GERD? Or throat cancer? Worried!

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So im 26 and i do worry alot about my health i must say,

So about 5 6 weeks ago i started feeling like i have a lump in my throat constantly, recently the lump has sort of changed to feeling like i have to constantly clear it, ive now developed a ear ache, not constantly jus evey now and then a sudden quick shooting pain.

i wake up every morning with a very dry chesty cough and bring up thich green mucus, slight neck pain and i can feel a lymph node in my neck if i push push quite firm.

whenever i go into google throat cancer comes up and i have really worrited myself, im only 26 by the way.

hopefully someone can help


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    Hi James~

    I am a nurse and have the same symptoms. I did check with my dr and she agreed with me that this is a reflux problem ( which mean gastric acid is spilling over near the trachea) and that can be caused by a lot of things. I beleive mine is laryngopharyngeal reflux..of LPR.) One being the spinchter (round muscle that tightens and keeps the food, etc down in the stomach) in the esophagus is not doing its job and letting the acid back up just a little bit. This can cause pain (because its acid near where you breathe) and even the ear pain you are talking about. I am having it, too. One day last week it just sort of felt full and I had trouble hearing out of it. Very bothersome. What she suggested to me was to take Omperizole for about 6 weeks. (That is about how long it takes to calm things down.) However...if it just hurts too much OR you are having trouble swallowing you shoud see a gastrointestinal doctor and have and EGD done. (Scope to see whats going on. ) If you haven't had one of those only takes about 20 minutes total and you will be sedated for it. won't remember it. That is the only way to get a definitive diagnosis. Your diet plays a roll in it too. You should stay away from caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and spicy things.  Sleep with your head elevated on pillows and try not to eat less than 2 hours prior to bed. AND...although you want to ...try not to clear your throat. It will just make it worse. Also...try not to go to the throat cancer diagnosis first even though the internet takes  you there Your lymph nodes can be felt for many reasons. When you feel just means they are doing their job. The mucus is sort of an issue...however we all have it and if you are a mouth breather over night then it can sort of look gross. could have a little virus or something that if it is persisting you should let the dr know in case you need an antibiotic if it would not be viral and bacterial in stead.  Let the doctor tell you when to be worried and not the internet. I, by the way am 63. I hope this was helpful. And if anything...your age is on your side. Really bad stuff doesn't usually hit the young. Now when you hit your senior years your ccan let your imagination wander a little bit more...  smile . Long story short....go see your dr and don't worry. 

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      Hi Loretta

      thanks for the reply, i really dont think my worrying helping, i do suffer with anxiety.

      The mucus seems to have gone the last couple of days, jus left with the water in the ear feeling along eith the throat, and ive noticed a lot more heartburn recently.

      i also suspect LPR could be what i have as about 8 weeks ago i was taking a lot of pain killers and NSAD's fot a chest condition i have and all those tablets can cause a acid reaction i believe?

      but my mind runs wild and always thinjs the worse, i dont drink or smoke and i dont feel unwell i mean in still gojng to work, still playing golf, maybe i need to just calm down a bit

      again thanks for takjbg the time to reply, it all helps smile

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    Ok first of all , stop searching on google. The more you search the more 'fascinating' your imagination becomes. Now what you need to do is consult a doctor and explain your symptoms to him/her. Most likely it is reflux causing it , i got this lump feeling a few months ago and i have GERD.

    Don't worry too much on your health, worrying will only make reflux worse. Get yourself checked out , that's the only way to clear the air and calm your mind.

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      hi kevin thanks for the reply

      i know i need to calm down my anxiety js through the roof.

      i must admit the only thing that worries me is when i swallow i feel it get stucked then i have to swallow again for it to go down completely, can that be caused by acid reflux and gerd?!?

      also is gerd common? im afraid to google anything anymore for obvious reasons

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    Hi James, My name is Sam. I hope you don't mind me bothering you but I noticed your post from a year ago and wondered how you got on after your worries regarding your throat? I read through your symptoms and they are a mirror to mine! I have been my GP and they are sending me for a Endoscopy in two weeks which I'm dreading sad Have you been for one? If so what was the outcome? Thank you 

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    hi james! i am experiencing the same exact symptoms you describe and the same anxiety of what it could be. i hope you are well. Are you able to provide an update? Thank you!!

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