get this chest pain (located just right of the centre of my chest and sometimes in the centre) and it lasts from 1 hour to up to 4 hours. Sometimes I feel this may happen due to a missed pill, but sometimes I feel certain that I had not missed my medicine.  Even if I had missed a dose, how could this suddenly cause these spasms?

Just recently I had this extreme pain in my chest, the spasms come and go like waves and it's crippling, I normally need to isolate myself away from my family in a room, while I’m suffereing in pain. Drinking lemon freshly squeezed into warm water relieves the pain for a while, and then it returns. (lemon is acidic on It’s own , but mixed with water helps to neutralise acid)

When I read about other peoples symptoms, it seems like not many people with GERD have this chest pain that I get. I want to know if the pain is because of gastric acid erosion in my oesophagus, or is something else going on? The last attack that I had, there was no acid reflux prior to it happening, so no feeling of acid reflux or anything, it seemed to just start happening.

 I went to see a specialist a few months ago and they told me unless I had trouble eating food, no endoscopy, investigation or operation would be possible with the NHS.

 I don’t feel like this is a typical GERD case, something is happening to my oesophagus to cause these spasms and I want to know why. Is it just gastric acid erosion over time and it never healed? Then when I miss a dose of medicine, it allows the acid to enter and then trigger it?

or could I have a seperate problems that is not related to GERD?

If anyone has any advise for me, I’d really appreciate it

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    i have the same symptom. it happens when my gerd and globus sensation returned after a year. my gastro says it is probably esopageal spasm which is natural for esophagitis cases, i am on dexilant 60. i share the feeling of anxiety without. despite doctor's assurance, many things get into my mind, scary things like cancer and so forth. about the lemon, i stopped drinking lemon. the simple explanation beeing is that, while lemon is acidic but becomes alkaline when it reaches the stomach, one should remember however that when such lemon juice passes through the esophagus, it is still in an acidic state (and becomes alkaline after that portion) hence for those with inflammed esophagus, this is not adviced to drink lemon as well as other citrus fruit, thats as far as i can remember by reading in the internet last year was.

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      Dexilant looks very interesting, I only take omeprezol but i don't think it's working so well now. So the chest pain is common for this illness?

      I thought about the lemon damaging the lining too, so I think i will avoid using it again.

      I wanted to do a endoscopy, but the specialist I discussed this with said that there is no chance for that unless I can't swallow food properly, but I can feel some irritation when I swallow food at the moment.

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    i sort of graduated from omeprazole (omepron 20mg @ 2x per day). delixant is i think a new generation of ppi. much stronger with anti-inflammatory properties. if the doctor says no need for endoscopy then he sees no danger. it is just very uncomfortable and makes one axious because its something near the heart and the stomach.
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    Hi Richard56711

    Firstly let me say I understand exactly how you feel & how upsetting it can be to not be listened to.

    I too have had reflux most of my adult life but could usually manage it myself with antacids, but then I began to have severe chest pain, shoulder pain, numbness in my right arm, pain down my throat and in my ears ... I thought I was having a heart attack and was rushed to hospital a few times, only to be told it was a chest infection etc, was finally told it was GORD/GERD with oesophagal spasm.

    These are not your typical symtoms of GORD, I found I had to fight to get people to understand how truly awful I felt having these attacks.

    You do not need to feel heartburn before these attacks happen, it is your oesophagus going into spasm ( it can be just a little splash of acid that does it ) that fires off the nerves in the chest.

    The specialist you have talked to is telling you nonsense, I had no trouble swallowing, and have had two endosopies, a swallow test to check the function of my lower oesophageal sphincter and a 24hr PH test, I am in England and under the NHS... I recommend that you get a second opionion.

    My tests found I had a hiatus hernia that has effected my lower oesophageal sphincter, inflamation of the oesophagus and acid reflux.

    I was offered surgery but decided not to have it, instead I opted for lifestyle changes and medication... I was put on 40mg Esomeprazole/Nexium taken in morning, 150mg Ranitidine at night, Gaviscon after every meal, 50mg Cyclizine before every meal ( for nausea ) and 10mg Buscopan twice a day ( to help stop spasms ). You can buy all of these apart from cyclizine over the counter, but it would be expensive over time.

    Lifestyle changes include eating smaller meals, avoiding all foods I know trigger my hearburn, avoid alcohol, no eating a few hours before bed, raising the head of my bed, no tight fitting clothes and I have started drinking decaf green tea.

    I also leave my medication out near my kettle so I don't forget to take it.

    So far I have had one mild attack in about three and a half years, I took some extra buscopan and paracetamol and it soon settled.

    Sorry it's been a long message, but I just want to help.

    Feel free to ask me anything.

    Hope you get sorted soon.

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    Hey, im new to this group. But recently that is 2 days back i had an incident of acidity which was not that severe, it was for one whole day. I had burps which were little bit acidic, but i took omeprazole as im a medical student myself. I woke up the next morning, acidity was gone but globus feeling came into my throat, it does feel when im ingesting my own saliva.

    Night time its gone and day time sometimes its there and sometimes its not.

    Well i went to doc out of curiosty, he asked for history and i told him that i smoke and drink tea alot usually during these days as im nearing my final exam days. He prescribed me omeprazole 20 mg and gaviscon to which i feel little bit okay. But lump sensation sometimes go and sometimes its there. I did stop smoking now and tea. Plus i have chest pain these days, idk due to what it is.

    I will be running all the tests soon. But doc said not to worry its not complicated gerd and this usually happens after gerd so chill and take meds for a week and see the change. The only change i can feel is i think no acidity, chest pain is there sometimes and globus sensation.

    Anything regarding this? Can someone help me?

    Is lpr taking time to heal? My biggest mistake was i should have took omeprazole before so that the acidity wouldnt have reached larynx or so.

    Please do help or share anything regarding this. I have my finals coming up. Will be really helpful


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