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Problems started when I went abroad towards the end of 2017.

One day i suddenly had:

-postnasal drip

-sinus pressure sort of like a headache in my forehead and behind my eyes

-gritty feeling in my eyes occasionally

  • peg on the bridge of my nose feeling.


The illness progressed whilst i was getting no where fast with ENT Specialists taking anti-boitics, nasal sprays and having CT Scans.

Before i knew it a year had passed and i was getting new symptoms including:

  • Bleching all the time
  • Heart palpitations ocassionally
  • Runny nose, post nasal drip and peg on nose feeling everytime I eat
  • dull ache under left rib, specially after eating
  • fatigue
  • occasionally my stomach contents come back up into my mouth
  • Dream like state and breathless after large meals.
  • Sinus pressure/headaches.
  • Fatigue

This illness is ruining me, i've had a gastroscopy done and been diagnosed with a weak LES. I Take anti-acids and anti allergy tablets at a high dose daily with no effect. Even before i took the antiacids i never really got heartburn.

I notice a trend between eating and my symptoms. I get postnasal drip and runny nose regardless of what i eat. I find some foods trigger my symptoms worse than others.

If i wake up and dont eat anything until midday, i useally wont have any symptoms, other than feeling starving.

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

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    I had all your symptoms. They tried to fix it by giving me nissen fundoplication. Worst mistake of my life. I went to see Dr Farid Gharagozloo in Orlando Florida. He fixed my weak LES and saved my life. Please call them and he can definitely help you!

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      He performed an Esophageal Valvuloplasty. you can google it. I can burp and throw up too. He created the valve so now it opens and closes normally. There is also a Facebook group called Nissen Alternative/esophageal valvuloplasty if you want more info.

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      I had my nissen done where I live. Dallas Tx by dr John Littell. The first time was a full 360. I almost died. I lost 45 lbs in 2 months. Dry heaving everyday, unable to throw up, burp, I couldn't eat, I had severe esophageal spasms that felt like heart attack, I had an acute ileus, vitamin deficiency, and the list goes on. I begged Dr Littrell to take it down so he tried but was only able to take the front part down and left the back part of the nissen intact. So i had a toupet. Well i was still deathly ill for over a year before i found Dr Farid Gharagozloo. I flew to Florida and knew right away that I needed to get my nissen completely taken down. Dr Farid Gharagozloo told me that my esophagus was twisted with my vagus nerve when I had the nissen. He also had to remove metal clips that was used to tie my toupet. It was awful. You see doctors don't tell you that how hard and complicated it is to get a nissen takedown. You can end up in a feeding tube if the vagus nerve gets severed. Or all the complications that can arise. They just want to make money. There are success stories with the nissen but it doesn't last. Most patients end up having a redo after 4 to 5 yrs and then complications arise. It's not natural to tie your stomach to your esophagus. It's not natural not be able to burp or throw up again. These are the things our body is meant to do naturally.

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      Thanks for sharing that,

      I'm from the UK, I dont think EV is offered on our NHS Healthcare. How much roughly did it cost to get EV? as its looking like the only viable option.

      I over ate yesterday and now im suffering the concequences, ive been up all night with post nasal drip, sore throat and headache. I have to be up for work in 2 hours. Makes me miserable.

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      I am so sorry you are not feeling well and I understand. We pay for health insurance here in the US monthly so a portion of the surgery is covered and we as patient also have to pay a portion. We all have different insurances and plans. EV I believe offered in the Netherlands. But not sure who the doctor is. Germany also offers GERDX surgery that you might look into. TIF is also a good procedure as well.

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      Stretta doesn't work and can damage. Completely waste. Linx can also cause vagus nerve damage. They are finding them more defective because they are not able to properly open and close. Causes scar tissue around the esophagus. Not worth it.

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    So sorry to hear of your troubles. Sounds like classic LPR symptoms. Digestion is your problem as you're likely having reflux that's getting up into your sinuses. I'd suggest you start researching gut health as it sounds like you likely have some type of common gut issue like SIBO, a food intolerance, leaky gut, etc. Many people I've read about have success with various diets like gluten/dairy free, low carb (keto), low fermentation, FODMAP, etc. It's not a quick have to experiment with diets, see what works for you, then stick with it while your body heals. Personally, I had success with a low fermentation diet that restricts hard to digest carbs so that they don't create gas which pushes back up the gut and creates reflux. Anyway, I wish you luck!

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