GFR too low for my age?

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I'm 19 years old and my GFR is 82. The test said anything above 50 is considered normal, but I looked it up and thats not what im seeing on other websites. It seems that for those between the ages of 20-29 your GFR is ideally 116ish, and GFRs of 80 should not be reached till your in your 60's. is mine so low for my age? Could some of my symptoms be related to this?

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    I had blood tests done because i get them done regularly for my other health problems- iron defficient anemia, B12 defficieny, and I have been having things like nausea, dizziness, and just overall poor health since I was young. These symptoms still bother me on a daily basis, so im always looking for any numbers that may be off to explain.

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    HI Addie

    It is a bit low, but you can increase it with a healthy diet, reducing alcohol intake as well. I'm 50 and mines is 72, which is regarded as a bit low. In Britain it is regarded as being fine unless your at 60, but this is wrong because if it gets to 60 you then have irreversible kidney disease.

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      Hi Gillian

      Not quite right, in UK they dont get excited until you reach an egfr of 30.

      Im 53 with an egfr of 41 and they are just monitoring me until I go below 30.

      My mum 73 has egfr of 15 and still monitoring her.

      It all comes down to quality of life and the cause of the declining kidney function.

      Most people wont have any symptoms until they go below 30.

      I dont have any symptoms at 41 and my mum just feels exhausted all the time at 15.

      So an egfr if 89 and 60 is good news unless it keeps falling rapidly.

      Jane x

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      Hi Jane

      I dont know what part of the U.K you are from, I'm from the West Coast of Scotland, I live in Ayrshire. After having some private tests done, it was revealed to me that a GFR of 72 was on the low side, hence, I made an appointment with my doctor. My result came back as 72, my doctor said, they would only take action if it were to drop to 60 or under. Anything under that is considered kidney damage! Check with chinese doctors, they know better than Western doctors.

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      Im from London, maybe different in Scotland, im under Nephrology team and my mum too.

      But they only monitor you before 30 egfr, and obviously treat any treatable conditons . After 30 its closer monitoring until dialysis or kidney transplant is necessary.

      They still dont know the cause of my ckd, and think my mum's is due to small kidneys. They are considering dialysis fir her but not just yet.

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      But 82 just seems low for someone in my situation- im 19 years old, not overweight at all (Im considered thin by most people) I eat a decent diet, am physically active and I do not smoke or drink at all, like ever. Do you know how I can reverse this? I do take a nearly excessive amount of Ibuprofen for intense menstrural cramps for years, could this be damaging my kidneys? I need the medicine to function when im on my period however. I have read that NSAIDS can damage kidneys

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      Hi Addie

      Well firstly stop taking nsaids, the ibuprofen / nurofen could be danaging your kidney function. By stopping them they should recover.

      EGFR of 82 means 82% of your kidneys are functioning at the moment lots of things can affect the result, if you have eaten protein or meat before a blood test it can give a wrong reading.

      Most people can quite happily function on an EGFR of 30 = 30%.

      I would get another test to see if your EGFR has changed either gone down or gone up. If it has gone down again you will need to keep monitoring it, if it has gone back to ' normal ' then all good x

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      Hi Jane

      It is low for your age. There is a herb called Quebra Pedra, this is also referred to as "stone breaker" because of its success in breaking down kidney stones, gall bladder stones etc. It is purported to be excellent for improving kidney function, gall bladder function and urinary tract. you can buy this on amazon.

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      hi. i just want to check if it is really possible to increase your efgr? like how much?

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    My GFR is low for my age too so I am very worried about it as well. I had to get a few blood tests last year because I have high cholesterol and fatty liver disease. I get the blood tests done to make sure my fatty liver disease and high cholesterol aren't getting worse. So when I got the blood tests done I noticed that my GFR was 88 and then it went down to 79 when i had the second blood test done 6 months later. So I am worried about getting kidney disease too. I am on a diet and exercising though so hopefully that will help. A diet and exercising might help you too. I'm not sure about you but I am overweight so I am needing to lose weight. I read online that losing weight can help a persons kidney function to not get worse if they are overweight. So i am trying hard to lose weight.

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    hi just want to check with you since i am experiencing the same now. i was told my efgr was too low for my age. did you have your rechecked? did your numbers improve?

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      hi Chris, hope you are well. what was your GFR? and how old are you? im kind of on a similar situation as you, im 30 and noticed my GFR is lower than expected range for my age. have you done any further checks since, if so what were the results? do provide an update please.

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    i am trying to raise my gfr too but i have traces of protein in my urine been excersising and dieting as need to.loose s few pounds but would be interested if anyone has managed to get a higher number through diet and excercise or any thing that helps .

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