Getting better but anxiety still lasts

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Hi everyone ,

Basically I was prescribed CO codomol 30/500 3 years ago for lower back pain, I remember not liking them at first because of the head rush and stopped taking them for the duration of the year .

The back pain really bothered me AMD so I begun taking the tabs on an off for a year 3 years ago and noticed it did help with the pain.

It was only 2 years ago that my job become more physical and I started taking the recommended dose or no more than 8 a day and I never took any more than that for the next 2 years .

Sorry rambling

So 10 days ago I decided I would do as I did with smoking and drinking , I wasn't an alcoholic I just didn't really enjoy hangovers lol,

And I have had no physical craving for them and I really do not want another tablet in my life , the physical side effects of withdrawal have all but cleared up but that's not the problem ,

Although it has decreased , I'm still left with anxiety , I have an appetite back and I'm happily going to work although I am distracted now n then with anxiety .

I was just wondering , when does it stop .

Maybe I'm expecting results too quick but I honestly feel much more in control than I did 8 days ago I'm laughing with my girlfriend and when I'm not anxious I'm generally OK but I really don't like being anxious over nothing

Thank you guys I'm sorry I went on a bit


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    Hi there

    Only just saw your post so maybe you are through the worst now.  I've been on 30/500 co-codamol twice in my life, the first time in 203/14 for nearly a year when I got totally addivted, went cold turkey and it was hell for two weeks, but after four weeks the withdrawals had subsided and I felt back to normal, but still with the original heradaches.  I can't take anti-inflamatory painkillers so have to take paracetamol and grin and bear it.  The second time was two months ago when I cracked a rib which was pretty painful, GP gave me 30/500 co-co despite me advising him of my previous addiction, BUT this time I was for-warned and only took two boxes worth and came off them as quickly as possible, withdrawal took  three days then fine, rib pain now subsiding.  If you want any advice ever on coming off co-codamol just reply to this thread and I'll reply to you


    Lizzie xxx

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      Hey lizzie,

      I've only just seen your reply.

      It's been six months and codeine free, no cravings at all and the "back pain" I used to suffer with seemed to disappear along with the withdrawals (naughty trick codeine , naughty trick)

      I feel great now I don't depend on them and im really proud that I didn't fall at the first hurdle , and boy what a hurdle withdrawals are . I remember being so depressed and bursting into tears for no reason wondering will this anxiety and depression ever go.

      I kept telling myself this is part and parcel of the cold turkey and it will.obviously get better. Within a month and a half things suddenly seemed a lot easier . The whole craving aspect was never a big deal o had no desire to take them again it was more the mental aftermath.

      As I say 6 months now almost 7 and it feels like an eternity ago I thought codeine was what was keeping me going .

      Thank you for the reply and I hope you are also well .

      I'll check in from time to time .




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      Hi Lizzie,

      I'm so glad to hear that you've been clean for so long. I myself am on day 14 and where I do feel better with everyday. I just feel that something is missing. I also get so irritable when people are around me. To the point I now tell my girlfriend to go home at night so I can sleep. I feel bad but it's just how I'm feeling, I know I've come along way and I am 200% better than I was 9 days ago.

      I suppose I'm just looking for a bit of clarity that I will feel normal again. I know everybody's different but how long was it until you felt 'normal' again (just curious).


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      Hi there

      You will feel normal again but it takes a bit of time, I think it took me about four weeks to get back to noraml afater having been taking gthe co-co for so long, so don't despair, things will get better :-)


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      Hey mate.

      How you feel is completely and 100% on track to feeling great again and I know that feeling as you say "something missing".

      I needed someone to explain the length of time feeling like sh*t too, and by the third week the anxiety had all but cleared up and everyday started feeling normal again.

      The irritability will start to calm down once you feel like you can function again and you'll start getting some sleep .

      The worst thing for me was the restless legs and pain at night and the lack of sleep made me impossible for my gf to be around .

      Overall though you are very close to feeling like a human being again

      Good luck and get ready to start feeling yourself again within the next week

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      Hi Almost,

      Thank you so much for your reply!

      I'm on day 18 now and I am started to feel normal again. I still have slight diorhea and get headaches which is annoying. Tonight I am going to attempt to go to a club for the bank holiday here in the UK. I'm not much of a drinker this will be my first drink this year.... I'm a little scared to be honest, I'm fearful it will knock me back I don't know why. My dr said it would be fine "everything in moderation" was his answer when I asked if drinking would be OK haha. I'm going to take it very easy though.... I'm positive everything is in my head now so I just keep telling myself to "man up" whilst looking in the mirror haha.

      I'm glad you're well, I genuinely am, you are inspiration for people like me.


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