Getting off Venlafaxine after 10 years

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I have read a lot of entries about this drug, and I do agree with many that at first it did its job.  To pout you in the picture I have been on 225mg for 25 years now and like some have been very apprehensive about stopping due to extreme withdrawl.

Yes some may criticise my deciding to go cold turkey, but I do feel that venlafaxine is like any addictive drug with one exception, it is fear of withdrawl that stops many from even trying.  I am now on my 5th day and yes the symptoms are shocking in more ways than one (srry bout pun).  My reason to decide is simple.. Do I need venlafaxine anymore?  Simple answer No!  I just got to the comfort and routine of taking it every day.  Don't get me wrong cold turkey is not necessarily the right way unless you have an iron constitution, and willpower.  I am no expert so please do not take all I say as gospel.

Whilst the withdrawl is bad at the moment, I have noticed a clarity in my mind growing as time goes by, it almost as if I a getting part of myself back and it is no longer negative or suicidal as of many years ago that I lost to venlafaxine (My faith is a big part of this too.).

So what is happening this early in cold turkey?  Brain zaps like mad I also have slight nausea, I have decided to consult my GP to request some anti withdrawl medicine I am aware that this prob will not stop the zaps etc but poss offer a cushine.  Maybe I am stubborn but I will not do the weaning off method, I have stopped illegal drugs and alcohol without weaning off, and even though venlafaxine is legal, for myself would be like having dope or a drink to solve the problems, but infact I consider doing that a step backwards.  I would be very interested in any one especially who did cold turkey to share what they found out with me, and of course any other comments you may have.  I will do weekly updates to keep you informed of my progress.  Thanx so much for taking time to read this.

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    Keep going simon3164. You are doing brilliantly. I've just done 1 week half dose, then half again. Felt horrendous everyday so decided enough was enough and havnt used it for nearly 2 weeks. My doctor wasn't very sympathetic so I hope you get more joy with yours. Its been horrible but getting better by the day. I do think you may be doing the right thing going cold turkey as just cutting down kicked off the nausea, actual sickness, vertigo anyhow so why not just stop and get it all over with? I'm lucky I work from home as I would never have managed working otherwise. If the brain zaps get too much, I simply go for a sleep to shut it all out. Hope it all goes OK for you and keep us posted. The symptoms do get better but its a hard slog.I'm still glad I took the plunge though. I would not go back on it again. Like you, I already feel a bit more human and am more aware of my surroundings. Good luck. I have just ordered some good St Johns wort ready in case my anxiety starts up.
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    Hi I have been on meds over 20 years a lot of them stop working after so long the gp took me of Venlafaxine and straight onto mirts 15mg First day felt like a zombie dizzy hungry spaced out slept non stop day 2 I felt suicidal crying angry phoned work off sick ect after a week I was still weepy anxious 2nd week felt great laughing no tiredness then had flu like symptoms aching back had accupuncture to help 

    Had a few good days when I thought I had done the right thing as I was laughing again but after being drug free for 8 weeks had to go back on prozac as I couldn't cope with being so tired and suicidal again sad good luck to you though you have to try it even though my gp was not happy and told me not to come off them x 

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    Keep at it Simon! I stopped my 225mg per day dosage of venlafaxine 5 days ago. I can't tell my doctor about it though because the last time I voiced my concerns to her, she refused to even consider even a reduction! ButI suppose that what happened to me before I was on this drug was pretty horrific and I think she is just trying to cover her own arse. Brain-zaps are pretty bad right now, and my sleeping feels like hyper-sleep or something! I feel moore tired after I wake up lol
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    I went cold turkey! But was not on a high dose, only 75mg (but Dr wanted to put me up). I felt better within myself by this stage and decided that I wanted my personality returned! The main thing I noticed with other patients posts were that while you taper off you will be having symptoms like zaps and sweats and nausea from the time you start the slow withdrawal until the need for the drug disappears from the body, maybe taking months (or years for some) so my intention was to take it away and hope that the dependency would quit ASAP and my life could get back on track - personally it worked for me!

    If I had have been on a higher dose I probably would have halved it for 1 week then quit the lot. It sounds tough but honestly I think it's the easier way! Like a bandaid - right off

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    Thank you for putting this out here x

    I too am considering going cold turkey, I am on 225mg venlafaxine myself and feel worse than before they ever put me on them, from 75-150-225mg ! I spoke with my doctor and she said i have to reduce dosage slowly, but my feeling is Why? then i will be feeling like this, tired, no life in me, wanting to be dead, being in auto pilot when i can drag myself out of bed!! for next few months, no i think i need to get this drug out of my system asap, luckily i am staying with a great friend who will support me and get me through it.

    Day one of withdrawel will be today.

    Good luck simon xxxxx


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