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I've been through extreme anxiety last 3 months mostly surrounding my own health after a neck injury which affected my arms. Anyway last Sunday I woke up with a clicking on the right hand side of my Adam's apple whenever I swallowed. My glands swelled up on the same day and felt like I was coming down with something but it never materialised to much and the glands went down. I dont know if the clicking is related but since it has developed in to indigestion / GERD with constant burping etc. and feeling like something is in my throat. The clicking started first and I think the constant swallowing has caused the GERD. My right hand side feels tight from my jaw to my chest / shoulder as in the muscles are tight. I'm not sure if it is all related to my neck injury and stuff. Has anyone had this clicking first? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I had bloods done last week. I suffer with anxiety and know this could be related. I dont really have a cough or sore throat or anything like that I have a bit of phlegm sometimes but nothing too severe. This is just weird and getting me down. I've had indigestion problems before and had an endoscopy 5 years ago which was clear. I'm 32 male and non smoker.

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    Hi Adam,

    Not sure how to link to a post but Ive talked about the clicking a few times on here - not many Ive come across have experienced it. First and foremost the good news is mine went away. I had it for a long time during the worst period of my globus. From the research I did it wasnt covered much but I did find someone describe it and claimed it came from over swallowing. Which made sense to me at the time as I was constantly swallowing as I always felt I had something in my throat (globus). I swallowed non stop hoping my throat would magically clear up. Which of course it never did. The clicking was really debilitating for me as it made me even more aware of my throat - all day. The article I read said it was cartilage Im sure, and from what I remember its to do with basically having strained your throat. Cant remember the exact details. But it did go away! As did the globus after years of researching and mindfulness type exercises.

    My issues all started with my endoscopy (was in for a different reason) and I too like most of us on here have bad reflux (silent at night), anxiety etc. Apparently the nurse was rough though and caused 'trauma' to my oesophagus. But Ive typed about my experience many times so Im sure people are sick of hearing it but just wanted to let you know it can go away! Obviously see what the doctor says, they'll clearly no more than me but Im just speaking from personal experience.

    Best of luck, stay positive!


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      thanks for your response Mike much appreciated. I have had 2 neck injuries in the last 3 months from sports injuries to whiplash and have poor posture especially at work in general but recently my neck has been feeling better in general but because my neck was taking so long to get better I've had some of the worst anxiety I've experienced recently. I was doing lots of stretching exercises for my neck and wonder if this has contributed to it. I came across something today where a lady said she did certain exercises for her globus sensation which was mostly stretching by leaning the head back. Funnily enough this brings on the clicking sensation whilst my head is pulled back and it has helped it feel better in general. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow anyway so will definitely mention it. its just weird how it seemed to come up over night.

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      Funnily enough in another of my posts I talk about the 'kiss the sky' exercise as well. It gave me short term relief. Saying that I dont really have any symptoms any more so maybe it worked better than I giving it credit for. I virtually have no episodes anymore. There are videos on youtube about it. Best of luck tomorrow. If its not too personal Im interested to hear what they say. Might help someone else further down the line.

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      Hi Mike.

      Had my doctors appointment today and the doctor said give it a few weeks and see if it subsides, it is probably caused by stress which I tend to agree with. She checked ears and throat with her aids but obviously this isn't as sure as a camera but she said it was all clear.

      My bloodwork was fine.

      I'm going to try and relax for a couple of weeks and see if this subsides.


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      Im glad to hear your blood work was fine. So this was a big turning point for me, mentally allow it to be the same for you! I spent $4k on test whilst visiting a specialist in the states (I dont have healthcare there) to be told basically nothing was wrong with me and I had the clear for throat cancer etc. Once you realise you are ok you have to let your mind heal. Relax and remember it cant do anything to you. Once I learned to 'ignore' it, it magically became less and less intrusive in my life. Now its not the first thing I think about every morning - in fact I barely think about it at all.

      Glad to hear you got some good news today - enjoy it and try to move on the best you can. It will get better!

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      Thanks Mike.

      if it doesn't subside then I may have to have the throat scope I suppose but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that and it subsides.

      I do notice my neck muscles at the front are tight and stressed. If I could relax these I'm sure it would make a difference. It doesn't kind of feel tight going up to my ear as well but she checked my ears and said they were fine.

      I've also noticed the clicking worse in the morning and when dehydrated. It is strange.

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