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Kidney Problems

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  • ricky86194 2
  • jen35073 1

    IGA nephrology

    Hi, My 5 year old daughter was just diagnosed after a kidney biopsy with IGA nephrology. Doctors say it is on low spectrum at this time. Just wondering if any one else out there is facing this and if so have you been told to do anything special? At this point I have been told nothing that we can really...

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  • Tigger22 1

    Left sided groin pain

    Last week I had right sided pyelonephritis and now this evening I am experiencing lower left sided groin pain. Am I right in thinking they could be related?

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  • sam30749 1

    Dialysis- in home or hospital? Why?

    Hi there,  I'm interested in learning about people's thoughts/experiences when choosing whether to have dialysis treatments done in-home, in a center/hospital.  What sort of things did you consider before making that choice? Was it because of ineligibility? Doctor recommendation? 

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  • scottj15 1

    Severe Upper Abdominal Pain related to kidneys?

    Hi all, I'm 25 and have ADPKD which I have been aware of for some years now. I have yearly checkups and at my most recent had a healthy eGFR of 87. It has always been around the 80-90 mark. It has never really impacted me at all however yesterday, right at the end of a cycle ride I had the most sever...

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  • stefxgx 2
  • Roger2Dodger 3

    elevated creatnine level

    My creatinine level for the past year has elevated to 2.39........Doctor sent me for ultra sound of my kidneys. A complex cyst was present. But that cyst has been present even when my creatinine was normal. Should I be concerned with a Creatinine level at 2.39?

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  • james40298 2

    Kidney/flank pain for 6 weeks with no diagnosis

    Hi there..i started having bilateral kidney/flank pain 6 weeks ago. Since then, i have noticed a correlation alongside a bloating/ache underneath my rib cage(front) on both sides. I have no issues in urinating and have had various tests done. 2 urine dipstick tests show no blood and no stones in the...

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  • ian8962 2

    bone marrow biopsy

    had bone marrow biopsy yesterday  hope i never have to have it again pain was horrific  worst ive ever experienced never swore so much  thought i was gonna pass out  got heart scan next week and waiting for appointment for full skeletal xray then back to see heamatologist and neph on the 6th

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  • ian8962 2


    just an update since my last post  had first appointment with heamatologist this afteroon  got to go back tommorrow and have a bone marrow biopsy done  dreading it  everything ive read says it really hurts  next week ive got full skeletal xray and heart scan  ande then on the 6th backn to see heamatologist...

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  • katie31815 2

    Back pain with suspected UTI

    Okay so my symptoms might be abit petty but I have really bad health anxiety and want to check with people other than doctors who don't seem to give one about my problems So I was recently diagnosed with a UTI (3 days ago) due to leukocytes and abit of blood found on urinalysis. Had antibiotics and...

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  • jamie85887 2

    Possible kidney disease?

    Would more show up in my kidney tests other than a potassium level of 5.1 if I had kidney disease or kidney failure? When I got my bloods taken the nurse had trouble getting a vein and then when she took the needle out I was bleeding quite bad and she said it would bruise, if that affects the result...

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  • mary96817 2

    its arrived

    I just wanted to let anyone know that may be feeling disheartenedat the rate of their progress Im one of the slow starters in recovery 14 weeks since TKR  I have been keeping a log since my TKR for reference when I have my other knee replacement and on my down days when the tears were flowing and in...

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  • robert29203 2

    Kidney problems?

    Hi I have been having frequent urgency especially when drinking fluids water is worse , I have been having lower back pain and recently woke up with weird rash on my back had a blood test inER room and ultra sound they said everything looked normal

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  • chris20500 1

    Foamy urine

    Hello, I am a 19 year old male. Just few days ago I have noticed that I have foam in my urine. I never really paid attention to it, I found out it could mean something big when I accidently read somewhere that it is a sign of kidney problems. I'm planing to go to a doctor tomorrow about it, but my mind...

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  • robert29203 2

    Kidney disease symptoms maybe ?

    I am 22 years old recently I have been having frequent urination and urgency especially right after drinking fluids, my urine is really pale yellow all the time now even when I don't drink that much water & also lower back has been having a dull achy pain , I have never had problems with urination in...

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  • ryan007 2

    Anyone with Cross fused renal ectopia?

    Does any have cross fused renal ectopia or know anyone who does?  I have it, and seem to have increased reds, hct, hgb and epo - BUT all of the flow to the kidneys are good... Just curious if the structure of them being this way could be the cause for that...?

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  • Dardwizzle 1

    First time kidney stones need some advice

    I was recently diagnosed with a Kidney Stone which was lodged in my ureter. The stone had been in the lower pole for around a year and the Drs said it was very small and not causing any issues. However I'm guessing it didn't want to stay where it was and grew larger 1 cm x 1 cm and got stuck. They performed...

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  • Meadowblue 2

    Oral antibiotics don't work on me. Uti & kidney infection.

    For the last 3 years I've been struggling with chronic uti that always turns into kidney infection. My urologist just keeps trying new oral antibiotics & they don't work. Sometimes I will be on 8 different oral antibiotics in a row with multiple visits to the ER for severe nausea & flank pain. I've now...

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  • anna65476 3

    Can kidney function improve

    Hi, I've been told to stop taking ibuprofen because it's affecting my kidney function. Once off them, will my kidney function improve. Thanks! Anna

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  • Roger2Dodger 3

    Elevated Creatinine e

    My recent blood test for my kidneys revealed my Creatinine level has gone up from a very normal level to 1.53 . My Doctor sent me for an Ultra Sound and no obstruction was indicated. Should I be concerned with a Creatinine of this level?

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  • ian8962 2

    biopsy results

    hi all got results from biopsy yesterday  devastating news   apparently ive got a disease called amyloidosis  which is not a kidney disease its a very rare condition  where the protein amoloid folds itself abnormally and then clump together and then go to different organs and body parts causing damage...

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  • ian8962 2


    hi all need some help if possible please  been contacted today by a dietician on the request of my neph  been told my potassium is high and that i have to go onto a low pottassium diet she has sent me a book saying what and what not to eat  and portion sizes  ie 4 egg sized potatoes a day 2 tablespoons...

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  • ian8962 2


    hi all anyone any ideas for a low pottassium low salt and low saturated sauce for pasta/noodles with no tomatoes  thanks

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  • hadel52668 1

    Horseshoe kidney with PJU obstruction

    This was diagnosed 2.5 years ago. Lots of pains.. tests.. infections and stone removal. Stent fitted then removed as body appears to reject them ( agony) Had a MAG 3 done Thursday last week. Radiographer did one of the scans 3 times. He told me I had a shadow in kidney. I saw consultants Reg 2 hours...

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  • Josh301196 2

    These current symptoms and tests

    Hi all Recently I've had a sudden change in my kidney habits. I've had protein in my urine for about 2 months now then recently I've had a lot of blood in my urine and blood tests have shown I also and anemic. My symptoms are - hand and ankles swelling and puffing around my eyes -sudden urge to...

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  • ian8962 2


    hi all well had biopsy yesterday  tbh wasnt a pleasent experiance  3 samples were taken  sounds like a giant staple gun going off when they take them  the first one hurt a bit 6 out of ten but then he gave me more anasthetic and then felt nothing for the last two  lying flat 4 hrs after then sitting...

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  • shauna03743 2

    Unable to get fistula

    Has anyone (personally or know someone) who couldn't get an access for dialysis because their arm was too scarred or had been blown out too many times. My mom has bad veins and fears she can't get an access in her arm (they don't want to do chest or stomach because she has edema (swelling) real bad in...

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  • ian8962 2


    can anybody help  im at stage 3 or at least i was a month ago back to see neph on thursday  bad itching last night on legs kept waking me up wondering if its the phosphates to high and what to do about it is there any thing i can use to stop itching does anybody know how`much phospherous is in 100ml...

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  • ian8962 2


    well got the letter this morning that i was dreading biopsy getting done 10am  on monday but getting admitted to hospital on the sunday afternoon/evening this is because the neph knows im worried and wants bp monitored  dont know if i still have to take the diazapan on mon morning now, hoping all goes...

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  • becky80409 2

    Kidney pain and blood in urine

    3 weeks ago my GP sent me to hospital as she suspected I had a kidney stone as well as an infection, I had a CT scan and a cystoscopy but they couldn't find anything so they assumed I passed the stone, 3 weeks on I still have kidney pin on left side and visable blood in my urine, I have had 2 weeks of...

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  • ian8962 2

    gfr and breath

    hi all just an update been to docs today as been short of breath for about 4 weeks now been worse this week blood pressure still sky high 174/80  and thats with taking 20mg per day amoldipine and ramipril  10 of each dr wasent happy with this and rang my neph and now ive got a third tablet bisoprolol...

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  • steph2539 2

    Kidney issues for past 10weeks

    Hi All, hoping someone can help?!? I'm 26yo from the uk. I've been experiencing right flank pain for the last 10weeks the pain is excruciating and has stopped me from working etc. I tried to sort it myself before bothering the doctor but just over a month I was admitted to the hospital for investigation...

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  • TCake 4

    Puffy eyes!

    For the past four days I have woken throughout the night feeling quite ill - sickly, shakey, needing to pee.  And my eyes are puffy when I wake and the puffiness remains throughout the day - so my eyelids look like they are sagging over my eyes constantly!  I have lost my appetite too and seem to feel...

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  • marie13049 3

    CT scan shows a small angiomyolipoma

    The ultrasound and ct picked the above according to ultrasound it 18mm. Had a cystoscopy to day and discussed it the doctor said no intervention necessary as it will not grow as I am menopausal.  My older sister had one at 6 cms she had to have embolization and it is now 4 cms but she gets her monitor...

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