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Globus Sensation

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  • kyleishash1 2

    Feels like something is stuck in my throat

    Okay, so.... I've been getting this feeling like something is stuck in my throat and it's really irritating. I don't know what it is. I can swallow properly and my body feels good but i've been gettin' that feeling where i feel like something is stuck in ther and i'm really scared i don't know if it's...

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  • The Globus Kid 3

    My experience with Globus Hystericus / Pharyngis

    I hope you are sitting comfortably as it is time for me to share my experience of Globus on this sensationally helpful site that I stumbled upon that has helped me so I just had to join as even if my story helps just one person to relate to it then it has been worthwhile.. it all began November 2009...

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  • carole27374 3


    Can someone help dont know if i should be posting here or on anxiety . Have a feeling of a lump in my throat . It doesnt stop me eating or drinking and the feeling comes and goes . Its there when i swallow my saliva and feel there is phlegm in my throat . My throat is not sore at all . I have a cough...

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  • jim64492 2

    Globus Hystericus cure

    Had Globus Hystericus here is how I cured it . Take 1 Cetirizine tablet , its a anti hystamine , I had all allergy tests all clear. But my body was attacking itself through HEAT others can get attacked by COLD drinks . The body releases small amounts of hystamine enough to make you feel like you have...

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  • chippy12 2

    My story and how I beat globus sensation

    I made a promise that if I got better I would share my story on this discussion board in the hope that I may help someone. All the posts on here were a great comfort to me when I was experiencing this awful condition. It all happened about 8 weeks ago. I was in the theatre and just sat down to begin...

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  • charlotte99484 2


    Hi everyone I suffer with bad anxiety I am having a ultra sound Thursday on my throat but I just wanted to see if any one thinks it's what I have, I have this lump/clicking feeling in my throat, no visible lumps or swollen glands I have it on my right side and only feel it really when I'm looking left...

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  • jimmy16418 2

    Globus Sensation ? Get Checked For This

    Get checked for Hemochromatosis The extra iron builds up in several organs, especially the liver, and can cause serious damage. Without treatment, the disease can cause these organs to fail damage to the "adrenal gland" in your neck by Iron overload causing Globus Sensation also irregular heart rhythms...

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  • old doctor 1

    One way of explaining the globus phenomenon

    13 May 2012 at 13:38PM On "globus". Beeing an ENT doctor for 35 years I have met very many patients, whose complaints are: "I feel a lump in my throat". I remember, some time ago, I met 5 patients in the same day, with just this problem. My view is: the very simple cause of the various symtoms is dryness...

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  • Guest M

    'Lump in Throat' sensation made worse by reading & talki

    Hi Everybody, I too have suffered with a 'lump in the throat' sensation for 3 years now. I've just got back from having a PH study test which was negative and now I am clutching at straws - hence looking on the internet. I won't go through my experience for the past 3 years as it sounds the same as...

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  • jay40m 3

    sore throat, globus

    I have had a globus sensation that comes and goes. Weird things have been happening since the beginning of the the year. It all started after a took some rounds of antibiotics. My neck started feeling tight around the sides. It started getting worse and after a few months, It got so tight that I went...

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  • The Globus Kid 3

    Finally a cure for Globus Pharyngeal spasm

    Hi friends, Two days on 2x a day 10mg Baclofen (muscle relaxant) and Globus symptoms have totally gone.. Yessssss ! A non Diazapeen cure. Diazepam 5mg worked quicker 1/2 hour but Baclofen took 3 hours to start working but today after 3 days ALL symptoms have gone. Please spread the word maybe this...

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  • vanessa 42112 1


    I live in Texas it is 3:45 and I have only slept 4 hours in the past 3 days! This has been a plague on my life for over a year. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, also gerd A LONG TIME AGO lol. After reading through the majority of posts it's almost like the feeling just died down. I'm...

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  • pin15638 2

    Dry mouth Dry Throat

    Guys, i have been living with symptoms of - Dry Mouth - Dry Throat - Constant need to lubricate throat - Bad Breath - Belching - Flatulence I am a 20 year old male, and I had bronchitis and been prescribed nasal spray for my sinuses before.  To all health professionals and non-health professionals,...

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  • carole27374 3

    Lump in throat please help .

    Ate chips one night for dinner . Straight after i felt very sick . Next day i felt like i had a dry throat and had a feeling of a lump in it altho no lump visable . This lasted for about three days then went away for a day now its back again . No other symptoms apart feeling sick now and again . I can...

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  • toronto888 2

    Am I alone??? Globus and acid sensation.

    I have been suffering from globus for quite some time now.  I finally went not the doctor, with symptoms of glous and acid in the throat and mouth, but not reflux, or heartburn.  The doctor diagnosed me as simply having globus.  he also said that globus, itself, can manifest itself in feelings of acid,...

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  • patricia69095 3

    Lump in the throat feeling, medications?

    My doctor, after all the tests, has decided that the lump in the throat feeling is caused by anxiety, stress. He prescribed 10 mg of desipramine, an anti-anxiety medication which I do not want to take. Has anyone else taken this medication? Did it work for you to end the lump feeling? How long did you...

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  • chrisk92 2

    Horrid throat condition

    I've been suffering with some horrible throst symptoms. My throat will one minute feel really dry at the back of my nose where it meets my throat, just under my vocal chords in my trachea and then centrally in my chest. I also get severe tightness in my windpipe just under my vocal chords. It feels so...

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  • who cares 1
  • mardybum 1

    My Globus sensation cure

    Hi everyone, I hope this post may help other sufferers of globus, a horrible, life-ruining condition.. I started having the global sensation in October 2016, so 6 months ago, it has literally ruined my life every day being worried about what was wrong with me and not making much progress with doctors....

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  • hebanas7 2

    My experience - globus hystericus\pharyngis

    hello everybody , 4 years ago i got the globus feeling for the first time when i was 17 years ago . i was in the school's cafeteria and as always eating with friends and suddenly got the awful globus feeling accompanied with repetitive gag reflex . it was very uncomfortable and i couldnt talk or do anyhting....

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  • carol7212 3

    Globus = Nausea and Breathing

    I suffer from Acid Reflux therefore have to put up with Globus Sensation. The sensation of the lump in my throat causes nausea and sometimes the feeling of not being able to breathe. I have many varied symptoms of Reflux but the Globus is definitely the most uncomfortable. With the 'lump' present, I...

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  • sarah56405 1

    Feeling down not eat anything other then soup for a year

    Got diagnosed march last year with inflammation of the stomach lining, was put on Lansoprazole 30mg which I am still taking. I am finding it difficult to eat anything solid because of a fear of choking, I am living off tomato soup, yoghurt and can sometimes manage mashed potato with gravy. I feel so...

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  • kjarvis15 2


    Could anyone as speak to the location of their gh symptoms? Mine are always right side upper back of throat. Waiting on ent appointment next week. Very scared as it is hard to believe something this physical feeling could be anxiety as my GP states. Any feedback would be be greatly appreciated....

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  • monica82327 2

    globus sensation

    to everyone suffering with this choking in the throat feeling. i fired two doctors who tried to tell me it was anxiety related as this is not. anxiety can give you a tightness in your throat and neck but if its more than tightness and headaches and feels like something is stuck in your lower throat all...

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  • Magpie 68 1

    Losing the will to live

    I im a 47 year old female and for years I have been suffering from health anxiety,about 5 months ago someone on my Facebook page but up photos of mouth cancer that had spread to there nose,after seeing this I constantly worried that I had this awful disease ,I was constantly checking my mouth for any...

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  • clare66407 1

    Globus and me

    Hi..I wanted to put my tuppence worth in because when I needed help I came here and it did help me so here goes. I was parked up at B&Q with my husband and friend when I suddenly got the weirdest feeling in my throat the part where the neck joins the shoulders in the circle bit at the front? it was like...

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  • Simba2156 2

    Severe globus sensation & thyroidectomy

    I've had severe globus since my total thyroidectomy last July. Nothing I've tried has helped. I've been to specialists, even at Yale, and no one has been able to help me. I feel so overwhelmed by this condition, it's overtaking my life. I was told it was acid reflux and prescribed meds for that. That...

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  • Paddyyy 2

    Is Globose Real.

    Okay y'all I'm so glad I found this Globose discussion. I'm not really sure what to think about it but I'm trying to have an open mind with it. This is what happened to me. End of October I had a Tonsillectomy n when I woke I had this horrible feeling of not being able to breathe.n my Dr assured me...

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  • Scrumpyjack72 2

    Feeling of something stuck in throat

    HI everyone, For a few weeks now i feel like something is stuck in my throat off and on.  I had a cold over Christmas and after it went away, it felt like something like sticky phlegm was stuck behind my nose but would not budge by coughing or blowing my nose.  This changed slightly and started to feel...

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  • janieu724 2

    Unusual Globus Sensation

    I feel like there is something blocking an area on the left side above my soft palate near my ear. Where the torus tubarius tonsil is. I constantly have to clear mucus mucus from this area every waking moment and the feeling of something being there is more defined when I use my voice in any way. After...

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  • Dave1964 2

    Globus sensation

    Hi all I've had this lump feeling in my throat for a few months now and seem to have more mucus/phlegm than usual my Dr has checked me out and I have had blood test which was normal she says as a dr she's not worried that it's anything sinister that needs further investigation and that it's Globes sensation...

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  • jfcuk1975 1

    Diagnosed with Globus Phayngeus today

    Today, I went to see an ENT specialist further to a referral from my GP, and I have been diagnosed with Globus Pharyngeus. I am a 38 year old male. Whilst I am reassured that my condition has been identified and explained to me, I just wish that I could be given some treatment options. My experience...

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  • anyagrace 2

    Globus and swollen tongue

    Wow I have so much more peace reading what everyone is going through even though it breaks my heart because I know how hard it is to live with. Xo I've only been dealing with this for a couple of months. Showed up randomly after giving birth to my second little guy along with some other strange things...

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  • kjarvis15 2

    Ent appointment

    I just got diagnosed globus. My concern is if he put the camera in far enough ? ( went to vocal chords) my lump feeling near cricoid cartilage could he see a throat or esophagus lesion ?

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  • tanya65267 2
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