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I'm struggling ..getting off omeprazole Stopped tak i g them cold turkey.I know that was pretty stupid..Everything was ok for about 3 weeks but I've developed gastritis.The Doc gave me Ranitidine for this.Does anyone know how long it takes to get gastritis under with control with Ranitadine. My husband says I should stop taking any meds and see what happens but I'm too chicken to do that.

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    Well well...its individual. Did you have endoscopy done?

    I have gastritis 3 months with little to no improvement and now trying to get of omeprazole as well... lowered dose to half for a week...and now second week i cut the pills openand lowering it down to anotber half.. for one more week ...then hopefully i will not have bad symptoms....

    Whats was the reason you were taking it in first place?


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      Well I've got a hiatus hernia and that's why I got prescribed omeprazole I think it's such a long time ago I can't really remember.I also have colitis/crohns.I stopped taking omeprazole because just lately I was feeling constantly hungry and heard some scary stuff about taking this drug long term really don't want to go back on it.

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    Just to add many patients are indeed replacing omeprazole with less potent antiacid medication to avoid or diminish negative effects from stopping with ompeprazole....

    Husband may not be 100%right..

    Now your tummy is most likely in bits and getting overloaded with extra acid....

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    Hi I got gastritis and was put in ranitidine i have been on them over 4 weeks I thought it was all cleared up but I got sent for an endoscopy and ad thy took a biopsy to see if I had h pylori but thy told me I still had my gastritis and that was now 6 weeks I don't think it has cleared up as I am still getting really severe pains in my stomach and also got eggy or sulphur burps x

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    It never goes away Denise unless you totally change your eating habits. I’m at my wits end, I’ve had Gastritis for 2 years, maybe more, been on lots of pills, still have it. I went vegan for 2 weeks and I was great, didn’t need any pills, but didn’t have the will power, to stay on it, I’m back to square one, in agony with it. 
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    Depends how much and how often per day you take it, but titer it down even MORE SLOWLY.

    After a year of esomeprazole twice a day,

    we lowered PPI dose itself, but still taking twice a day,

    as much as possible slowly

    (note: some pills MUST NOT be cut in half, most PPI are such, but different mg doses available or when they have a splitting line, ok to cut there, but no where else)

    for 4 weeks,

    PPI must not be taken on/off like an antacid. If taking, then everyday, not skipping a day as it will always induce acid rebound easily, it is not an antiacid taken when needed, it has a different mechanism.

    Then esomeprazole only in the morning PLUS a H2 Blocker (Niazidin) in the evening.

    changed to H2 bockers completely morning and evening.

    2 weeks

    (this gave quite some acid rebound leaving PPI away completely, BUT only for a week)

    4 weeks

    Then only one H2 blocker per day (e.g. Niazidine 150mg)

    again for 4 weeks

    going down in dose itself as low as possible. (It was a capsule, could pour half out)

    again for weeks!


    drinking slippery elm to support stomach lining (but spaced away from H2 blocker!)

    Wanted to drink lemon water with it on empty stomach, but didn't feel good to do. Worth a try though.

    Best of luck, it's hard to avoid the acid rebound.

    But you must go extremely slowly and it's very frustrating.


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      PS my mum for the contrary can't get off at all, even slowly. The acid rebound is massive for her and she has oesophagus changes that can go cancerous easily. She has been on for 25 years.....and will stay on them.

      My daughter and I are off it.

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    Surely omprezole is something for life if reflux is an ongoing problem?  When I came off  omiprazole I did not have any withdrawal systems. The reflux is still an ongoing problem. Now on another tablet works on and off 😏

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    I think anyone with repeated heartburn etc. should have a good look at what other tablets/medication they are taking. How many people really read the Patient Information Sheet where it may say that heartburn is a side effect of the medication?   I was diagnosed with oesophagitis and gastritis and was put onto omeprazole and the heartburn has stopped but not I think because of that but because I have stopped taking two tablets, one for blood pressure (amlodipine) and one for osteoporosis (alendronic acid). My blood pressure is no worse but the alendronic acid has caused a supposedly "rare" atypical fracture of my femur and even though it's very tiny the usual treatment is usually a metal nail and screws, this will match the one in the other leg where I broke my other femur in 2014!   Perhaps the need for omeprazole is caused by other medication and, apparently, omeprazole can also lead to femur fractures!

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    No, don't stop taking the R.  It would probably cause a backwash of acid.  I was on it for over 10 years and just recently tapered down.  Now I'm off of it and on the R 2x a day.  This seems to be working out ok.

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      Hi Lindy, thanks for your reply. I've had to go back on the omeprazole couldn't stand the pain. The ranitidine didn't help much.I think this has a lot to do with my crohns disease. I'll try again maybe when things improve this time I'll taper.Can you give me some advice on how you managed to get off omeprazole.Would be very grateful.x

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      Hi denise87090, so sorry you had to go back on the O and that the R didn't work. You've got to taper very slowly. I would take 6 days of the O and on the 7th day, I would take an R. I would do this for about 2 wks and see how things were going. If I did ok, then I would take the O 5 days a week and the R 2 days. for a couple of weeks and just kept reducing like that till I got off them.  Then I started taking a R in the am and one in the pm.  That's what I do now.  Sometimes I do get the burning.  Others say to take Gaviscon at those times.  You can wait a month, or however long you are comfortable with, in between reductions.  You just have to play it by ear.  Hope this helps.

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