GERD that I can't get rid! Do you feel the same?

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I'm having this GERD or acid reflux for 4 years already. Been to lots of doctors, undergo for lots of laboraties or examination except for endoscopy because I'm scared with that. I always feel dizzy, lightheaded, nausea, back pain, muscle numb or weak, loss of appetite, chest pain in which I though I have heart problems but thank God I don't have, shortness of breath, palpitation and nervous. I took freaking a lot of omeprazole already but sometimes it won't help, worst case I need to go to the emergency room because I'm having difficulty in breathing and my heart beats so fast in which I thought I'm having a heart attack. There is one lactobacillus powder drink that helps me get rid of it but sadly it's not available here in the country where I'm living, so I'm back again with this GERD. This frustrates me a lot. Do you also experience this kind of symptoms?

P.s I'm currently having GERD right now.

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    Those symptoms all sound familiar. In fact, I even sometimes get palpitations, too!

    - Chest pain

    - Stinging under the sternum

    - Burning in my upper belly

    - Back discomfort (I've even been tested for pancreatic and liver issues -- TWICE! All clear on that front)

    - Decreased appetite (I've lost 50lb, largely due to that)

    Not so much dizzy and lightheaded, but nausea which is sometimes accompanied by some of that. It might also be due to not eating enough (due to lack of appetite). Note that I also have Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), which causes the chest discomfort, trouble swallowing, etc. If you tend to have allergies, too, this is something that your doctor might want to explore. 

    Probiotics (like Lactobactillus) have helped me, too. Is there a source you can order from, even if it's international (e.g., Amazon etc?) 

    Have you tried switching medications?

    - As silly as it sounds, switching to Esomeprazole (Nexium) has helped me out a LOT. Switching back and forth between that and Omeprazole, strangely, seems to help.

    - Adding an H2-Inhibitor like Zantac helps, too: Nexium in the morning, Zantac in the evening. 

    Sorry to hear that you're going through all this. Best of luck. 

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      Hello! Thank you for your response. O don't have any allergies and I don't have difficulty in swallowing. It's only my dizziness and lightheadedness that bothers me a lot, sometimes the feeling of fullness in my upper abdomen.

      I've only tried, Omeprazole, Ranitidine and Prazole Plus. For my nausea the doctor advised me to take Domperidone in which it did help a lot. Also the doctor also required me to take B-complex for my nerves for the fact that I feel weakness in my muscles especially my left arms that feels like numb.

      And about the Probiotics, I'm currently living in the Philippines and finally I was able to order yesterday the Probiotic through the site of the pharmacy. I don't have any idea if they also do international delivery. I'm sorry.

      Never tried Nexium but I will give a try. Are you still experiencing GERD from time to time?

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    Did the doctor ask you to have an endoscopy? If he did you must follow his advice. It is not nice but it is not as bad as you might fear. I know. Do you take omesoprazole every day?
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      Hello! Thank you for your response. It's quite crazy that out of all the doctors that I've been to none of them request for an endoscopy. Only ultrasound.

      And yes, I do take my Omeprazole everyday.

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    I experience dizziness and lightheadedness as well, but i'm not sure if it could be caused by GERD. I'm seeing a neurologist soon.

    I also get palpitations! I thought it could be thyroid, but everything came back normal. Have you checked your thyroid levels? It can be checked with a blood test. If your thyroid is okay, then your palpitations could be caused by anxiety. I've also read that palpitations generally don't have a connection with GERD itself, yet so many people have them and no heart conditions....

    Anyway, you should definitely go for an endoscopy. You need to get over your fear and do it because it's about your health we're talking here.

    Best wishes ?

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      Hello! Thank you for your response. I already check my thyroid levels but everything is normal.

      Only this dizziness and sometimes lightheadedness that bothers me a lot. And sometimes I do feel pain in my ear. In which when a doctor check it she said that it's just fine there's nothing wrong with it. And she just required me to take some decongestant in which I haven't taken because I don't experiencr runny nose. The doctors I've been too said that this is vertigo.

      Thank you for your advise. God Bless!

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    hello anna1223...OMG. all that u mentioned are same with mine. I had an upper gi endoscopy last 2015 which revealed a large hiatal hernia, acute gastritis and mild esophagitis. have been on 30mg lansoprazole for more than 5years now. it helped me but not that much coz i still have to watch my diet, sleeep with upper body elevated, and i eat 6 small meals a day. the dizziness, palpitations. arms shoulders back abdomen neck head and every pain is there 24/7. theres not a day that i feel normal. i guess this stomach acid shooting up thru the esophagus is the real culprit. we just have to live this kind of life. still hoping we can find a cure.
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      Absolutely! Base on my research, acid reflux is lifetime and us who is suffering from it should adjust and watch what we eat. Everything is under moderation. Right now, I'm just taking omeprazole and the probiotic powder that helps a lot.

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