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Tomorrow I'm seeing my diabetic nurse and I have had enough now on controlling it gonna stop taking all my meds just had enough and I am going to tell her that.

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    Hello Catherine. I know it's hard to live with diabetes. The emotions and the strugles that happen everyday. The important thing is to keep your chin up and not give up, there are many times where we just want give up, leave everything behind, that it just becomes too much for one single peroson to handle. It does seem like the easy thing to do but easy is not always the best choice or even the right one.

    Medication is frustrating but it is somthing to keep us going. The advice I give to you is to find support like you have here, telling people what is bothering youso they can help, finding people that are in you situation so with each other you are able to give and gain support. Diabetes is solvable.

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    I must agree with you thats the way I feel as well especially

    as I've just been told that my kidneys are on the blink which means more pills for the rest of my life.

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      Please advise how to protect our kidneys. My Mum has Diabetes Type 2 and she has been told her kidneys are not in perfect health. Can you provide diet advise first. Thanks.

      Kind wishes



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      The only thing that I can add is take in more water, obviously avoid alcohol.

      But your doctor should be on top of this.

      I am now like blodwyn, but have to live on 21 tablets per day for one thing or another.

      So do take care and avoid the "I'll be alright trap" as it never works.

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    Hi Catherine,I'm a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic.I tried for some years to stay free of diabetes as I had 3 sisters with the condition.Unfortunately I was put on steroids for PMR and 2 months later was diabetic with a glucose reading of 26.

    I was losing my eyesight( which is how I realised something was wrong)

    I now take about 14 tablets a day.I know it's hard to live with but what's the alternative.

    I panicked when I realised how ill I was because one of my younger sisters had died suddenly 3 years ago through not taking her medication for her diabetes.

    I'm not suggesting that this may happen to you because she was also an alcoholic hence her not looking after herself properly and not taking her medication for several months.

    Please speak to your diabetic nurse as soon as you can.Is there a diabetic support group in your area?.

    When I mentioned my diabetes to people I know I was amazed at how many of them also had diabetes and I had no idea.They seemed to be getting on with their lives quite well as are my other sisters.

    Ithink you need to gain as much support as you can from other suffers.I'm sure it would help.

    Good Luck. 

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    It's a bit of a shock when you're told you are a diabetic, I accepted it and got on with my life. Thank God for meds. to help control it. As least I'm not on insulin. And after hearing of a close relative this week whose lungs are 65% diseased with COPD (never smoked ever) and 10 years younger than me, I feel pretty darn lucky. I've always been an optimstic individual, attitude is everything. Don't know what meds. you are on or where you are in life, so can't comment. Everyone handles this news differently, no point in panicking. My best to you. Norma
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      I do agree with you but when u go to the gp and told that there is something else wrong with u it does get a bit much.

      I am classified as severely dissabled then getting 3 types of atheritis carpol tunnel on left hand type 2 

      Eye problems through t2 then a yr later being told ur kidneys r leeking its got to make a person think whats coming next yes I am very grateful that I still have the use of both legs at the moment.

      I have two lovely jack russles that keep me going

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    you didn't say if you're type 1 or 2

    I myself am type 2 and have been for just over a yr

    in the past 3 yrs I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, carpol tunnel syndrome, 

    T2, eye problems because of t2 now kidney problems.

    I now have to take 14 happy pills per day I am changing my doctors for every time I go to the surgery I get bad news.

    yes I am scared for I dont know what to expect 

    I keep going because I have 2 lovely little girls 8 & 4 (jack russle dogs) and these are the reason I dont jump from the nearby motorway bridge. Believe me when I say when you wake up it a lovely day I respective of the weather.

    as the saying goes take it one day at a time

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    But why are you saying this, what's made you feel so negative ?
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      You can't give up you have so much to live for I'm sure

      ive just been diagnosed as pre diabetic I don't need to take meds and have just been told to watch my diet, my bmi is 27 I'm not overweight by more than about 5lb I eat a healthy diet so I was shocked and scared as I don't know what to do , had I been overweight and ate an unhealthy diet I would change my lifestyle but I just don't kmow 

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      Hi Catherine,

      As you probably know,diabetes is not the really the end of the world but you are obviously finding things difficult to deal with at the moment.

      Perhaps you are suffering from depression and anxiety.I have had this a few times now and initially tried to get over it by myself but I've learned to seek help.The days of addictive and dependancy drugs to treat depression are in the past so you have little to fear.

      If possible,take someone close with you to your GP.

      I hope you feel much better soon.   

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      Hi, I'm new here and am not diabetic but thought I'd chime in. I do know people who are diabetic and also someone that was diabetic but no longer is. The thing is doctors and others teach you how to live with diabetes, not how to prevent/reverse it.

      Changing your diet (as you have quite rightly said), is an important step in preventing diabetes in your case. There are other things like alpha-lipoic-acid, cinnamon, chromium etc that can all help with diabetes without the multitude of side effects that you get from drugs.

      Research the above on Google and you'll see what I mean. One other thing, the person I referred to above got her information from a site called diabetes annihilation (try Googling it).

      I'll quote something here that may help/inspire you:

      "It's too easy to just accept that this is the way it will always be.  What all of this has in common is that the mindset you're being taught is geared toward making sure you understand how you can live with it rather than how you can fight it.

      Instead of loading yourself down with information on accepting and living with diabetes or allowing others to tell you that you have to live with it - look at the alternative - reversing diabetes.

      Take back control of your health. It's easier to do than you might think. Reader's Digest had an article online dated November 2012 that talked about some guidelines the American Diabetes Association was giving new patients.

      Instead of automatically going on medication for diabetes after a diagnosis, the ADA suggested trying some lifestyle changes first. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the results debunk the myth that once you have diabetes, you'll always have it.

      Using lifestyle changes, participants monitored in one of the groups were said to be in diabetes remission. Their glucose levels were within normal range without the need for any medication."

      I hope that helps.



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