Globus sensation is starting to ruin my life, any advice would be amazing!

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Hi. I am a woman and only 19 years old. I have never had health problems. My parents haven't either, neither did my grandparents. I have been smoking for the past few years tho, but stopped since I started experience these weird feelings.

About a week ago, after a big meal I started feeling like I had something in my throat. I got really panicked and tried coughing it, my friends tried calming me but nothing worked. I went to bed that night really afraid that I might have something bad, because it also made it hard for me to breath. 

After that experience, every time I ate something I got the same feeling of a lump in my throat. It got really hard for me to swallow, I feel like the food isn't going down my throat and it scares me that I might choke, so for a few days I only drank liquids. Then, because I was not eating, I started having a burning sensation starting from the middle of my chest up to my mouth that I believe to be acid reflux because I sometimes do experience heartburn due to it. 

I went to the doctor and she told me my throat is a bit red and that I have some mucus built up there, but that she cannot tell me anything more due to my lack of symptoms. I tried treating it with teas, gargles, humidifiers and even mucinex, I feel like the mucus started getting better but I still have the globus sensation after eating.

The worst thing is that it makes me really afraid that I might have something really bad, everybody here knows that this sensation could be the symptom of some worse things.. Also I currently moved away for University and am an Ocean away from my family, which does not make it better. But in 3 weeks I finish my semester and am going back for summer so I am looking forward to that.

Please, if anybody has some tips to make this better, I will appreciate anything. The last week has been a nightmare for me, eating stresses me out and I have been crying so much because I am scared and confused. I do not know if I should go take some other tests just to make sure that I do not have anything else. What do you say?

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    Hi sorry you're having a rough time. It sounds like you have a lot to deal with with associated anxiety.

    Globus is generally apparent at any time, not just when eating.

    Perhaps you could speak to a college counsellor about how ypu are feeling. This may help.

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    I don't know. Best thing is to get it diagnosed.

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    Same thing happened to me after i ate fish.  I thought i swallowed a bone and i stuck my finger and pulled out a huge fish scale.  i was very panicky/anxious that i had to leave restaurant to take an anxiety pill.  After this happened it was hard for me to swallow anything, especially food.  At first i noticed it was hard to swallow my pills and then it started with the food.  I was forced to eat soups and mashed potatoes with gravy for weeks.  This has never happened to me before in my life and i am 45.  I finally made an appointment with my ENT doctor and he scoped me and did not find anything.  I continued to experience this for another couple of weeks and i called him back and he sent me for a Barium Swallow which came back negative.  The doctor basically told me it was just my anxiety and to not think about eating and just do it.  I tried that but didnt work.  After another 2 weeks i was going crazy eating the same foods so i called him again.  He said he could sedate me and put a scope down my throat/stomach and see if there is anything that he missed.  Of course i was willing to try whatever it took so i followed through with the procedure.  After the procedure he stated that he did not find any tumors or fish bones, etc. but that my esophagus had a tremendous amount of narrowing, so he did dilate my esophagus quite a bit.  2 weeks after the procedure i started feeling my throat going back to normal and having normal swallowing feelings.  I am eating a more variety of foods.  I have not had a steak or hamburger yet but i think now its just in my head more than anything.  I am no longer feeling like food is getting stuck.  Slowly but surely i am returning to myself.  This started at end of January 2018 till current day.  My procedure was on 3/20/18.  There is hope, just keep being persistent.  I continue to take medication for my reflux.  Dr. does not know what caused this, usually it is from reflux but since it was such a coincidence it started after i ate that fish he is not saying it is from the reflux.  He is honest with me and just says he really doesn't know how it happened. mom had planned open heart surgery Jan.3, 2018 and my father in law passed away on 1/30/18.  I contribute it all to stress and the panic attack i experienced after the fish incident.

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    try cutting out all wheat and get tested for ceiliac disease. I also have a globus sensation starting from having Gerd and I notice its when I am subjected to certain wheat - also go gluten free you will feel fantastic.

    Have ham and eggs for breakfast for a week

    eat rice noodles and pop in some chicken for dinner

    eat something gluten free for supper

    do this for 2 week and reply back to me

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    HI anitnelav,

    I hope you are doing well and your symptoms have improved since you first wrote this post.

    I read your post and it really reminded me of myself and my experience with Globus.

    I am 22 and my globus appeared from nowhere, nothing particularly stressful in my life or more stressful than what ive been through in the past- it started after dinner with a feeling like food was stuck at the back of my throat, i did what you would do when feeling this - drank water (a lot!), opened my mouth to see if i could 'see' anything stuck, but nothing... the following day i began to get a hair like sensation at the back left side of my throat - like a hair was stuck and tickling my throat - the most annoying little tickle ever especially when warm/cold drinks don’t make it move or go - although I did find that eating helped relieved this sensation! However.. almost instantly the eating brought back the ‘food stuck’ feeling - predominantly on the right hand side (still to this day I suffer predominantly with this side).

    I waited a few days as I thought perhaps I have a small throat irritation (had pharyngitis in the past and remember associating the ‘food stuck’ feeling to that) but to my dismay it didn’t let up... a trip to the GP (Tuesday evening), she’ll probably say I have a throat infection and give me some antibiotics - however, uh-uh she found nothing. No obvious inflammation and certainly no redness or soreness in my throat. So she referred me for an urgent ENT appointment, this sent my anxiety through the roof!! I started panicking about the worst sorts of things... cancer, tumours, strictures, growth etc! A concoction which exacerbated my already underlying health anxiety! Within a day I was refusing to eat (as this only brought on this feeling again), and I just about drank fluids as I was scared this too would bring the feeling on - within 1 week I lost 6lbs! Cracking for someone trying to lose weight but I am no heavier than 9 1/2st, a size 8 short 5ft 3 girl - I began to feel extremely malnourished and totally isolated! I couldn’t wait to see a specialist.

    I also woke feeling quite sick most mornings.

    On the Wednesday evening the feeling was so intense, it felt as if I was carrying tension and pressure all around the right side of my neck and up the back of my head (in hindsight this was probably intense anxiety/panic) so I begged my boyfriend to take me to A&E - I was convinced something was stuck in my throat! The staff were great, they took me straight through and popped a camera up my nose... I have to say this experience really wasn’t that bad at all and the worst part is the taste of the numbing spray! The funniest is the voice it gives you for 30 mins or so after! But the even worst part was the negative findings... nothing.. no foreign body, nothing. They did a lateral X-ray on that side to double check and again.. nothing.

    They advised me it could be some acid reflux and to try taking Gaviscon.

    Well, I won’t give the gory details but Gaviscon tried and it gave me an awful upset stomach! Like awful!

    So that put me off! But I struggled to understand how all of a sudden this would just happen to me.

    Anyway, a few more days passed and the feeling of tightness and burning in my throat had worsened, I felt as if I couldn’t even turn my head at times (perhaps this soreness was related to the laryngoscopy but as I was already having issues in this location I wasn’t sure), I was excessively swallowing in case something was ‘stuck’ which resulted in clicking and pain and an even more intense obstruction feeling! I honestly went from being a bubbly, outgoing and optimistic girl to a depressed recluse and my boyfriends words that week were “you’ve turned into a shell, you’re not yourself at all... where have you gone” which made the burden of this all so much worse as not only did I want to be better for myself, but be better for him too! I didn’t want to do anything but cuddle on the sofa watching films all day (I resorted to sleeping mostly as this was the only time I would have respite from the pain and sensations) but there’s only so much film-time you can put up with in a weekend! He has been great though and extremely supportive.

    We went for a test drive on the Saturday morning for his new car, the pain was agonising but I just tried to smile through! Carrying water was like an absolute live or die necessity.

    I took myself to the A&E again convinced something more sinister was going on... after a shot of oramorph, further painkillers and a series of blood tests and a thorough physical examination... nothing. No increased lymphocytes / white blood cells. Absolutely nothing. Embarrassed to say the least but even more upset that there was no clear indicator for what was causing this feeling.

    I lived for the ENT appointment the following Tuesday. Another laryngoscopy in that initial appointment again found nothing - I mean you jump for the moon when the specialist says no cancers, no tumours, your voice box looks beautiful but I have to admit I also shrank inside again as I was still suffering. Constantly feeling like a little something in the middle or right side of my throat every time I ate. Eating was a chore.

    He referred me for a barium swallow test and MRI - brilliant. Finally they may find something!!

    At this point I even felt as if I was food was stuck at the back of my throat/coming back up shortly after I ate. Sometimes this completely replaced the other sensations. But swallowing thick food-like mucus isn’t fun... especially when it doesn’t go down your food-pipe like you think it should.

    “Dysphagia.” “OMG I have something really wrong with me. My muscles they are starting to fail on me.” “Early onset MS” “Myothenis Gravis of my throat after all my brothers been diagnosed with it in his eyes it must be hereditary!” “I have scoliosis in my spine so perhaps this is affecting my nervous system!”

    R-a-c-i-n-g t-h-o-u-g-h-t-s! All day everyday.

    This seriously upset my IBS and I began to have chronic loose stools. I thought it all must be one big condition and my body is screaming at me. My glands would randomly swell throughout the day (well at least they felt as if they did), I let myself get so hungry. Eating however sort of helped relieve the gland swelling feeling and I think this was my body’s response to stress. I also have PCOS (diagnosed just a few weeks before all of this started) which makes me even more susceptible to blood sugar drops. Leaving me feeling extremely fatigued at my desk at work, shaky and nauseous. I wondered if I’d ever feel normal again. How can this be?! My whole life was flipped in a matter of weeks.

    To cut a long story short -

    Barium Swallow came back normal - no narrowings, strictures, hernias or visible reflux.

    MRI (with contrast) - normal. However....

    They did find what’s called a hyper pharyngeal ductal cyst (I hope my memory serves me correct when I say that!) 6mm in size. The ENT specialist said that you develop them in the womb but as you grow they sort of grow out... in my case and a small population of others, they haven’t. He said that it’s so small it would unlikely be the reason for all of this and since having it all my life why would it bother me now. He did go onto say they can get infected from time to time and fill with ‘puss’. Everything else I was suffering from was this dreaded Globus! They diagnose this after no positive findings in any of the other tests ran.

    I could’ve broke down and cried in that room and thank god my Mum was with me. She saw the sheer agony in my face that there was no quick resolution to this sudden and very scary problem I had developed.

    She asked if it was possibly infected now and could be causing all of this. He said there was no obvious sign of inflammation in my throat and my glands were all within range.

    However, I think he too saw the emotion on my face and prescribed me 1 week of amoxicillin and 2 weeks of Omeprazole.

    I had started to suffer with the occasional heartburn so perhaps this was all reflux related.

    I also found out that my Nana has suffered with Globus twice in her life and that each episode lasted for around 6 months. It totally affected her emotionally too. Also making me more susceptible in the doctors eyes to having this condition.

    Anyway. My appointment was on Friday and I am writing this on the Sunday morning. Making me on Day 2 of the medication and although I am still suffering, predominantly in the right side of my throat after eating.

    I think I have noticed some improvements.

    To summarise my sensations -

    • The right can feel like a muscle cramping on my throat/oesophagus - usually after swallowing - I believe this is an issue with the muscle relaxing properly.
    • A little spot feeling in the centre of my food-pipe just underneath my Adams Apple.
    • Tightness in my right, anterior neck
    • Tightness in the tendon that runs under my jaw and down the right-side of my throat
    • Thick mucus feeling/tightness in my central throat
    • Little throb/twinge under my jaw (right side again)
    • I have also suffered with ear-ache & head aches

    The antibiotics are also giving me indigestion (at least I think it’s them as it started after taking them).

    I pray that this feeling eventually lets up and reminding myself that I can eat, drink and swallow normally helps the anxiety. It doesn’t rid the after sensations they still come and are unpleasant to say the least. They do reside after a few hours.

    But looking forward to seeing how I feel after a few days with Omeprazole.

    The IBS has calmed slightly as my anxiety has eased.

    If anyone else has suffered or had a similar experience to mine, I would love to hear from you.

    All the best with yours.

    Ella x

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      hello i am havjng the exact same issue right now. it started 4/5 months ago with what i thought was a choking incident i had a panic attack over it and i have not eaten solid food since. I have been on a liquid diet and i have lost 20-25 pounds, ive developed gall stones and i cant go about normal everyday activities because of my health. I am only 20 years old and I am afraid for my life. If you have any advice for me I would love to hear it.

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    Hi, I truly believe that globus is caused by tight muscles caused by anxiety. Highly recommend typing in neck stretching for globus or similar. I know mine improves if I do the stretches religiously.

    Good luck.

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    Hello, I am having a very similar issue right now and it is effecting my life so much so that i have not eaten solid food in 4-4 1/2 months, dropped out of college, and i am not healthy enough to work let alone do normal everyday activities. Im 20 years old currently and I have had every test imaginable only to have them come back perfectly normal. it started with a similar incident I was eating dinner and felt like i had gotten something stuck(i hadnt) i was coughing trying to get it out for hours. I didnt sleep for a day or two after wards because i was afraid that i had something stuck and that it would dislodge and choke me in my sleep. i may have had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic i was taking at the time or possibly had a bacterial infection in my throat that had caused it to swell. Since then i have nit eaten solid food. i have been on a liquid diet for 4/5 months now, my hair is falling out and i have lost 20-25 pounds. Now that this has started to effect my health in other ways I have gotten very ill I am afraid for my life please help me. I would really be appreciative of any advice you could give me. for a while i thought there was no one else who had experienced the same thing.

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