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Hi, I was told I had GERD when I was 17, I was never formally diagnosed via endoscopy but the doctor diagnosed me regarding my symptoms. I took omeprazole for a few weeks and it didn't help, and so, unaware how serious GERD could be I foolishly stopped taking my medication. From memory, although it is a little hard to remember, I mostly had issues with burping. I burp every day without fail, I seem to be able to burp from thin air. At the end of a car journey I burp. I also get these weird internal burp things, not sure how to describe them and I am sorry for how disgusting this sounds. Heartburn, I do recall getting but it wasn't constant, I usually felt very bad when it happened. When I went to uni I believe it picked up a bit. I rather stupidly ate lots of tomato products which set off heartburn, I have done this until third year (now). I barely ever drink, I don't smoke, I just obliviously ate the wrong things and never thought anything of it. Sometimes I was stupid enough to nap, I still did this in third year, I would quite often wake up with a burning feeling in my throat. In third year I started to get chest pains, and rib pains. I thought there was something wrong with my heart but was told by another doctor that I had gastritis. I really don't know the difference between the two. I was given omeprazole again. This time I have taken my omeprazole every morning, I forgot two days running though. I feel like I am having a super bad flare up at the moment and am stupidly only just starting to realise that I should have tried to sort this out years ago. I ate tomato risotto the other day and my stomach killed, 2 spoonfuls of coffee and again it killed. At the moment my stomach doesn't seem to like anything. I also wake up in the morning with a sore throat, and at the moment I do have a hoarse feeling, and a lump sensation there. I am only 21, stomach disorders do run in my family but I have been reading all about barretts oesphagus. I am super concerned that my obliviousness to the seriousness of this may have caused irreversible damage. I am also concerned as I know I developed this pretty young, and I know you are more likely to endure damage if you have it longer. I am super anxious about this and was just wondering if anyone could talk to me about their experiences? I am scared that it is too late

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    Hi there.I feel for you. I was diagnosed with GERD way back when as far as I can remember 20 yrs ago.Been asymptomatic for quite some time. I've been subjected to a lot of stress lately.Insomnia, sleeping for just 5 hours only. Palpitations, tinnitus, dizziness and sometimes nausea. And the latest one is this Globus Sensation, the feeling of having  a lump in your throat, there's no actual palpable lumo ,though.gets relieved when eating or drinking..I hate the feeling been always here in this blog, had a chat with someone who actually got healed . I am taking Omeprazole once daily in the morning and I also take St. John's Wort and Vit B12 drops.Cause aside from the major symptoms I don't know what to do with my life anymore . I tried to lose weight as this is something your GERD doesn't want to. and I was unsuccesful cause when I feel the acidity in my tummy , to eat something is  a common cure. I slowed down drinking cofffee, tea, Doritos with salsa, chocolates,i love them.I'm a zombie I think.I try to fight this ailment by eating what's bad for it,just to tease it sometimes or to get even for getting my life..I've told you there are some surrounding issues like burning tongue and as I'm typing this too you I 'm having dizzy spells, my neck feels as though as I'm a cobra.Planning to see EENT specialist soon.You mentioned you're only 21.You are very young please enjoy life,love. Try relaxation technique, listening to soothing, smooth sounds, stay away from stressful situations.i know it's not easy.Lastly, I also burp even when I'm not on full stomach.Funny, I got so used to it, that I recorded  a day's burp.30+.

    Hope we all fell good soon.Take care for now. 

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    Hello Libby I have been suffering with this for a few months now I have had scans x Rays and everything was normal I have been on a few meds and I take gaviaons I have had to change my whole diet no tomatoes orange juice bread no chocolate or anything with peppermint and stress makes your symtons worse xx I had a few days last week where my symtons had receded and then yesterday I got stressed at work and I ended up with chest pains and that horrid burning in my chest I hope this has helped xx
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    Its not too late at all, I suffered for 20 yrs before I was diagnosed. Been on meds for 10 yrs, had an endscopy last year and all is looking good.

    Too many people give up on meds because they think they are not working but many are not instant cures and take time to start working. I take 30mg Lanzoprazole which works very well.

    Go back to your doctor and have a chat about your symptoms, but you need to take the meds for 8 weeks, if they don't work then back to the dr as its probably something else.

    I was also advised to take the medication 30mins before I eat breakfast which I do religiously.

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    Hi there, just a question... Did you ever stop to think the GERD and other gastritis symptoms are maybe the result of some food other than the ones you listed? I eliminated many of these from my diet for years trying to figure things out. It wasn't until I got so sick with the chest pains you describe & couldn't eat anything wo experiencing gas problems. An endoscopy was ordered & they discovered I have Celiac Disease which is an autoimmune disorder. Your symptoms reminded me of my horrible life before diagnosis. The Drs never connected the dots but kept treating the symptoms/conditions (there are over 300 of them w CD).The burping thing... Oh honey, I can relate ALL too well... Awkward.

    You may want to ask your Dr for a blood test for CD. If you take it, load up on gluten products for weeks before taking it. It's not always accurate though but there are other ways to detect it. Being proactive is important bc it can lead to other serious diseases if undetected.

    i hope feel better...

    live long & prosper!


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