Glans discoloration - urethra irritation - no stds

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Hey All,

I've been experiencing some issues for over a year now.

In the Spring of 2015 I had unprotected sex with a girl (who tested clean). I woke up the next morning to an irritated urethra.

My irritation is not horrible, just an annoyance that comes and goes throughout the day, however, it seems that there is always a little excess dripple left when I urinate. My glans often feels cold and my libido is generally low. In addition to the irritation have slight glans discoloration (splotchy, white patches on my glans). Sometimes I see them, sometimes I dont. I think this discoloration my have be due to me applying pressure to my glans over time looking for something wrong to show my urologist (but not sure)? Also, my meatus looks slightly red (don't know if it's always been like that just didnt notice it beforehand).

I have been tested multiple times for all stds, which have repeatedly come back

negative. I got a CT scan of my upper tract which came back negative, as well as a cystoscopy, which my results came back negative and healthy. Over the course of these tests I have been on antibiotics/fungal to treat NGU, trich, yeast (not related sinus infection). All which have not seemed to remedy my symptoms.

Back this past year I rented a home in which black mold was rampant. I feel that my course of antibiotics may have lowed my immune system and allowed for an over growth of candida in my body, which may be causing my symptoms.

I started taking vital guard supreme daily to kill the overpopulated candida in my body. However does anyone recommend a cream to alleviate my discoloration/irritation? Aforementioned, I have taken diflucan before, but wonder if I should try to get on it again now that I am not exposed to a moldy environment.

All my docs say im fine, that it may all be in my head. However, I can't follow suit, something still feels off and I want move on from this issue I've been dealing with. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have been having urethra irritation for over 8 months now, but fortunately it's almost finished now. Have you tried hydrocortisone 1%+miconazole 2% cream? 

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      Interesting, thanks for the reply. Is this cream something you can get OTC or do you need a prescription? Is it safe to use directly on the glans? What happens if some gets into the urethra?
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    btw is interesting that you talk about dribbling of urine and urethra irritation. These are exactly my symptoms. The irritation is much much worst after urinating. Actually I have a pretty big bladder, so I can go a lot without urinating. When I wait for 5/6 hours I actually feel the irritation going down, but then I go urinating and my glans get all irritated again and it lasts for HOURS.

    I have been through a lot, like you. During the first months this problem was extremely upsetting, and I had very hard time keep going with my life while having this annoyance.

    After many, many antibiotics that didn't work, the problem seemed to be settling down on its own. At the first months, the annoyance level was at around 7 or 8 to 10. After 4 months this went finally down to 5, which was "vivible but still looking for a solution", with of course random spiking at 7 or 8. Now and during the last month the annoyance went down to 1. I thought I was never going to get rid of it, but apparently I am.

    What I did recently?

    I took 1 month of Cipro which, however, didn't change anything while I was taking it (no side effects). I then took 20 days of erythromycine, which also didn't seem to make any effect. This caused some stomach pain, but that's it. While I was taking the erythromycine, I started the hydrocortisone cream. This, incredibly, really seemed to make a difference. Adviced by my doctor, I also started using a mixture of hydrocortisone and miconazole (an antifungal). I am not sure if the hydrocortisone is doing is magic or is the combination of both. I already tried canesten creams for around a month in the past without no effect. However, maybe now that my irritation went down, the antifungal has an effect. I am honestly not sure.

    Another thing that I notice is specifically related to the dribbling. After I pee, I used to put some toilet paper in my underware to prevent any stain on my trouser. I have been doing this for years, as I had some very mild dribbling before this problem started, and I did this even more since this problem. I think that the toilet paper may increase the irritation: if the urina is infected (with bacteria? Fungi? I don't know) than when it's capture by the toilet paper is going to stay in contact with the urethra, and this is not good. What I do now: after urinating I wash my glans with warm water (I bring a bottle in the office toilet). After that I carefully dry with toilet paper, and apply the hydrocort+miconaz cream. I notice that in this way the dribbling is almost non existent, and I don't need to put toilet paper.  The dribbling automatically reduced when the irritation subsided. 

    Anyway, once that I have solved this problem FOR SURE I am going to write a big post somewhere explaining EVERYTHING I have done and discovered during this terrible illness. This is extremely distressful. If you need to talk about it feel free to reply to this post or to contact me privately.

    You can solve it man!

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      I have addiontally found an annoyance directly after peeing, and like you, I started wiping my glans with toilet paper to dry it off. I stopped this a couple days ago, and it has significantly caused less irritation. Thanks for the above reply, didnt realize it was you both times. 
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      Hello. I have some update for you. Please keep me updated so we can help each other.

      I used daktacorn or aroudn 3 weeks. I am not sure if you can take it over the counter, but you can suggest it to the GP so he can prescribe it. It's pretty common for glans irritation.

      However, I would NOT suggest you to use for so long. Recently I had problem with the cream and I had to stop it. My glans became even more irritated, thick and dry. I got very scared. I put some moisturizing cream on top and after a couple of days the skin went back to normal. But now I am not using any cream anymore, and my previous annoyance went back. I honestly don't know. 

      Tomorrow I am going to ask for a dermatological visit. 

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    Hi I have same problem do you have picture.
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