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Hi guys . Just checking in quickly to let you know it's day 4 of taking Nalmefene . Well, I say day 4 but I've decided not to take a tablet tonight . Must say , the side effects have been completely terrible . I've been advised to push on through as eventually these will go , but after doing some further research I've found that this may not be the case and to be honest I don't think I can take anymore . This is the first time since Monday eve that I have started feeling like a human being again. How good I feel . The thought of a drink now also turns my stomach . I've had tummy cramps, leg cramps, weird detached dizzy feelings , very low mood, three nights of waking up throughout the night . The low mood could well be due to lack of sleep of course. The most scary side effect was almost like an entire first night where my head felt so full of thoughts and info that it was physically going to explode and my eyeballs pop out !! I've never experienced taking drugs but I can imagine this would be like tripping out ! Luckily through my past experience of meditation I think I was more able to push unwanted thoughts away telling myself this was my brain transforming , turning around and although some thoughts were useful and infact mindblowing , some were not ! . However , now I'm feeling myself again I am able to reflect and have come to the conclusion that this could have been a terrifying experience for someone . I was indeed very scared during some of this . 

?I now have the decision to make tomorrow to whether I carry on with Nalmefene , stop completely or try and swap to Naltrexone . 

?At this minute in time my thoughts are saying ,

Do I need something in my body that is so powerful it makes me react in such a bad way

Even if my body adjusts I'm not sure I want it to ?

My natural reaction now is  If my body is made to feel so weak and terrible then surely that's rejecting what I'm feeding it ? Whether it gets used to it or not 

?I'm going to the centre tomorrow to have a chat but my thoughts at this time are saying that I must trust myself to work a little harder with my meditation , get myself healthy and in a good place again before I make any next choices. This is not an excuse to not push myself through , it's purely going with my gut and whats right for my body . 

?I don't want to put anyone off by what I've said if there is anyone new here thinking of trying Nalmefene but what I will say is please please be prepared that the side effects could be worse that you may be expecting . A little feeling icky, dizzy , detached etc to begin with is understanding , but for me , this was completely terrible ! It would be interesting what percentage of people really experience them as badly as I did 

?By the way , I followed the instructions perfectly but taking the pill and hour before etc . The first night I felt so bad I only drank 6 sips, the second a glass , the third a glass and a half . I could have drank more but decided not to , which is good , but will never make up for the feelings I had through the night ! 

Tonight I've not had any drink and feel fresh and clear 

?During the first night I did have an image in my head of a big screwdriver coming up to my head , unscrewing four screws and fixing my brain !! I said to myself , ahhh , the process has started , twisting everything around already . Sounds very wacky but that was just one of the flashes I got amongst many , so there you go , maybe I'm fixed already .

Anyway, if you are still reading thank you and if you have any experience or thoughts please let me know 

Many thanks ,Rainbow xx

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    All the research I've read says that Naltrexone can have much lighter side effects.

    ?In my case, almost none, though I have noticed my dreams have started to become quite long and plot focussed. Even, at times, having proper endings.

    ?Sounds a lot easier than what you are going through!

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    Yeah, see if you can get the Naltrexone. There's no problem with starting on a half or even 1/4 dose of that, then bringing it up to a full dose when you can. 

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    I too tried nalmefene and had the same experience,i was also violently sick.What really put me off was even if I pushed through and got over the side effects what happens later on when you only drunk occasionally? Say you don’t drink for 3 months then go to a wedding and want to have a drink,you take the pill but because you Havnt taken it for so long you get the side effects all over again.

    Naltrexone is such a better drug.

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    Hi rainbow

    So sorry you have been through all this and well done for persevering! Yes, my OH who is doing very well on TSM had similar problems on Nalfemene. So much better on Naltrexone.

    If your liver is ok, swap over to Naltrexone



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    Oh dear! What suffering you are going through! Unreal. Not worth drinking again ever as you indicate. My thoughts aged with you. Robin

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    It makes me totally enraged that the medical profession in this country make it so much easier to get Nalmefene than Naltrexone.  Setting people up to fail, then they show total disinterest in finding out about TSM.  My daughter has been through this..gave up on the Nalmefene but is making progress with the naltrexone, albeit slow progress.
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    Thanks to you all for the support . I'm pushing on through. Took half of the nalmefene last night , had two glasses of wine over three and a half hours leaving half the bottle which is amazing . What a difference half the pill made, plus it was day 5 but considering I'm only 5 ft 1 and 9 stone I'm quite a little person so it makes sense to make a half dose pill ? I felt relaxed but very in control. I meditated before bed and slept much better. I'm now pushing forward to get the Naltrexone. There is no way I'm giving up the fight . I'm off to the gym later then a swim to feel all of those good endorphins coming through . That's how much better I feel . Have a good day all xx

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      Glad to hear this.  Well done indeed.  I will email you back the guidelines for naltrexone (forgot to do it after our conversation last night) and you can take that with you to any appointments as you did the ones for nalmefene.  Fingers crossed.

      I am glad the half nalmefene proved less problematic.  Maybe it will help you adjust anyway, should they absolutely not agree to prescribe naltrexone until you have reduced your drinking to zero.  It isn't supposed to be broken as I mentioned, so perhaps after another half you could try the full pill again and see if things are okay then.  You might be used to it by then and so you could continue onwards regardless.


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      Thanks again Joanna . Yes, I've received that and have mailed you back 

      Take care x

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      Great plan. Gym and swimming. I swim one hour every Sunday and feel better. Breast stroke and slowly!! My twins swim Saturday.

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