Is this all because of bleeding renal cyst?

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At the end of April while I was watching TV I started to feel this dull pain in the right lower side of abdomen. Pain wasn't severe, I took ibuprofen and went to sleep thinking it will be gone by morning. Boy was I wrong. At first I thought it was a mild inflamation of appendix, so few days later I went to the E.R. They took my blood which showed just a bit higher count of leucocytes and had a bit of a temperature. Doctor did some pressing on abdomen and told me it's not appendicitis. He sent me to gynecology and doctor there performed a whole examination with ultrasound and couldn't find anything abnormal. For just in case they took my blood for ovarian tumor markers just to rule that out. Also had to give urine sample to rule out any pregnancy and then they found blood in my urine. I don't understand how that wasn't an alarm for them as they sent me home with mittelschmerz and told me to come back in couple of days to get those results for tumor markers. Luckily they were all negative and another doctor performed a whole exam with ultrasound again and told me everything looks great and adviced me for a follow up with my gynecologist in a month. I knew that wasn't mittelschmerz since the pain was persistent all the time but only when I was walking. Whenever I was sitting or laying I didn't feel any pain. It's still the same now after 2 months. I can feel the pain if I'm standing/walking or weirdly sitting (like knees to my ching or smth like that), when I'm laying or sitting with streched legs pain is gone. Also I haven't been vomiting, I go to the toilet normally as usual, I have normal appetite. Few days later when pain was still present I went back to the E.R. They performed a very half hearted abdominal ultrasound and told me pain is most likely caused by minor liquid in pouch of Douglas which I learnt later that happens everytime after ovulation. I knew deep inside that wasn't the cause of my problems. Again they took my blood and had to give urine sample and the results were the same as first time I was there. They gave me a painkiller and waited if it would help despite me telling them nothing I took to ease on the pain helped before. And she was quite surprised when I told her that "magic" pill she gave me, didn't help. She sent me home with some prescription painkillers which of course didn't help at all so I stopped taking them after a couple of days. Few days later I went to get a proper abdominal ultrasound at private clinic and they found 1,3 cm cyst on my right kidney (other organs were fine). Radiologist said that cyst most likely was bleeding at some point or got inflamed and that pain will go away, said I needed to monitor the cyst and told me to see him again in 3 months. It's more than a month later now and the pain is still here, every day. It's not a severe pain, but it is constant (except like I said when laying down and sitting with streched legs), it is annoying as It's effecting my eveyday life. I went to see urologist at private clinic, which I had a feeling he wasn't really taking me seriously. Told me he agrees with radiologist and that cyst (esp. this small) really shouldn't be causing any problems. And told me to keep taking painkillers (which I told him they weren't working). I was so frustrated, I came back with absolutely no answers. Pain eventually spread to my back as well (burning sensation) and flank pain. In a week or two I will be doing urography CT and hopefully something will come up there. I'm 32 years old, excercise regularly, so far don't have any major health issues except for this. It is so frustrating as I want some answers. Is this really all because of bleeding renal cyst. I can't find any information online on duration of pain, how to treat it, etc. I think it's interesting that I can only feel the pain while i'm standing or walking. Is it possible that this small cyst is pressing on other organs and that causes pain? Has anyone had any similar experience, esp. with bleeding renal cyst?

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    I have polysystic kidneys. Multiple cysts and had an eposide a year ago...I had blood in urine and pain for a week or so and it went away should talk to a neprologist. And get your kidney function tested.

    Hope it helps

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    just wondering what your outcome was of your kidney cyst? i took bad pain in my left side under my rib and have been having urinary symptoms. they done an ultrasound of the urinary tract and found a 6cm cyst on my left kidney. pain and uncomfortableness continues after 3 months. bloods are normal. have been to a&e twice and no one seems to know what is causing the pain.


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    Hello Tasha,

    Did you ever find out what was causing the pain? I seem to have the exact same type of dull, uncomfortable pain. Mine has been present for a few years and no one seems to tell me anything other than I have a cyst on my kidney. It seems that is not considered alarming in any way to the doctors.

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