Getting worried..Has anyone had numbing pain in right lower pelvic region?

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Hi Ladies, First I'd like to extend positive, healing energy to you all. I wish you all the best through these hard times.

In Aug 2015 I received a CT for kidney stone pain as well as pain upon urination. My report stated a 3mm kidney stone ( I have passed 3 in the last 10 years and am 36 years old) as well as moderate free fluid in the pelvis with a probable 2.4cm ovarian cyst. They recommend I have an Abdominal/Pelvic Ultrasound 2 weeks later.

Ironically a few days after the CT I started to have constant lower right pelvic pain. It wasn't excruciating, but extremely uncomfortable. When I received both Ultrasounds I let the tech know of my pain and she said that it appears that an Ovarian Cyst burst (hence the fluid).

My report stated (2 weeks later) no fluid in pelvis, 1.6cm hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, 3mm kidney stone, benign appearing splenic cyst and a geographic fatty infiltrate or benign hemangioma of the liver.

I ended up having that pain until November, and then it just stopped one day. I didn't think I needed to go back for more tests since the report looked ok, and my pain was gone..until now.

About 6 weeks ago that exact pain came back, the first few weeks it was hear and there. But the last 4 weeks it's been constant. The last 2 weeks it seems to have gotten worse. Especially when I'm driving, or sitting and at night. It never goes away, the pain just intensifies.

My symptoms are lower right pelvic pain, that radiates sometimes to my right inner thigh, "numbing" pain localized in the ovarian region, constant dull sharp pain, but not shooting in the lower right pelvic area, Feeling full after a small amount of food, tired, lack of motivation, lower right back pain (but i have that everyday due to my facet joint arthropathy) and every few days I feel so bloated that if I relax I look very pregnant. I have extremely heavy periods that last 6 days, 4 out of 6 days is big clots and I go through about 4 Super plus tampons.

I have to wait 2 more weeks to see my Dr. but I'm starting to get concerned. I'm very in touch with my body and know something is not right. It almost sometimes feels like something is in there. I'm afraid to press down hard on it, cause it's very uncomfortable having my thigh/leg against the region or anything for that matter putting pressure on the area. I'm also concerned that aim not really feeling all the possible pain, (I have a mild slow release pain killer I take twice daily) I haven't gone to the ER for my pain is not excruciating, hsving kidney stones I know what a 10 on the pain scale is!

Well with that said....I'm sorry for the long message, but I'm getting scared and would love some advice. Could the cyst that shrunk on my last Ultrasound stuck around? Could it of gotten bigger, or twisting?

If anyone has a story similar to mine PLEASE let me know! Does the numbing pain sound familiar? Did your pain last a long time? If anyone has any questions for me or if your needing advice I'm here for you all...In good Health Kristen

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    Hi Kristen!

    I'm 7 yrs older than you are - and I have a similar health history. When I was in my 20s/early 30s, I suffered from kidney stones (wicked little things, aren't they?!). When I got into my mid 30s, I began having pretty intense ovulating episodes. Nothing that (several) Advil couldn't treat but still, super painful. When I was 37, I had my first ovarian cyst, and I went to the ER -- having a cyst burst in your abdomen is no joke. It's damn painful. From that month on, I would have a cyst every other cycle. Pain was lower right, intense pain like someone was sticking a hot knife into my gut, and twisting. 

    I can tell you that the pain I had with those cysts were terrible and whenver it was the right ovary, I used to be convinced it must be my appendix, ready to burst...that's how painful it was. After 2 years of this hell, I eventually gave up the right ovary during a surgery to treat what we now know is Endometriosis. Right cyst was inflammed, angry and had been affected by the Endo. I signed my agreement with my OB Surgeon just before surgery to indicate I was fully aware I'd wake up without this ovary. I was happy to give it up!!

    Now, my left ovary is taking over for the right. I'm finally on the right hormone for Endo and it's *supposed* to prevent ovulation but I still get angry visitors on occasion. Still, they were so much more painful with the right -- The cysts I had then measured a 1-3 and felt like I was dying. Recently, I had a follow up visit and I had a mild ache on the left -- Dr did an exam and said I easily had a size 4+ in there. Had ultrasound, and it had already burst by then. But the size 4 was barely noticeable now on the right hormones when the size 1-2 felt like bursting appendix. Figure that one out.

    My pain never felt like it was "Numb" but my cyst pain would often radiate down into my thigh. Any ovary can twist, but it's hard to know what's happening to you w/o a current ultrasound and exam. Chances are you do not have a twisted ovary -- you'd be in blinding horrible pain if it had, I'd imagine.

     Are you seeing an OB/GYN or just your general practice Dr? 

    My concerns about you:

    1. That you're full after only eating a bit of your meal concerns me. And the bloating may indicate something that requires further treatment, too. These symptoms could all be related to your evil cyst. But I do think you need to call your Dr (see below for further notes on calling your Dr.). 

    2. Are you running a fever? Take your temp and then take it again an hour later. If you're running a consistent fever with right AB pain, go to the ER. I don't mean to alarm you -- this is why I would take the temp several times to make sure it's not a benign "fever".

    3. Lay down, put your fingers very low onto your abdomen and there rebound pain (pain after you pulled your fingers away) or pain when you push down?

    4, Other symptoms? Make notes of ALL of your symptoms and anthing you've noticed out of the ordinary, even if they are embarrassing. Have the list with you when you call your clinic as well as when you see your Dr. 

    Do call your clinic, ask to speak to the advice nurse, tell him/her everything you've written here and any other symptoms as well as how it's all affected your activities (work, school, social events). Even if something doesn't seem related, make a note of anything that's out of the ordinary. Tell them what makes the pain worse or better, how consistent the pain is during the day, if it wakes you up, if it's gradually getting better or worse, tec.

    You're going to be ok, but you need to be your own health advocate. Tell your Dr. about all of your symptoms and aks if he/she thinks you would benefit from having another US so soon since your last.


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      Sorry, I should have written that when you press your AB, press down toward the pain (lower right).

      Also, disclaimer : I am NOT a Dr, Med Student or Vet. Just a normal person with a history of Ovarian Cysts and know how much joy it can suck out of anyone.

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      Thank you so much for responding so quickly k51551!! That warmed my heart, which is much needed right nowsmile Thank you for sharing your story with me, I'm sorry to hear everything you've been are one tough cookie! Crazy how similar our timeline is. So ironically enough after I posted this, I drove down the street to get some more Advil (which isn't working, lol)

      As I was driving away I started to drive up the hill and could barely press the gas peddle. My pain starting radiating down through my right thigh and stopped at my knee. Frankly it scared the heck outta me. I decided to do some deep breathing and pulled over to calm myself. I called my bf (he's at work right now) and let him know to please keep his phone by him we might be taking a trip to the ER. I assessed my situation and thought about the pain scale (I'm in the med field), I was at about a 7/8my kidney stones were past a 10..which sounds like you have experience with a 10 on the pain scale, which is so awful, I'm so sorry!

      My pain is now still at 7..and my right thigh is SO if I were to really take a look at the last 6 weeks..these past few days if not tonight is the worst by far. What's interesting is that this am I was only at about a 4/5 and out of no came on pretty intense and hasn't stopped..but it's done that before(without the radiating thigh pain) I think I forgot to mention the numbing pain really didn't start until less than 2 weeks ago..

      So my bf just got home and I had him do the pressure test...great thinking btw! Thank you! It absolutely with out a doubt hurts when he presses in and not when released. He did the left side and neither or was painful. My thermometer of course is dead and we don't have the correct batteries, but i don't feel like I have a fever. I don't have nausea, or vomiting, but I'm am suppose to start my period in 3 days..can that trigger something? I have VERY painful periods, didn't start till my late 20's but Advil doesn't cut it, and I'm usually in bed for the first 36 hrs if not more.

      I have contacted both OBGYN and PC. They have the usual if it's a 10 ER, otherwise I have an appointment scheduled 2 weeks from tomorrow. I've decided I will call first thing tomorrow and request that he put the auth in for an Ultrasound stat. Which I'm sure they will with the weekend I've had.

      Im afraid to take my normal pain medication (very low dose) so that I'm able to really see my pain level..but now when I think about it.,it helps my back pain but really doesn't help this pain. Looking back on the last few weeks, it's just helped manage it..but it doesn't go away. I feel better hearing your story, and thank you so much. I absolutely trust my instincts, and for sure know something is not right! Hopefully I can get this US tomorrow, of course my insurance has to approve of it first which can take a few days. Ugghhh..but I will let the Dr know to say its imperative. It's my body right!! Every single one of us deserves good medical care and if we aren't being listened to get another opinion right? Thsbk you so much again!! Look forward to hearing from you again, Kristen

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      I'm so sorry, so forgot to ask it better to take it easy? I know that's what feels best..even though I've had sleepless night with the pain..but what about lifting things? I've read. It to do that?

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      I'd Imagine that, like any other issue that causes pain, taking it easy is probably the best course until you can see your Dr to get the expensive, professional opinion. That's my free, "You Don't Knwow Me Because I'm a Stranger On the Internet" advice.  

      Girlfriend, get thee down to your local Dollar Store and buy a digital thermometer. I had one, it just broke after like 10 years. I'd say for a buck, that was worth the ten years.

      Talking about your (handy, and I hope compassionate) boyfriend made me think of something : There's no chance you're carrying a sweet, adorable love child, is there? Don't answer me here, on a public forum...that would be creepy. But do make a mental note to talk about with Dr. about it if there is any possibility (of course, I'm assuming they've already ruled that out and they will for sure ask you anyway at your appointment in 2 weeks).

      TWO WEEKS of this joy? No fair. What do you take daily for slow release pain medication? Whatever you're taking, I'd hate to see you stop taking it and whatever pain you're treating with it gets a chance to get ahead of you and then it takes you longer to get it back under control. But, I do understand why you want to stop taking it to see how horrendous your ovaries can act (they're just moody like we can be!!).

      It's sort of ridiculous that you have to stop takin pain medication just so you can see how much pain your body wants to give you...

      I remember my first kidney stone. I was going to a BBQ and this really hot guy I knew was going to be there so I took a long shower and while washng my hair, I started feeling a back ache..but nothing was going to make me miss that BBQ and Mr Hot. I got out of shower, picked out my "gonna get the guy" outfit and felt terrible. I tried to ignore it. I dried my hair and I'm pretty sure I let out a gasp or tiny scream (I vividly remember doing this but I lived alone then so why was I being so quiet about it??). I applied my war paint (Make up) & felt worse. By the time I was working the hair straightener, I was doubled over but I STILL wasn't giving in to this pain. I drove my car and made it as far as a bank close to my house before I called a friend to pick me up and take me to the ER. I do remember when passing my stones, it felt better to stand, and push my hands down on the bed and just sort of swirl my back end. Probably didn't actually help the pain as much as it distracted me. Laying down was the worst. The BBQ guy turned out to be a jerk so all in all, I'd say I didn't miss much. 

      If your pain is keeping you awake or ever actually waking you up, you should probably be seen sooner than 2 weeks. The problem is, if this is just another cyst, I don't know that they can do much for you except to give you pain medication and if you're already on a pain med, they probably can't double you up on another one.

      I'm not dimishing your pain or judging it -- your 5 on the pain scale could be my 3 or someone else's 8. If you're at 10, go the ER. No one should have to suffer like that. And for your sake, I think you should be seen sooner if only to give you reassurance that this is a cyst and not something that needs immediate attention. All of your symptoms remind me so much of my own experiences with cysts. If that helps at all.

      You've already called your primary Dr and OB -- and you're calling again in the morning. That's all you can do, sister. But, do make sure the Nurse knows that your pain level is high and you're concnered about the bloating, feeling full after eating small amounts. Is this pain keeping you home from work? 

      I feel sympathy for you...and I'm sure you're going to get this sorted out with little difficulty. Once you're feeling better, you won't notice that it's getting gradually better until one day, you realize you're not snacking on Advil and laying down so much. 

      Other tips that may or may not be so useful for you:

      *I loved my heating pad when I was having cysts. I'm not sure it helped the pain as much as it was just soothing. My cat likes to crawl on my chest when I'm resting and I'd let him lay on my belly and purr when I had cyst pain. Felt great until he lost interest and ran away by springing his legs off my stomach at full speed for no good reason. 

      *I found that it helped me to get up and move around as opposed to laying down when I had fluid in the AB after a cyst. Something about how it kept the fluid from pooling or some other ridiculous theory. It helped me a LOT to move tho. Like my pain would go from a 7 to a 4 or even a 3. But as soon as I stopped to rest or lay down, the pain crept up again.

      Do you like your current Dr's? Feel comfortable that they take you seriously and they take your concerns/questions into consideration when working up a treatment plan? Sometimes I'll ask my Dr if X treatment would be applicable in my situation or if there's a reason we can't have another US. I've been very lucky with my Dr's that we work well together.  When you trust your provider, it can make all of the difference to reassure the patient that you're getting the best care, and that's so important!

      I'll keep you in my thoughts...if you feel comfortable sharing, please follow up here and let me know what your Dr's office said and how you get on with the US and appointment. 


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    Yes I do! Exactly in your situation! For now more than 3 months! Ct and ultrasound didn't show anything until three days ago when I went to the emergency room for chronic pelvic pain excruciating on the left side. Ultrasound indicated a enlarged ovary and a midsize and Endometrioma. My symptoms are like yours bloating not been able to eat and constant pelvic pain. Ranging from dull and Achy to sharp 24 hours seven days a week. I'm going to the gynecologist today, I'm going to ask for a laparoscopy because I want to rule out ovarian cancer. I am also on Keflex for her UTI and I don't have any strength left in my body I am laying in bed all the time because I feel so weak, I am 42 and never had a symptom of endometriosis apart from heavy periods with apart from heavy periods with clients clots. I am terrified is oc! My ca 125 was 19 but have been told that it's misleading. I am tired of living this way!

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    So sorry you're dealing with this awful pain! I recently had an overian cyst rupture and although I did not have numbing pain, I do know some describe a hot/burning sensation with numbness. I describe this type of pain as burning and when my cyst ruptured my pelvis immediately felt as though it filled with hot liquid, my pelvis started to tingle and the pain radiated down my thighs to the tops of my knees. My knees hurt very bad the next day as well and I kept getting electric type pains in the backs of my thighs. This happens because of the free fluid now in your pelvis from either a cyst or cyst rupture. The fluid pushes on nerves such as the sciatic nerve and causes pain in the thighs and knees. Some cysts can slowly leak and I was told that during ovulation when the follicle ruptures to release the egg, fluid releases as well. If you have a cyst this can cause even more discomfort during ovulation and has caused a great deal of discomfort for me (just a few days ago!) My cyst ruptured January 11th and yes, I am still getting intervals of pain. Doctors can't say when the pain will stop, or why it hurts so bad for some women and not others. Our bodies have to absorb the fluid back, and for some that can take months. Looks like I'm one of the lucky ones! [sad] This all started for me back in November 2016. I've been to the ER 4 times, getting discharged with "unknown abdominal pain" or IBS. My pain started right below my ribs on the right side so they thought it was my gallbladder or kidney stones. I've had a CT scan, HIDA scan, MRI, several outside ultrasounds (who knows why they wouldn't do a transvaginal!!), endoscopy and colonoscopy. The night my cyst ruptured was when I got the new symptom of the burning pain and pain in my legs. My doctor just the day before called to tell me my urinalysis results were still abnormal and my issue was vaginal. I looked up on google to see what was linked with pain in thighs and knees and ovarian cyst came up. I rushed back to the ER and got a transvaginal ultrasound and sure enough free fluid in my pelvis on both sides with follicles showing a possible rupture. To me it sounds like the cyst you had ruptured, and everyone has different levels of pain when it comes to cyst and ruptures, but from what I've read from many women that they almost always have that weird pain in their thighs! If possible you should get a transvaginal ultrasound to see if this is the case. I hope you're starting to feel better! This has been a real nightmare and I'm concerned doctors don't seem to understand women's reproductive health. We've been around for how long?!

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