Getting worse. What does this sound like? 6th week now.

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So i dont want to make this longer than it should be. Im 23 years old and type 1 diabetic so i now just with the diabetes alone that im at a risk for other health and autoimmune diseases.

Time before onset of symptoms: Bladder issue for a while, strange urge to pee and feeling of full bladder even if i dont need to pee. Hospital due to strange random pains in my left testicle. Tight and sore neck, always keep asking my partner to massage my neck and shoulders for last 2 weeks.

Onset night of 20th december: Woke up and both arms feelt "cut off", they were heavy, weak, noodle but still tight. I didnt know what it was, but i have feelt a similar experience for a few weeks about 3 years ago in my right arm, i always shugged it off.

Day later i got cramps in the forearms and hands.

Day after that, i stood up and my legs were like woodsticks yet noodle and weak. It was hard to walk and i felt woobly.

During the same night my left arm recovered, but my right arm has gotten a lot worse.

I started experience a cramp feeling in my thumb and index muscle and also my pinky and ring finger muscle, sometimes cramp and pain feeling in the whole hand. I was relaxing, yet feelt like someone else controlled and moved my finger around.

During that night (its been like 4 days now) i got severe pain in my whole right arm, a burning, stabbing, stinging pain that would come when i was in bed holding my phone, i looked and my arm and it looked normal, but hurt like hell, when i moved my arm, stood up and shook it eventually it went away but came back when i when back to resting. It was like this nonstop for 3 days.

After this my arm feels constant tight, squeezed, or more like heavy and soft. My hand and fingers and tight and painful, i cant use them very long before it hurts and it feels like im going to cramp.

And after this, like one week into my symptoms, i started having severe twitching muscles all over my body, nonstop, sometimes big twitches in one place that last for hours, sometimes thousand small twitches randomly, arms, back, throut, jaw, legs, feet, hands etc.

Days went and i went to hospital to start investigating. All blood tests came back normal for all vitamins, thyroid, and also negative lyme test.

One night, maybe 2-3 weeks from onset, i felt my feet got super cold, like ice, but it was not cold, just feelt like it, ive had same feeling on my bad arm. I knew something was coming, that night i started getting tightness and almost like cramps in my feet, mostly my right foot.

After, i started having weird feeling when i walked, like my feet were flat, my arch and heel hurt, my right foot felt (feels still) so tight, hurts to move my toes up and down and hurts to walk. It spread quickly up my calves and my right full leg, my right leg now is always tight and painful.

One night i had the feeling of same stinging, burning and painful sensation under my foot, shook it off and it was gone after an hour.

With all this some other weird things that has come up is. My stomach is so bad, i gotta run to the bathroom almost constantly with "yeah you know". I have headaches, i feel nasueas, i feel dizzy if i do things. I forget things, small things, like words that just cant seem to find.

I have throbbing pain pretty much all over my body, randomly, not always but it happens daily, throbbing, sharp, achy pain. Sometimes it feels like ants are biting me and sometimes it feels as ants are crawling on me.

I have started the last 4 days develop a phone vibration in my right leg, sometimes i have the same buzzing in my arm and hand but its constant in the leg. Sometimes it more rythmic vibration, sometimes its hard and painful squuezing vibrations, and sometimes it just feels electric.

I have started getting cold sensations in my face sometimes, numbness in the jaw and face, pain around the eyes, feels like my face muscles give out and my face falls down.

Its been going on now for 6 weeks, maybe bit more and i feel like im getting worse still. Now as im writing this, my right arm from the shoulder blade feels like its cut off from blood, it feels cold, heavy and tight, my leg is buzzing and humming and my foot is pre cramping.

So big symptoms:

  • Pain, achy, throbbing, sharp, mostly right side but everywhere.
  • Twitching muscles constantly, not just sometimes, but all the time, A lot.
  • Weakness in my arm and leg, feels like they do not belong to me, its worse when i try to rest or do repetetive movement.
  • Cold/hot sensations
  • Paresthesias, buzzing, vibration, tingling, crawling
  • Neck pain, right shoulder pain and weakness
  • Bowel issues
  • Cramps, tightness, stiffness
  • Insane reflexes, sensetivity to noice and vibrations and touch.
  • Insomnia and extreme fatigue.

This got really long, so big thank you if you read this. I have an MR booked to check for maybe MS, if thats negative i think we are doing EMG to look if it could be MND.

Im just curious if someone has something similar to share and if you have a diagnosis of something. The worst part is the waiting game i feel, and also the feeling that tomorrow my arm might not work (thats what i feels like). It has progressed so fast with now almost my whole body is involved in some way. Trying to relax and enjoy every day now, my mindset is if this is something serious, i dont want to remember my last time worring.

Much thanks, all answers are helpful. Erik

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