Gerd..reflux disease...burning mouth syndrome.

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Hi ...hopefully some one out there...will have my problem too...and will have a bit more knowledge to.know how to relieve it.....i have had hiatus hernia....and Reflux problem....for a number of years....which was actually given the process of giving too much pressure been applied on my abdomen.....was a good while..before i got to know....from.tests.....because of reflux....that i had hiatus hernia....which is the sliding variety.....i have managed to.keep the problem down...for a long time.....with strict diet.....and taking Zantac...150 mg....tablets twice a day......all most a year ago....Zantac for some reason stopped doing the 150s....and i was then put on to the 75 ones....which are sold over the counter....and told to.take 2tabs..twice a day.....but these do not work the 150s....and so i.have to.take also Gaviscon advance....which also does not work fully....i have recently started getting burning mouth Syndrome...which i.never had before...rather nasty...and Dr has tried to. get me other makers ..which act like Zantac...but came up.against a brick.wall....they are not making them either....and i.can not take pump inhibitors..because they give me severe stomach pains.....and trips to.the toilet.....i know that others outthere..suffer from.burning mouth....i.would welcome any advice..of how this can be eased...if not cured......its very troblesome...and painful...will.try ?any aware that people with reflux...can develop it......but so. started up.just a while after my Gaviscon 150s...were the moment ...on Gaviscon Advance...which my self..not on prescription...has yet.... dont mind that...but does nothing for the burning mouth for!!....Bless you all.....Shirley .

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    The acids that come up from the stomach are pretty strong and really burn the mouth/throat. Once damaged it can take a while to heal.

    Due to other meds and conditions, the specialist (Rheumatologist in this case) prescribed a mouthwash, Eludril, to ease the problems. That is no longer on prescription so I buy it. It has a different consistency to most types of mouthwash and not as fierce.

    I also buy a mouthwash designed for people on chemo and that coats the mouth to protect from reflux. I have a weekly dose of MXT and the mouthwash, Biotene does help, it is gentle too. It ease mouth ulcers too.

    I have a HH and stomach ulcers so am on a strong dose of PPI to hopefully heal the ulcers (the ulcers have been caused by a combination of my conditions and meds). I've had TTP and sometimes my platelet count drops so bleeding ulcers aren't going to be easy to control. Between the MXT and PPI, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but tell myself the alternative is worse.

    Controlling diet can help to ease reflux. Not sure what you find cause problems but for me, I discovered most things in the onion family gave me grief. Leeks, I can get away with. I love garlic, so good for the heart but if I indulge, I pay for it. Anything that can cause inflammation or excites the system can be a nuisance, setting off reflux and a shame when it's something we like.

    Life can chuck some challenges at us! Hope there's something useful in my ramblings. Blessings

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      Thank you so very much fir all your ideas...i will.give them a try...i know that the reason its so bad at the moment is because the medication i was on Zantac 150 s. Is not been manifactured...i have not been able to get it for almost two. Years....i cant take the pump inhibitors....because of the bad side effects i get with them....and i have tried many of i am taking the Zantac..which you can buy over the counter..and Gaviscon advance....but this does not stop.the acid...refux...caused by hiatus i.get verynbad heartburn..and burning far my Dr can not find any thing me ...many Meds been removed also...will. Give. What you suggest a sound to.have probs.. hope you too can find a solution...these things not easy to live with.....will pray you get the help you so.very much for all your suggestions..very much appreciated......Shirley

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    Hi Shirley

    I too suffer from Acid Reflux/Gerd a hiatus hernia and burning mouth. I somewhat control the reflux with ppi's and Gaviscon. I find that drinking fruit juice or even some cordials that are sweet causes the burning to be worse. I try and stick to either tea or to be extra safe water which does seem to help even if it is a little boring. I am hoping that raising my bed as many do will keep rising acid away from my mouth overnight.

    All the best to you


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      Hi Rob

      it is worth raising your bed or using wedge pillows to reduce reflux at night. I agree with you over cordials. Citrus fruits can cause acid too.

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      Thank you Rob....i have an electric i put the head up.and use extra pillows at night....and i also. Raise the foot has well..enough to stop me sliding down off them...during the night....but i think my main problem..which started the burning mouth..was i got a virus cough....a real. Pest!!...and because i get refux....coughed acid up too.....thus the burning tongue! i can not get my medication...Zantac 150s......they are not been one knows why....not even my i.have to.take the over the counter ones..but they dont work....and allergic to.the pump Dr tried to.get me medication.. Which is like Zantac....but this is not been made either.....which leaves me with Gaviscon ..Double Action....which does not work. Fully either....i am now trying slippery elm capsules....people find they help....canbut tr.

      .....i also watch my i.keep the acid down...hopefully...something you so.much for your kind ofyou...hope you.get some ease onthis situation.too....Shirley...

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      I was on Zantac for 2 years and it suddenly failed to work. My doctor recently swapped me to NIZAC (nizatidine) which is similar and is regarded by some as superior to Zantac.

      Also it is good to take a break when you're on either med. Go through a box (say one month's worth) then take 5 days w/out them, then return to them. This way your body will not become "used" to them.

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