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My story and how I beat globus sensation

I made a promise that if I got better I would share my story on this discussion board in the hope that I may help someone. All the posts on here were a great comfort to me when I was experiencing this awful condition.

It all happened about 8 weeks ago. I was in the theatre and just sat down to begin the show when I ate a sweet normally, took a sip of water normally and afterwards felt like I was having difficulty swallowing. My mouth went super dry and I felt like a had a lump in my throat and my tongue was enlarged (it wasn't). I thought perhaps I was having a reaction to something so before the interval I had to leave and get out of there. I felt complete terror and danger and thought I was going to die. My husband was worried and took me to A&E. I couldnt breathe properly but was not wheezing. I felt like someone was strangling me, standing on my neck and I was in a complete panic that came out of nowhere. Apparently I had a panic attack or severe anxiety episode. Well, I didnt believe this diagnosis because I had over the years suffered from anxiety on and off and bouts of low mood but even when I have faced the most difficult times in my life, never have I had a panic attack so wondered why on such a happy day I would develop this. Anyway the initial attack was only the start of my problems, I was told the symptoms of my choking sensation would go away within a few hours. It didnt. This made it worse and I was not so easily going to put this down to stress as most things seem to be these days. I went to my GP who said I did seem to have some swelling in my neck and ordered me an ultrasound. As I couldn't wait 3 weeks for the paperwork to come through I saw an ENT consultant privately who put a camera up my nose and down my throat and said everyhing looked perfect and likely to be globus sensation which is common when experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. This only gave me some comfort because I was still feeling these awful symptoms. After the 4th week I had scan and this showed nothing. My thyroid was perfect, which I suspected may be the issue due to my high thyroid antibodies, although I knew I had normal thyroid function. This was also some comfort. I was suffering, and it was really really getting me down. Having to get up every day and go to work was so hard and I was so anxious I was not sleeping or eating well. I thought I would have it forever. After a while I started to think, well this isn't going to kill me as time has proven, its not getting worse or better so I need to start trying things to see if anything helps. I also had a strange crawling sensation in my neck not on top of my skin but underneath - hard to explain. Also when I put chin to chest I felt like the part between my neck and chin was swollen. I tried breathing exercises, hot water bottles, hot baths, drinking red wine, taking NSAI's, drinking loads of water, trying to eat better, sleep better, watching funny films but nothing worked. I then found a couple of websites online suggesting a very simple neck exercise to do many times throughout the day and specifically for globus sufferers. I started to do this and over a week the symptoms started to ease and has got better and better to the point that its only 5% there. The most important part is to make sure your shoulders are always down and pushed back as far as you can. No hunched shoulders or it won't work. Then carefully, with mouth closed, ease your neck back as far as it can go, all the time looking up to the ceiling. You should be able to feel yourself stretching your neck. It may make you cough a little. Then roll your head a little to left and right and centre. It probably won't work the first go. you have to do it many times a day over a week or so. 

My GP said that panic attacks can cause a lot of problems in the neck, real tension and muscles, and other structures and a horrid sensation of a lump in your neck. I have to understand now that this is the cause.

Apologies for the long post but it's a long story.

I hope it helps someone.

Good luck to you all and take care of yourselves.



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  • amy75782 amy75782 chippy12

    Hi, I have suffered from globus for over 18 months. I went to ENT and got the same answer as you. It was very servers at first, I take omeprazole for acid reflux since then. My GP put me on antidepressants for anxiety, but the globus was the thing that started it all. I have got better, but still have flare ups of really bad globus that last about a week. I just try to forget about it and it gets a little better, but it's always kind of there. Thanks for the tips I will try it x

  • Higs58 Higs58 chippy12

    The exercises you are doing are exactly what  the speech therapist suggested to me when I was referred by my G.P after she diagnosed  globus. I am glad they have worked for you. I did not find them helpful, but as this site proves, we all find different ways of relieving the globus sensation.

    • chippy12 chippy12 Higs58

      Hi Higs58,

      I also did the following as well as the exercises which may have helped me in combination. It may sound a bit odd but I realise we start to feel desperate and will try anything. I was drinking a small bottle of water with it upside down and my head back amd chin up. When it was about half empty I was also taking air from the bottle so it was caving in on itself. All the time I was swallowing in very quick succession without thinking too much about it. I felt like the vacuum created in the bottle and my neck whilst drinking small amounts with very fast swallowing somehow reset the actual swallowing mechanism to normal and overriding the laboured swallowing I was experiencing.

      Reading this back I sound totally nuts but it may be worth a go. I was really experimenting because I was totally desperate.

      I hope the others can see this post. I should have put it in my first one.

      Good luck to all! Keep me posted.


    • help jacqui help jacqui chippy12

      I know you posted this a year ago, but by chance has it come back?  Or is there anything else you tried?  I am really bummed out so bad over this, because its been a month and the doctor did a catscan and the scope up my nose and down my throat and found nothing.  Yet put me on an antibiotic which I took since Tuesday night, and some PPI and I thought I was going to die in my stomach.  So he kept me on the antibiotic but not the PPI stuf.  I can't get rid of this feeling at all.  I have tried so many gas products and antacids and antihistamines and sudafed as well as probiotics and other gerd items, everything!  Please if you do get this can you tell me anything else to try?  If anyone reads this and has any advise, please!  Please I beg of you to help me out.  We are going on vacation on Monday and I am so worried that this will just ruin my trip and its already depressing me so much.  Thanks if advance

    • tenzin 72900 tenzin 72900 help jacqui

      Dear Jacqui,

      First of all, please don't panic and stress yourself cause it's get worse. For me keeping myself busy and not thinking about it helps a lot. There were nights when I kept thinking about it and it gave me nothing more than negative thoughts.

      I believe the main cause of this sensation is because when we are stressed out too much, our muscles get tensed and that's what we are feeling inside or throat too.

      Treatment for it will be regular basis of exercise and keeping yourself busy. Let's not waste our time in vague fears. Let's have fun and be happy, enjoy life

      This sensation will be gone soon. No need to eat medicine, panic or overthink about it.

    • help jacqui help jacqui tenzin 72900

      Hi Tenzin, 

      I actually just found out some good and bad information through my doctors.  I had a Barrium swallow and that turned out ok I guess, although he said he can't see if there is acid as it was done and its on an empty stomach.  So I guess that is good news there.  That was done on Monday morning.  Then on Wednesday morning I had an endoscopy done empty stomach as well, went in, under anesthia and he found that I have gastritus and that I will have to take a med for probably ever, as I can take it and get rid of my symtoms on that part, but it will just always return, so its best to keep taking it.  And its Pepsid, as he doesn't want to give me the PPI because of the long term side effects and they (as we know) are not good.  Also, he did take a biopsy and I will not know the result to that for about a week and a half to 2 weeks.  He said that its a process to see if the bacteris grows.  Anyway, onto the not so good news.  I am actually VERY lucky to have gone to the endoscopy when I did, because if I didn't then I might still be in the hospital.  You see, I came home and went to sleep for about 3 hours maybe and when I woke up I ate half a banana and drank some water, within like 5 mins or so I was sweating really bad and hot flashes and short breathing as well as a headache started to form.  I actually had to sit in front of the fan on high for 10 mins to make the heat go away.  I called the Gastro dr and the nurse said to just relax and lay down for about an hour or so and I woke up with my legs in so much pain and a fever 101.1 in one ear and 101.3 in the other.  My head was pounding and I really had trouble breathing and of course I was crying so that didn't help.  The pain felt the same as if I had done 1k squats and lunges and more.  So we called the Dr office again and she said go to the emergency room.  I did and they took X rays, EKG, catscan and sonograms of all my kidney liver gallbladder and I think a little of my intestines (not sure there)  They took a very lot of blood and found that my white blood cell count was at 25k and the normal range is 5k-10k.  So they looked into that and took MORE blood and found that I had pneomia in my left lung, and because the count was so high they admitted me right away.  I was there from Wednesday until last night (Friday night).  They pushed fluids and antibiotics and yesterday Friday mornings blood came back to 11k so they got it down and said that I would be able to go home later in the day.  They also pushed another bag of antibiotics as well.  I had some pain meds while I was there and not such a good time. sad  But, they also gave me breathing treatments every 4 hours or so.  I still haven't coughed up the stuff in there so I don't know where it is.  Yuckyness, but I only spit 2 times while I was there and that was good, but not enough.  I now have an antibiotic to take here at home for 10 days and have to see my Dr in about the 10 days.  So I actually have a lot going on now.  Monday I have to make a lot of appointments to get going.  Bad thing is, I was to have an allergy test of Thursday and I missed it due to being in the hospital.  I however came up with something that I think my also be a route to look at.  I think that I do, well I know that I have allergys but haven't been on the med since all this started because we were figuring out pills and seeing what is going on.  I think that the slight mucous that I have running down the back of my throat is meeting in the esophagus and possibly causing some of the problem.  Since they can't see anything wrong on empty stomach and all.  That actually to me makes sense and I will be brining that up in some appointment here in the future.  Anyway, I really do need to stop stressing so much and stop letting my anxitey overrule me at this point.  I have been feeling better mentally since the anti depressant seems to have started to work.  I want to exercise again, but I cannot for at least the 10 days, I can just try and keep busy around the house at a normal pace.  The antibiotic that I am on, I guess need to be VERY careful with, as pulled/ripped tendons can happen very easily with it.  sad  Always a downside to everything.  UGH, but I will take my time on that aspect.  Its just annoying as when I was eating crappy and I was heavy 15 pounds more then now, I was fine, not a problem.  I started eating really good in May and June did great and then all this bogus stuff started to happen to me and it makes me sick to my stomach, because I can't help but think to myself, if I stayed heavier and didn't worry so much about losing weight and pushing myself to hard to do it, then I might not be in this situation.  GOSH that was a long story, Im sorry...  Any thought on the things I mentioned?


    • Mo1960 Mo1960 help jacqui

      Thank you for your post. I hope everything is better (for the most part). I noticed my globus symptoms started after I had a week long battle with influenza. Hard coughing and drainage.  After a few test with the ENT, he told me to take zantec first and then maybe try something for post nasel drip. I too have some drainage in back of my throat. Not sure what to take for that. Thanks again for posting. Very helpful.

    • CK091 CK091 help jacqui

      I went on vacation and had to carry my own food on the plane, as I was scared to eat anything, think certain foods would trigger it.  Was one of the worst holidays I have ever had, travelling to three destinations and could not enjoy the food.    If you are eating alright, then it's a non issue.  Don't worry about flying, just stay hydrated and don't drink alcohol.

      let me know how you get on .... did the antiacids not help?   I know this is like such a terrible mystrey illness with no proper cure.. sad

    • charo88321 charo88321 CK091

      Hello CK091

      I hear you !

      I actually realized that white wine helps it go away .

      Is crazy but I really think is cause it relaxes you and so the throat relaxes too.

      Unfortunately I cannot drink wine all the time !!!

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755

      Hello Katie

      Actually I had an endoscopy today and the doctor told me that my esophagus was closing in the area where it connects to the stomach and he open it up

      ALso put me in 3 months of protonix

      He said I had a lot of acid

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755

      Actually I didn't have an hernia

      Or ulcers

      He ask me to increase my fiber intake

      THe acid is from stress

      We have to make better choices when it comes to eating

      I try to eat good but I guess sometimes I don't

      Is hard when you have to eat in a hurry

      My sister took the protonix for the 3 months a got better

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      That's good to know, I wouldn't be surprised if all of mine is stress!

      I eat very healthily but do rush 4 kids have done that to me!! And I do enjoy a beer occasionally!!

      Were your symptoms furball type feeling in the throat?

      I've been on omeprazole for a month but stomach and throats gurgle even more since being on them!!

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755

      Read about esophagitis

      Inflamación from acid causes narrowing of your esophagus and causes that feeling in the throat

      That's what I had according to the doctor that did the endoscopy

      Hopefully the stretching my esophagus works

      Also you have to take protonix

      Is the only one for that problem

      A special diet is recommended


      Like chocolate, hard foods , spicy or condiments, alcohol,etc

      Is terrible!!!!

    • CK091 CK091 charo88321

      Hi Charo... that is music to my ears, to be able to drink something other than water.... 

      So does the wine give you that feeling of nothing there for a change and make you feel normal, I take its not sparkling wine, just still... as they have told me to stay away from carbonated drinks.  Anything to make me feel relaxed for a day smile 

    • charo88321 charo88321 CK091

      Hello there

      I think the reason why wine helps is because it relaxes everything

      I feel that my jaw line has increased in size like I have a kind of double chin

      I think it has to do with something swollen in my neck

      I had this feeling all day even before I ate this morning

      I wish I could find an answer

    • deon28030 deon28030 charo88321

      HI Charo,

      Alcohol helps me too. It doesn't take it away, but it numbs the pain. I would rarely have a drink before this. Now I tend to have two a night.

      I also believe I look differently. Not a double chin, but it feels like my throat and surrounding area moves differently. I also feel like my neck feels (looks) bigger and that even my face/mouth aren't exactly the same. Now that I think about it, it does feel like a double chin. rolleyes

      I wish I could find an answer too. There must be one. I'm sorry your going through this. I will continue my search. I hope you and all who suffer from this find relief.

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      I had a few days where I thought mine was nearly gone, now woken up and it's continually like I've got something tickling in my throat, have to keep coughing, does anyone else have that 🤔 Just another weird symptom to go with my throat 🙄

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      I've never felt like I had to cough, except when it felt so swollen that I felt like I was gaggingsad But no, not because of the tickling sensation (which I do have.) I actually prefer the tickling sensation to the choking feeling.

      I'd say if you had a couple days where you thought it was gone, consider those days a blessing!!! I wish for those days.

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      I was so excited thinking it had gone! The more I thought about the tickling sensation the more it felt like my throat was constricting 😒 I've taken a cetrizine for allergy but no real change, so fed up with this!!

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      Hi Katie, I left you a long response but somehow it was deleted by a moderator. I'm not sure why. All I can say is I'm sorry you're going through this and I hope you, me, and all of us find some answers. I don't think comments being deleted by moderators really help us find the answers.

      PS. I would love to speak with a moderator to know why my long, heartfelt and informative response was deleted.

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Hi deon, how strange! Maybe they are fed up of me going on 😂😂

      it's a very frustrating problem, I am going to try and book to see a gastroenterologist to see if something going on further down as I am continually getting gurgling in my throat under my Adam's apple, not sure that's a symptom of globus 🤔

      I have read on a lot of posts that relaxing breathing has cured some people, worth a try.

      Thank you for replying and I really hope you find an answer too 😊

    • CK091 CK091 charo88321

      That is terrible... well lets hope it subsides, are you on Omeprazole or Lansoprazole?    I don't find it really helps, though been taking it for a while now.   

    • rebecca52153 rebecca52153 katie16755

      Hello. I am new to the group. Ive been suffering from globussensation for about 8 weeks now. I hate it. I feel like it's ruining my life. Some days are so bad I feel like I'm choking to death. The only thing that takes the edge off is zanax. If it's really bad I'll take flex Erik and zanax. I'm having a endoscopy and colonoscopy in 2 weeks. I also have an ENT appointment coming up. I'm wondering if having the adenoids and tonsils removed if it would help at all.

    • katie16755 katie16755 rebecca52153

      Hi Rebecca, I'm sorry to hear that, I have also had it for about 8-9 weeks, it does seem to take over your life as you just can't forget about it, mine seems to change all the time, I now don't feel like I'm being strangled or a bone in my throat, I still feel like phlegm is stuck but every time I swallow now a few seconds later it gurgles in my throat 🤔 ENT specialist said it is when I swallow air! I've seen ENT twice and he said it will eventually go, I took omeprazole to see if reflux but no change, I think I will ask for colonoscopy too but ENT didn't think it was necessary.

      I don't have tonsils so it's not that, have you been suffering stress leading up to this?

    • rebecca52153 rebecca52153 katie16755

      My life is nothing but a stressball. I have 4 kids. 2 of them with special needs. I'm going to college full time. My husbsnd works two jobs so I'm socially a single mom. We're also very poor. This throat thing is not helping matters. 😢

    • charo88321 charo88321 rebecca52153

      Hello Rebeca sounds like really stressful but this throat thing I think is some kind of inflamación

      I think is some kind of upper respiratory infection that was not cure properly and developed in some inflammatory thing

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      Hi katie16755,

      You are funny. Its good to have humor, it really helps when dealing with something like this. I had a CT scan with contrast of my neck, and a barium swallow test. Both came out with nothing to show. I think the iodine they pump into you is pretty bad for you, and my body has had some bad reactions from this test. 

           I don't know about the gurgling under your Adam's apple, my globus seems to be above the Adam's apple. But globus has many different symptoms I think. I definitely feel a click in my throat when I move my neck. How can there not be anything there when I feel a click? I have no idea. 

           The sensation nowadays seems to be more like air bubble, or weird, sorft furry ball in my throat, and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in mucous. So lately I've had better days, even though its not gone. Its better than chicken bone lodged in the throat, and choking.

           Have you tried the peppermint oil? And I can't remember... did you say your ears are affected too?

    • help jacqui help jacqui katie16755

      Katie, mine disappears for a few days then comes back. But I know at night when I take my medication xanax is one of them it does go away those days I have it. Yesterday and today was ugh. I swear it has something to do with weather as well. Have you tried pure 100% peppermint oil in a capsule? I do that sometimes. I also drink raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar a few tablespoons in a shot glass with some water and it will go away for a few hours. Also, I notice that the feeling comes more with freezing cold water. Another thing too, somedays when I take my medications I notice I tense up. So I make myself relax my throat when I take them. Sometimes I have to take tiny ones alone or they get stuck. So if as the drs say, there is nothing there then why do they get stuck? I feel them there. Other days, I can take all 7 together no problem. It's so strange.

    • katie16755 katie16755 rebecca52153

      Hi Rebecca, I'm really sorry to hear that 😢 I also have 4 children and I do seem to find that my throats is much worse after I've had stressful evenings with the kids ( most evenings 😡!) I'm trying to do relaxing breathing when I can fit it in as I know not breathing properly can cause all sorts of symptoms ( I'm an expert in that!)

      I just hate this continuous gurgling that mine now does!! How they can say there is nothing there, it first felt like a bone now a frog is stuck 😒

    • katie16755 katie16755 help jacqui

      Hi jacqui, well I guess the one good thing is that you can sometimes take all 7 at once then there can't be anything there as they would always get stuck.

      I've not tried the peppermint oil but I use ACV before each meal, I'm sure mine is stress related but really need my stomach checking to make sure it's not coming from there 😒

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Hi deon! I'm glad all was clear on your scans!! I've not had barium swallow test, I've read about that and it does scare me to have something put in my body 😬 Doesn't help my health anxiety!! Would that have shown a hiatus hernia with that?

      Oh I had the furball feeling so now it's gone into the gurgling every time I swallow 😒

      I've been to ENT twice and he just says it's globus and it will go when I relax 🙄 It's easy for him to say!!

      When back from holidays if not gone I'm going to ask for endoscopy as I'm sure something is living down there!!

      Not tried peppermint but use ACV, I get earache sometimes with mine, he said it's to do with the tense muscles!

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      Hi Katie. Was/is yours constant? I had the lump in my throat feeling about a year ago but it would come and go. About a week ago it came back but is constant. It's driving me insane! I am having an ultrasound and barium study done next week. Until then, I'm a wreck hoping it's not something serious 😫 I'm so glad to have found this group!

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Hi Sarah, mine is pretty constant, though if I'm busy I do forget!

      I've also suffered before but only a vague feeling of lump in the throat, nothing like I'm getting now, I've also driven myself mad with it, it's the last and first thing I think about 😒

      Do you suffer with any acid too?

      I'm sure you'll be fine, do let me know how you go with the tests, best of luck

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      So right! If I stay busy I do forget. The last time it happened it seemed less severe but then, I was very busy at that time. I am not sure about the acid but have two tests coming up this next week. I'll keep you posted!

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Good luck with the tests! I would hate to have an endoscopy but feel I need one to see what's causing this, I worry that the acid is causing damage to my oesophagus 😬

      I've been getting acid feelings a lot recently but not sure if it's because I'm more stressed, vicious circle!

      Good luck, let me know how they go

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      It is a vicious circle! I do feel that stress and anxiety amplifies the tight feeling in my throat, not to mention the unknown. Hopefully some answers next week. I have a question...does this affect your appetite? I can eat fine but don't really have too much of an appetite because of this. Wondering if anyone else felt this way?

      Thanks again!

    • charo88321 charo88321 sarah1628

      Hello Sarah and Katie

      Do you all take any medicine?

      If so please look up the side effects of your medicine

      On the mean time I was happy to realized that I can eat eggs if the are in something that is wet

      In a few words don't eat them scramble or boil by it self

      Eat the mixed with something watery or creamy like soup or mash potatoes

      I realized that is good for anything else too

      Don't eat anything dry like meats , nuts, rice , etc

      And also no raw vegetables since they are harder to digest

      Good luck and please share outcomes


    • sarah1628 sarah1628 charo88321

      Hi Charo

      I started taking OTC Zantac thinking maybe I have GERD or something and it is really hard on my stomach. That's all I've taken. I have two tests this week so I'll hopefully know more. Take care!

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Hi charo,

      I don't take any medication but I have cut out the eggs!! I'm also going to try no meat for a while as I read this can cause inflammation in the body, I'll give these things a try for a couple of weeks!

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 charo88321

      Hi Charo

      No, no other meds. I will say that the lump sensation is worse if I am idle. If I'm busy, my mind isn't in it as much. I'm going to clean up my diet and give up alcohol. I've read that alcohol consumption can increase anxiety levels and I definitely have an issue with that. And anxiety makes the lump feeling worse (for me, anyway).

      Take care!

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      Hi everyone,

           Sorry to hear yours is not feeling well today Katie. Its really hard to judge what it is that helps it, and what hurts it. My most annoying and biggest symptom now is a clicking in my throat when I swallow. I will hear it and feel it, and then when I put my hand there, I actually feel it clicking, like two hard things rubbing against each other. Does anyone else experience this? I've been thinking that a speech therapist may help me use my throat muscles more properly? I can't believe they've been thrown off so badly, but there is something obviously wrong that no doctor so far has been able to help me with.


    • deon28030 deon28030

      I know of two specialists of globus in the US. One is at Wakefield in North Carolina I believe, and one is at the Voice Institute of New York- her name is Jamie Kauffman. I have considered going to see one of them but I know its just a lot more testing, and probably medication, and I just don't know if its all worth it. Are any of you close by those places? They are the two doctors I know of who have dealt with this for years. 

        I have almost come to a point where I have accepted it (globus), as being normal and only sometimes does it really bother me. A couple months ago I did have a major freakout/panic attack about it where I didn't think I could go on living. I felt that my body was broken in a way that was not ok. Imagine feeling choked all the time. It is horrible! I know you guys don't have to imagine it!!! So I teeter-totter between acceptance and freaking out I guess. 

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      Hi Katie,

      I'm so sorry to hear that! I will be honest, I drink more than I should and have come to the conclusion it's time to stop. Especially with the globus acting up. I've read so much about the connection between alcohol and anxiety, so I'm hoping that cutting it out completely will help. Interesting though is some people have said having a glass of wine helps relax it. I guess each individual reacts differently. But, if I do in fact have GERD (which I hope I don't) I know one of the things that aggravates it is alcohol.

      I hope you're feeling better as the day moves on.

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Oh I had the clicking too deon, weird how it changes, mine today feels like phlegm is really stuck but clearing the throat doesn't help, I also feel like I'm being strangled along with the annoying gurgling 😂

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Hi Sarah, I agree, I don't really drink in the week but enjoy a few beers at the weekend, I also suffer from anxiety so it's probably all connected, I'm so worried that I have a hiatus hernia and it's damaging my oesophagus, not sure if because I'm worrying so much about having acid reflux I'm actually imagining having acid 🤣 I will ask for endoscopy after I've been on holiday, even though that petrifies me!!

    • charo88321 charo88321 sarah1628

      Hello Sarah!

      Wine is one of the things that actually helps me .

      Every time I get one the only thing that relieves it is wine.

      I drink white wines though

      Definitely following now a candida diet and has help a great deal !

      I have not had an attack for a while thank goodness 😅

      Keep my fingers cross !!! Jajaja

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      Well, let us pray that it goes away. I don't want to be a negative infuence on you, only a positive one.

      Me, I'm not convinced that mine is due to acid. I really have no idea why this is part of my life. 

      Take care. 

    • charo88321 charo88321 deon28030

      Hello Deon !

      Unfortunately I live in Hawaii so I'm very far away from any of those doctors.

      About your anxiety That's sad to hear ! Don't give up

      Keep searching. I have found the connection of candida to all our symptoms. Please google it.

      I started to follow it and I'm telling you that I feel much better.

      Don't eat anything dry . Meats have to be in a sauce or soup

      Anything that is dry do not risk it.

      Eat plenty of good bacteria like greek yogurt with no sugar !

      Buy the plain flavored of Chiovani and add blueberries!

      Best thing you could have for your gut !

      Your gut is connected to your brain. Anything you eat will not only affect your body but also your brain.

      Good luck to you !

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      I think the worry just compounds the problem. I'm guilty of it too. Tomorrow I'm having a barium study done then a ultrasound later in the week. I may need the endoscopy as well. It's the not knowing that drives me crazy.

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Hi Sarah,

      Me too, I worry all the time about it, I've not been offered anything else, they've just said it's globus and once I accept it and realise it's nothing serious it will go, not very helpful 😒

      Good luck for tomorrow

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Well I'm 39 so don't know why they haven't offered anything, they looked in the throats with a camera and that was it! I'll definitely go after holiday as I need to know what's going on.

      It's not been a good day but I'm tired so maybe it added to it.

      Let me know how you get on.

      Best of luck

    • deon28030 deon28030 charo88321

      Hi Charo,

      Thanks for the reply. Hawaii sounds like a wonderful place, I've always wanted to go there!!

      I've heard of candida, but will read up on it more. I generally eat very healthy, but of course could do better. I ordered some probiotics that will hopefully help with my gut and also started taking Triphala. I drink a lot of water too. But I don't have trouble eating anything... the globus feels better when I am eating. 

           I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. What do you think is helping the most?

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      I really believe that doctors don't know how to help this condition. They can test for what they know, and rule out a lot of things, but I think this is part of the unknown. Good luck with the testing, let us know how it turns out. Maybe it will shed some light. 

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 charo88321

      Hi Charo

      That's actually good to hear! We have to find whatever helps. I have heard that white wine helps and also the candida diet. I think so much of our health is connected to our gut, as many people on this thread have stated.

      So glad to hear you are feeling better!

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      Happy to report that the preliminary report from the barium study looks good! Still have lump feeling. Doc thinks maybe a throat muscle spasm. Who knows. I may never know. How are you doing today?

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Hi Sarah that's brilliant news!

      I wish I'd been offered to have it done so I don't have to worry so much 😒

      Did you say that you have had feelings of acid? I can't remember.

      Mine the same, just feel like I have constant phlegm stuck but have had the feeling of a lot of acid today 😒

      I'm so pleased for you!!! Hopefully you can relax now then it will soon disappear 😀

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      Thanks so much Katie. To answer your question about acid, very rarely do I get it but I am watching the foods I eat a little more now. Trying not to eat spicy, acidic foods. But in general, in the past, is maybe get heartburn 2x a year.

      Could you request a barium study? It's painless and was very quick for me. Look into it.

      Have a good day!

      PS - I still have the globus sensation. Hopefully in time it will go away.

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      It was my GP. I also had a thyroid ultrasound yesterday. In the states, with most insurances (maybe all?) you need to have a GP send you on to any specialists in order for insurance to cover the procedure.

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Hi Sarah,

      Yes my GP referred me to ENT but as he said all was fine, my GP will now have to refer me to gastroenterologist, she has given me another course of omeprazole for any stomach inflammation until I'm back from holidays, if still bad after I will see a gastro, all a bit fed up with it now, I'm not sleeping well, think it's all the stress, a vicious circle!!

    • sarah1628 sarah1628 katie16755

      I understand your frustration Katie. Even after the barium study and the ultrasound I have no answers and STILL have lump feeling in my throat. At this point I'm just trying to stay busy so my mind is off it. I've also been eating more bland foods that are higher in protein. The family had take out pizza last night while I ate zoodles (zucchini noodles) and chicken breast. ☹️ I think that you just have to exhaust every avenue and be persistent. I hope we find relief sometime soon. Try to enjoy your holiday. Take care

    • katie16755 katie16755 sarah1628

      Hi Sarah, 

      ill probably be the same even if they tell me it's nothing, I just want the feeling gone, have to keep clearing my throats with the feeling of phlegm being stuck.

      funnily I watched a program about how going vegan can cure your body from all sorts, I've tried for 3 days and it's depressing me now so have to stop 😂

      Thank you, take care too

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Is it acid you suffer with or just bloating? 

      I also didn't really suffer until my throats went funny so not sure if the anxiety of that has triggered off acid? Or I have developed a hiatus hernia and it caused my throats to go funny 🤔 Who knows!

      maybe you have parasites? From the raw fish? 

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755

      Hello Katie

      Yes , I learned that raw fish have tons of bacteria. I never had this problem before. I did eat suchi in the past but here there is something call poke that the Hawaiians eat that is raw fish with a special dressing

      Delicious but dangerous I learned after seeing a lady die from it in the hospital I work.


    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      I too have all these symptoms. Had an ultra sound aND a CT scan. Next week going for a scope dwn throat. But when I look way down my throat at very end with a flashlight I see like a nodule back there. Hoping scope verifies what it is. Not sure if all the acid caused this or not, but I was diagnosed by ent with this and reflux..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie,

      Do you suffer from acid? Do you get the gurgling in throat after swallowing?

      I'm not sure what you could be seeing in your throats with a torch, I can't see that far down mine! Has your dr had a look?

      Good luck for next week

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Yes, I have awful acid reflux. Always feels like phlegm in my throat and like throat closing up on me. Usually after I eat something fattening g or greasy. I also have Tinnitis. Not sure if a reLatin there. I went through a time where I was eating a lot of cinnamon hot candies and mint chewing gum and a lot of orange juice every single morning. I am assuming this is what brought it on. But I guess for about a year now I have had this acid reflux. Sometimes it feels like someone is choking me. As I said I had an MRI I had an ultrasound and next week I will go for the scope. As far as seeing something in my throat, I can hold my tongue down and see pretty far down there. And it just looks like I don't know I think it's probably ulcers maybe. Just not sure until the test next week. When I swallow I do not gurgle.

    • terrie27149 terrie27149

      I also have the neck aches and weird Sensations in my head. It's just all so strange to me. Some days I have this feeling in my throat like something is in there and some days I don't but the reflux is there none the less it always feels like phlegm in my throat.

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie,

      I'm sure my acid has a lot to do with it, I had a bad day of acid yesterday and throat was bad, I seem to get bad acid even when I haven't eaten, I just don't understand it, I'm not sure if stress is causing it, I don't tend to wake in the night with it.

      I really wish I'd had a barium swallow done before my holiday to show if a hiatus hernia just so I could stop worrying 😒

      Good luck with everything, let us know if they find anything!

    • deon28030 deon28030 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie,

      I think you said what we are all experiencing... that it is just so strange. My symptoms have changed so much since I've had this. I've had it since Oct. of 2016. I must say it is now atleast under control where it isn't "ruining my life." I still have a clicking in my throat, weird tension in my throat, sounds in my head, and phlegm.

      In the research I've done, it is a condition due to silent acid reflux. (Although weirdly enough, I don't think mine is.) But if you have acid, maybe go online and do a non-acid reflux diet for a while. It can't hurt that's for sure!

      I hope your doing ok.

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      I truly believe alot if this is stress. My throat was feeling better, I did try the exercises mentioned above.Mmmmm maybe...but then I was fixing a lunch for my family and time got short and my throat started feeling like it was swelling again. Jeesh, it could be so many things. I pray all on this post gets answers for a healinf. This is an awful thing to have. My family I believe thinks it's stress or in my head..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      I get a feeling like right before a dizzy spell. It's strange sometimes. But I do get like little stinging feelings along my jaw..if it's not one thing with me it's a hundred..unreal. 59 and feeling like all kinds if weird stuff starting to happen..Jeesh...

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 deon28030

      When you say sounds in yr head, are you meaning tinnitis? Ever since last yr when I had a cats can (earlier I mistakenly said an mri) the day after started my ears making strange sounds like cicadas or like a buzzing. Sometimes they ring but mostly lime a nuzzing. Drove me crazy for awhile, but now accepting it, now this stupid feeling in my throat. It also feels like my ear does when iv flown on a plane..just such weird stuff. If I think on it I could go into a panic so I try 2 keep my mind off of it. Thurs will have a scope done. Will c. If nothing, I'm done worrying and stressing over it. Done! What will be will be..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      I think a lot of mine is stress too, it all happened after a stressful period, along with lots of other weird symptoms! Because of the acid feeling I'm getting though I do think I've got a hiatus hernia too 😒

      Let's hope we all get some answers soon or it just disappears!!

    • deon28030 deon28030 charo88321

      Hi Charo,

      I'm doing ok. I'm just getting over a cold and was scared about how I would be able to handle it with globus, but everything was normal I guess. I think with time, the choking sensation has gone down around 80%. Some days are better than others of course.

      I am trying to eat healthier now and lower my sugar intake. I'm also starting to exercise a little more. It does help to take the mind off things. But when the globus is bad, I do like to drink alcohol. The one thing that makes it feel like it's gone away.

    • deon28030 deon28030 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie,

      I'd say that I have a couple things going on with my ears but not a ringing sound, not tinnitus. The week before I developed this condition I was in a car accident where I got whiplash. So I hear all these tiny little sounds that are coming from my neck I think. It sounds like pieces of sand and it's been pretty constant ever since. It does drive me kind of crazy.

      And also my ears are affected by globus because they feel very constricted and so I went through a period where I had to pop them constantly throughout the day. It was like I could not hear anything unless I popped them. That also has gotten better although it's still there.

      Everything is still there but at a lesser level. You're right, "what will be will be." Practicing acceptance has really helped me through this.

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    • charo88321 charo88321 deon28030

      That's exactly right

      Wine is the only thing that comes it down for me too

      I guess is because it relaxes your throat

      Or the alcohol kills the bacteria in the throat

      My shocking or globus sensation has got also better since I watch what I eat.

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      Hi Katie,

      Wow, I guess you've read further in it than me. It is really hard to know what to believe. I've always heard that ACV is very healthy but online it does not always say that it is good for reflux. One argument is that it is an acid so it actually adds acid to the body... who knows?

      I haven't gotten to all the details but I know he talks about the Epstein Barr Virus. I did have mono when I was young...

      How are you today?

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Hi deon,

      I read so many conflicting things, it's so hard to know what to do.

      I have also read that Most cases of acid reflux are caused by having too little acid in the first place, I'm going to try digestive enzymes to see if they help.

      I was really bad but the last 2 days I've been using something called " silicea gastro intestinal gel" and I've actually felt a bit better!! Still early days but not drinking and doing the throat exercises, I'm determined to get rid of this!!

      Hope you're ok

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Well had my nose/throat scope. Again nothing but acid showing. So..I'm Goin 2 stop stressing I hope. But get this, they put me on the generic for nexium cuz nexium so blasted expensive, and since being on it, for last few nights I feel strange in globus area yet feels almost like I can't catch my breath. Like issues trying to breathe deep. Do any of you get that? Think I'm not Goin to take the med 2moro and see if it happens. If not, guess I will go back on regular nexium. At least i didnt feel this. If coyrse eating pizza one night and beef the next couldnt have helped. But ENT never said anything about diet.

      See, it's one thing behind another.

    • charo88321 charo88321 terrie27149

      That's because sometimes the generic doesn't work the same way.

      I also have a bunch of mucud that accumulates behind my throat and nose . I cough it up all the time. I'm so sick of it.

      I try not to eat after 5 pm but yesterday was one of those days that couldn't eat all day hardly cause everything agrevated the globus sensation and so right before bed my husband starts cooking hamburgers and of course smells so delicious and had to try some 😂

      Big mistake like you can imagine and suffered with it all night.

      Is an endless story !

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie, I'm glad ENT all looked good again but how do they see acid? Have you got a hiatus hernia do you know?

      I feel like I can't take a proper breath in but like something is blocking that area, probably because I feel like phlegm is stuck it makes me panic.

      I've been put on lansoprazole again, I hate taking these things as they all have side effects too.

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      I guess they saw the irritation and swelling and mucous. Ya know the meds I was takin gave me breathing issues like I couldn't catch my breath deep. So didn't take it today. Instead put a tsp of baking soda in cup of water and drank it. Felt so much better. Then we went out 2 eat and b4 hand I put 2 tsp acv in a cup water for prevention. Ate all my favorites and am not suffering 2nite praise the lord. So I'm truly thinkin I may continue on this path and see what happens. No hernia. Yes I understand about the feeling u can't breathe through whatever this is

      I believe it swells when irritated. So it does cause major issues. As I stated befire, when I look way dwn my throat and do like a gag response, I c swelling and like a polyp. Ent said it was lower level tonsils swollen I guess from irritation of globus. Either way it freaks me out..stresses me terribly which makes it worse.

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      I don't really cough up mycous. I'm just continuously having to clear my throat which is probably why I have this globus now. All the clearing prob damaged something. But I told katie, I got off the generic today couldn't stand that not being able to catch my breath and read on natural news .com to take tsp. Baking soda per cup water and so far so good. Then I took 2 tsp acv before eating out 2nite and ate all my fave and I'm doing well tonight..may keep this up..see what happens..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie,

      That's great news!

      I have the continuous feeling of mucous but nothing there, ENT told me also to stop trying to cough it up as it makes it worse, easier said than done.

      I want to get off lansoprazole as I've read they're not good for you in the long run, also read that 90% of acid is caused by having little acid in your stomach so digestive enzymes are needed...

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie, did they see irritation when looking in the throat with a nose scope or was it when you had endoscopy so they could see in your oesophagus?

      ENT said my throat looked clear so I'm worried all the irritation is in my upper oesophagus and he couldn't see that far?

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Exactly what I read on that natural health site. I have never been on medications, and hate takin this nexium etc. Yes side effects on all. Would rather continue tring some of the natural ways. I sure hope with taking the baking soda water in mornin and acv water at night I can beat this crap..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      He saw my irritation just by looking down my throat the first time I went to him it was pretty bad. He couldn't blev none if my drs saw that and did nothing. My drs didn't even look dwn my throat. I tell ya anymore it's scary with the way these drs don't take their time and give us all a good once over. I had even went to another ENT last year and so help me he glanced at my throat like he was glancing at the clock..he was only interested in my hearing loss causing tinnitis. Never said a word about throat, yet this constant clearing if throat mycous has been Goin on for many years. Globus just started in May

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie,

      Well I can't believe my nose scope didn't show anything as when I try and clear my throat it feels sharp and scratchy.

      When you had your endoscopy did they say if there was any irritation in your oesophagus or stomach?

      If you don't take your Nexium do you have constant acid?

      Have you looked into symptoms of low stomach acid? The first sign is indigestion and heartburn!! By taking acid suppressing tablets it's making the problem worse!!

      It's so frustrating!!

      Have you tested your stomach acid with bicarbonate of soda on an empty stomach?

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 help jacqui

      Jacqui, do u still have tonsils? My ENT said there are 2 levels of tonsils. It could be lower ones are irritated due to the phlym and acid. So if that's the case, it could be the bottom layer tonsil swollen doin that. Mine does that too, so I'm assuming that's what it is..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 deon28030

      Deon, I totally understand what you ARe feeling and the panic. That something is wrong. Been there done that. I also at times have the clicking. I blev that is from lower level tonsils being inflamed and swollenjoy and that is what does that. If you dnt have yr tonsils, then that blows that theory out of the water. Breathe..remember to breathe deep, I read where that takes out alot of the acid somehow..when panicked, try yr hardest to breathe and remember, this won't kill's just a feeling..hate you are struggling..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Is the endoscopy the light down yr nose and throat? If not I haven't had an endoscopy but he did do a scope dwn my nose thru my throat. He didn't say anything about my esophagus or stomach. I took the baking soda both mornings on empty stomach and felt good both days. Not sure about low acid. I'm assuming since I feel better taking the soda that I must have high acid. Does tht sound right? Just a Lil globus due to a bit of a stressful day. Do you feel the globus also in yr upper chest and lie a Lil trembling feeling in throat and upper chest? I just don't want to deal with not being able to get a deep breath again. Tht was horrid. So I will prob stay on soda, but hoping it won't harm kidneys..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie, the endoscopy is where it goes into oesophagus and stomach, I've had the throat one done and he said all fine, need the stomach one done next.

      Other soda works by neutralising acid so probably why it works though I'm sure I read this shouldn't be a long term solution 🤔 Have you tried digestive enzymes with each meal? I've just started, I do feel it in my chest and it feels tense in my stomach area...

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Digestive enzymes??

      Seems like I need to stop gettin full at meals..I seem to do better when doing that. Seems at supper time when I eat and feel myself getting full is when I start gettin the feeling like I can't catch my breath..yea about soda, done that a few times but of late I'm doing a T. ACV in with cup of water. This seems to help eeven better. Reading the side effects if ppi's just makes me nervous takin thm. I read where yr chances if dying by taking ppi's increases by 50%. It's so hard anymore knowing what to do. So confusing anymore. I know I should just trust the dr. Yet you hear so many stories where so many dr's are bought by the big pharms..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie, read about digestive enzymes, if you get full too quickly or feel like it's just sitting there it may be you're not digesting your food sufficiently, I'm only taking the lansoprazole while on holiday so to not get this acid feeling and ruin my holiday, I hate taking them, I need to have an endoscopy to see if it's something in my stomach causing this, if not I will pay to see my nutritionist again, I'm getting quite fed up of it, do you still have a feeling of needing to clear your throat? It's driving me mad!!!

    • deon28030 deon28030 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie, 

      Thank you for  your message and advice. Yes I do still have my tonsils so that makes sense. 

       I've given up on doctors knowing how to treat this. But  i've become so used to it, it's just life now. I hope you're doing well.  and yes, I will remember to breathe full and deep. 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Oh yea, still clearing, but doesnt seem to be quite as bad but I do still have feeling of it or whatever, in my throat. Some days it feels more on one side than the other. But yea, still feels like the phglm in my throat but I do have to say the ACV dies seem to help. Yes, do what you need to do to enjoy yr trip. Have fun! Try yr hardest not to think on it. Mine gets to me mostly at night and for sure at bedrime..sad

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Mine seems worse first thing in morning and last thing at night, I have the feeling of phlegm being stuck quite low down, right at the bottom of my throat, I assume it's around where my oesophagus meets my throat, it feels scratchy and irritated, not sure if that's to do with the throat clearing 🤔

      I'd enjoy holiday even more if I didn't have this!! 

      I hope the ACV works for you, I'm trying that again! Best wishes

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Yep mornings and nights worse. Was just stressed almost in a panic due to alot of flies some how gettin into my house and omg the globus is horrid right now. Soooo sure looks like that nasty stress has something to do with it as well as certain foods..prayers lifted for us all..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      I get what you mean with the flies!! Drive me mad too!!!

      Well I agree, stress and diet definitely doesn't help, I went out for curry and beer last night so that's not good 🤣

      I do hope this hideous condition will disappear for us all soon 

    • camillia06918 camillia06918 deon28030

      Hi Deon,

      I am experiencing a very similar situation. It all started last fall and it stills driving me crazy. I thought as well of going to NYC to see Kauffman but since I saw an ENT and many others specialists,  I try to trust their diagnosis and give a try to their solutions. I would be really interested to hear about your apointment with one of theses doctors you mentioned, if you decide to go. I want my life back, with normal eating habits and normal breathing. If you have any questions, feel free to write me back. Since this journey began, I've collected an impressive amount of helpfull information about this condition. We must help each other! take care

    • katie16755 katie16755 camillia06918

      Hi camillia, if you have any helpful information you'd be willing to share to help us with this irritating condition, I'd be very grateful! 

      All I ever seem to find are that it's caused by silent reflux, so I'm wondering a hiatus hernia, then this globus will never go until that is fixed, or stress, well I suffer from that!! 

      I didn't really suffer from acid until i was put on lansoprazole, since coming off them I suffered badly, I've now had to go back on them 😒 Even on them my throat hasn't cleared up, surely it would have done if caused by reflux? Who knows!!

      Any other information would be great! 😊

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755


      Katie ,just an experiment here but worth trying. When I had blood workup it showed my B12 was low so she told me to go get over the counter 1000 mg. I did. I also got back on my curcumin ( read up on this, great for inflammation). I also started back up on my vit. D...I drink at least one cup of green tea daily. What I'm trying to say is, so far my glibus is almost gone. Has felt so much better for a few days. I'm not saying I'm cured, I don't know yet. But am going to continue these simple steps and see what happens..just keeping you as wrll ands others updared. Wondering if it's the B12, cuz iv done all the rest in early past..hopefully this may help somebody..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Really? Olive oil works??? Good to know. I pray this keeps working for me..I can't swear that's what helps but all I can think of iv done different for it to feel better. Will c. I just went to walmart and got a bottle .let me know if it helps you as well..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      That's brilliant news!! Really hope it helps cure you!!

      Unfortunately for me I had my B12 tested and they are good, so is my vitamin D, I've been taking Turmeric in spray form for a while now so obviously not working for me!!

      When you say olive oil, how do you take it? Swallow it neat? And is there a time you do this? Before meals? I eat a lot of olive oil anyway but I will try neat.

      I also take slippery Elm as this  is soothing for your throat and oesophagus, no luck yet!!!

      Best of luck to you though 😊

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Oh Katie,

      So so sorry...I was sure hoping I could have been on to so.ething that would help all of us. I see you are into natural remedies as well. I am really wanting to go organic. Got to do all this heathy stuff in small increments. It's all so overwhelming. I think iv hot every essential oil known..(well, not all, maybe like 13) iv got the salt lamp. I use the Himalayan salt to cook with, I use natural soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, false e conditioners. I do all the coconut oil's just never enough..I guess eating healthy is the most important, yet hardest one to do..I am stopping the chips and prepackaged snacks. Trying to cook like's so hard tho when ya work..but that's my goal. My cholesterol was a bit high. Eating much more fruit, beans and praying eventu ally this all will pay off if I can do it..not giving up on you...something will come up. I'm going to keep researching and keep you informed..take care

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi Terrie, that's ok! I'll find something one day!!

      I use all natural things, have done for years, I've eaten organically for years too, I eat mainly a "paleo" diet, no gluten or sugar and I do feel much better for being this way but still suffer with this Globus 😒 I do however enjoy a beer so maybe this is what needs to stop 😂

      I will also keep on trying to find a cure!! 

      I will have to research into olive oil!! More researching 🙄

      Have a great day! 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      It appears since our medical facilities refuse to accept natural healings we must do all the research ourselves. We deserve the medical degrees..wink if ya haven't already, ck out and search for acid reflux. Has a good bit of info on there. May be of so.e help. I was thinking as well that I was still doing ACV as needed b4. Like last night I had spaghetti and took me some b4 hand. I didn't have any problems to really speak of from again, could be. Combination..will c. Good luck in yr researching!!!

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    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hiya! Well I've suffered from chronic fatigue and anxiety for 18 years so I had to go down the natural route to try and heal myself as no help elsewhere!!

      I need to get off of lansoprazole to start healing my stomach again as it's messed my stomach even more 😒

      I'm worried I've got a hiatus hernia but will look into this after holiday

      Hope yours continues to feel better!!

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755

      Hello Katie

      Yes, I take the olive oil orally.

      1 tbsp in the morning on an empty stomach 

      1 tbsp before lunch

      1 tbsp before dinner 

      I have see a lot of improvements with this in my digestion and my globus.  Cross my fingers that it continues to work.

      I also started massaging my neck with castor oil since the skin is our largest organ and castor oil has tons of antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties and also I'm massaging it on my tummy.

      Maybe I'm crazy but I think that what we put in the skin gets absorbed so I started using it in replacement of deodorant and it works! My glands under my underarms were swollen and now they not. Also takes care of the smell since it kills bacteria.

      Good luck and share your thoughts everyone!

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Hi charo, that's great thanks!!i will start tonight!

      I have caster oil so I will start that too!! I put that on my eyelashes at night to help them grow longer!!

      That's odd you say that about glands under armpits as mine were always coming up, since I use ACV instead of deodorant they don't come up!!

      I'll let you know if olive oil helps!! 😊

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755

      ACV under your arms?

      That is true, is also antibacterial 

      Looks like we are in the right track 

      For sure this is a inflammation of the glands in the throat and we need to treat it like that.

      Let's continue sharing any new ideas that we have !

      Love this site

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Wow great to know. I also have gland under arm. Will put ACV on 2nite. Dnt have castor oil. I wonder about olive oil or coconut oil...I love, love all natural ideas. I do know lemon essential oil purifies lymph system...

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Hiya, my husband thinks I'm mad putting ACV under my armpits but it works, smells at first but then it goes quickly!! 

      I use frankincense oil too as meant to. E relaxing! I'll mix with caster oil tonight and rub in the tummy and throat area! 

      Does your tummy feel tender slightly hard to touch in the upper stomach, I guess where the stomach meets the oesophagus, between the rib cages?

      I've been reading about deep breathing to cure a hiatus hernia, will try and do along with everything else 🙄

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Katie, For sure, wondering if I can get big enough of a bottle to soak in..hahaha

      Hey got a question for any who reads these. Do any of you eat food while still hot? I'm bad about that. My mouth seems to handle hot food pretty well. Just wondering if that could cause it?? I know weird...but just a thot for something..

    • charo88321 charo88321 terrie27149

      I'm having suggy everything!

      I started doing the dry brush to activate my circulation and lymphedema.  I'm also using this exfoliating rock in the shower.

      I want to research for a soap that is natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredient because even if we have a clean diet if we putting in the skin is same as if we eating it . The skin is our largest organ so we should take care of it too . 

      What do you all think about that?

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Firm believer as well. We have a simply soap place I get my soap from. Or I get it from Lil country stores that sell homemade soaps. I checked online how to make my own. I Made soap powder but not soap yet.

      I tried scrubby thing for skin but ouch it hurt..I dnt put any chemicals on skin thru lotions. Wish _I could find a.a natural makeup

    • deon28030 deon28030 camillia06918

      Hi Camillia,

            I've decided not to see them at this point. I think they would treat it through drugs and medication and I'm not willing to do that. Like you, I've had this since last fall and at this point I think I'm just so used to it that it feels normal...Although I would love to be free of it. I hope to be able to heal myself. Whether it just takes time, or changing my eating habits. I haven't changed anything too drastically lately, except taking up alcohol. rolleyes

       When I spoke to the receptionist for Kauffman, she said to follow the guidelines of her book "Dropping Acid." Like I said, I'm not doing that at the moment but may have to. 

      My symptoms are not as horrible as they used to be. I would say I have a clicking in my throat, phlegm feeling constantly, clogged ears, and a crawling, bubbling sensation, sometimes a lump. The best thing for me is not to focus on it. But this past week, it hasn't been so pleasant. 

      I do think we need to help each other, and I appreciate you reaching out. What do you feel has helped you? 

      Take care, and I'm sorry your going through this. 

    • deon28030 deon28030 terrie27149

      Hi everyone, You girls are very funny, and I think saying a lot of important things. I like the castor oil idea, I too have swollen lymphs in my armpits. 

      I thought I was getting rid of this globus by ignoring it, but it is still there. It's hard to know what to do to heal, olive oil, acv, they all seem promising. Keep it up! Thanks for the community. I hope this all gets figured out for each of us! 

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Funny that we all seem to suffer with glands up under our armpits 🤔

      Yep will all carry on trying and hope one of us figures out the answer soon, I do believe being as natural as you can be helps our bodies enormously, in the UK we have quite a good selection of organic natural skin and make up.

      I do think however stress is the biggest toxic thing to our bodies and I'm not good with that!! Started meditation now to try a help with that.

      Best of luck to you all 😊

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      I am in Ohio of the United is strange that so far 4 of our glands under arms are swollen as well..could be a link..yes for sure could be glands throughout our body, specifically in our throars. Mmmmm...see ppl we gettin somewhere...wink

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      I've had swollen Lymph nodes for many years on and off, Drs say it's chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E) but with all my other weird symptoms I wonder about Lyme disease but the Drs said not, very odd! Will find out one day!!

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Turmeric and olive leaf extract ( not olive oil) good for inflammation, funny as I had my CRP levels tested ( which test for inflammation) and mine are low, doesn't make much sense! 

      Have you guys had your tested? 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      I have too. One under my arm, a couple in neck area.

      Dr. Never made comment on them..globus is back 2nite..sad

      Really not sure why. Haven't done much different. But did get stressed today while canning tomatoes a jar broke and tomatoes went all over the kitchen..ahhhh. so wondering if that brought it on..taking tumeric capsules daily..Mmmm well I read where your acid being low can cause globus. .maybe that's yr is due. Low acid. Health news gives good info. Research there..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Charo, have you tried taking tumeric? I have read you have to make sure it has pepper ingredient in thm or the body won't absorb it. I bought mine w/o it before I knew tht so I take along with tsp honey and 1/4 tsp pepper( black..) oh I sure hope we can figure this out..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Are you ready for this 😂😂

      Started 20 years ago with stomach problems, mainly nausea, was a teenager going out drinking too much!

      Then went on to: balance problems 

      Anxiety, foggy headed, ( can't think straight) extra heart beats, muscle twitching, fatigue,  now muscle pains and of course globus!!! I'm sure there are many more but my main symptoms 🤣

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      I'm sorry it's back 😞 I do believe stress is a big factor.

      Well I've read that low stomach acid is a big factor and also causes acid reflux, so surely the omeprazole I've been put on to lower acid is making everything worse 😡 The problem is now when I come off them it gets 10x worse, I hate medication...

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Turmeric has to be mixed with pepper and some form of fat ( coconut oil etc) fit your body to be able to absorb it properly, I take mine in a spray form that already has the other ingredients in to make it absorbable to the body

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Yea, my platelet count was a tad low, therefore the B12. Not sure if they cked my iron. Will ck and c.

      Girl, you have nothing on me, ya ready...dull pain behind my eyes, periodontal disease, (under control) deviated septum, caused from very narrow passages. Fibrocystic disease, tinnitis, acid reflux, diversticulitis...need I say more? Lol..nothing major praise the lord, but nuisances none the less...I too have anxiety at times, heart palpitations, and muscle aches at times especially if I happen to use course the blasted globus which I put under the acid title..not real.sure about tht tho. Thinkin the globus is closer to going under the anxiety title...

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      I was putting black pepper in honey taking along with it, but katie said you have to use like coconut oil..yr body can't absorb just the tumeric. It needs something such as black pepper, which helps it to stick. They have the tumeric capsules with that ingredient if ya dnt want to worry about all that. But I found that out after buying plain ones from walmart. So I'm going to get me some more.

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Oh dear, what are we like!! Oh yes I get pain behind eyes too! 

      Also I have for years had bumps in nails, mainly thumbs ( beaus lines) dr said usually caused by illness but can't find illness in my body 🤔 All rather odd 😂

      As mine started suddenly ( globus and acid) I really think I have caused myself a hiatus hernia, unless it's all caused. Y stress 🤔

      Oh I don't breath properly either 😂 One dr said I am suffering from hyperventilation syndrome.

      Falling to pieces!! 

    • charo88321 charo88321 terrie27149


      Like you said ,Thank God you don't have nothing major, but none the less you have to concentrate in feeling better, we all want to feel better, don't we?

      On my side, I have Lymphedema recently diagnosed ,not because of cancer but apparently I have the primary type which I was born with . I always had problems with swelling but now is out of control and I think it got into my whole head and neck and is causing mayor issues like pain behind my eyes, head and causing my globus sensation. 

      I also went thru a breath test that lasted 3 hrs and they found I have bacterial overgrowth in my gut.

      I do have a lot of stress lately with my job.  I'm trying to eat the best I can and keep moving.

      Love to hear your thoughts 

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755


      I have pain behind my eyes too!

      To the point that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with sharp pains and can't open the affected eye. I have to take pain killers and ant inflammatory drugs. Last time it kill my whole day , couldn't do anything. It happens usually when I eat something inflammatory before going to bed like process foods.

      But sometimes I eat the same foods and nothing happens.

      Is really strange.

      After googling looks like is a corneal eruption 🌋 

      Just my luck !

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Yea, I have powder as well from healthfood store. I use it in my cooking..I really think it helps the inflammation if we really do right with it..not sure if shaved root has to have the BioPerine in it or not..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Hey Katif and Charo and anyone else that is suffeting. Found this on another group called Reflex Oesophagitis, this guy John was healed by strengthening his weakened esophageal sphincter. He strengthened it by drinking carbonated water, 8 oz. 4 x a day and NOT ALLOWING HIMSELF TO BURP FOR AT LEAST 10 to20 MINUTES AFTERWARDS EACH TIME. it builds the muscle up.last of the day is 1 hr or less b4 bed. He is swearing by it and telling ppl to please try it. It took a month for complete healing but you notice a difference in a few days. He said at first it's a bit uncomfortable, but gets easier. Also raise bed up 7 to 8 in. When you can lay flat w/o acid do 1 x week ..also some were saying hemp was good and magnesium spray for heart palps. Anyway, just thot. Didn't tho recommend if you have a hienal hernia..sad

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Interesting! Will take a look! I also read bananas help strengthen the oesophagul sphincter, you say he doesn't recommend if you have a hiatus hernia though 🤔

      I guess until I have an endoscopy I won't know.

      I know when I don't breath properly it feels worse.

      There's also an exercise to do online by drinking warm water first thing on empty stomach, putting arms up to open the area, lifting yourself up then dropping suddenly a few times to bring the stomach back down to where it should be, may be worth a try too!! 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Yes of course, and like katie if I dot think on these issues, I feel pretty good. God is food to me for sure. So iv never heard of Lymphedema..nor a primary of it. So glad it's not the "bad" kind. We are b all going too be just fine and 2gether we are ready going to help figure this out with some powerful guidance.wink We CAN DO THIS!!HAVE a great day girls...

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      When my globus first started I wasn't so worried but as soon as I started researching and then read about Barrett's oesophagus caused by acid I then developed terrible acid!! The more I think about my problems the worse they get!! ....think I'm a nut job 🤣🤣

      have a great day too! 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      That's one I don't have..I do have a knot in my neck that 3 dr. And a pathologist say is a muscle. But wouldn't you know that two ppl I talked too of late knew someone with neck cancer. What are the flipping odds...ahhhh not going to worry like I have for past 2 yrs. Not going to...nope!!!

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Oh god no! Definitely don't worry about that, it will make globus worse!!

      I don't have a lump but always have a painful neck and upper back/ shoulders, in fact I feel like I've been beaten up today!!

      Maybe I need to be on the hypochondria site, not globus 😂

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Lol..I was just telling someone at work about me and about this site and she asked laughing "what is it a hypochondriac site.", .lol..I do feel like that tho most days I am one. But jeesh this stuff is real..yea, my necks been aching as well..oh well WHATEVER...good Lords wink

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Are you talking about nails? 

      Vertical lines are normal ( normal part of ageing!) 

      Mine are bumps in my thumb nails ( called beaus lines) have had them years but they indicate illness according to Google 😬😬

      I've just woken and decided to do the bicarbonate of soda test that was online to see if I have excess stomach acid, well if the test is correct I have insufficient acid as I didn't burp within 5 minutes 🙊 Have you guys tried it? 

    • charo88321 charo88321 katie16755


      How you know so much stuff!

      I don't have bumps but I wonder what kind of sickness are a sign of. What I've. Been getting lately is this bumming pressure in my head when I wake up !

      I never get aches and yesterday and today also my back 

      My husband says that I always feel bad but is true 

      The doctor prescribe this antibiotic for my bacteria overgrowth , I'm going to start tomorrow and I'm afraid is going to make me more sick 😷 

      Is just overwhelming!

      lol 😂 

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      It's just years of feeling under the weather and lots of research 😂😂

      It might all be to do with the bacteria in your gut, my husband always says I always feel unwell too!! It's not true I just have annoying symptoms!!!

      When you take your medicine just think to yourself that they are going to cure you of your problems!! Positive!! ( I'm not good at that!) 

      Make sure you take a really strong probiotic with your antibiotics but not at the same time ( hour or so apart) 

      Best of luck!! 😊

    • katie16755 katie16755 charo88321

      Ahh ok, too much good bacteria? Well antibiotics will wipe the whole lot out so could maybe add good bacteria after to replenish 🤔 I'm sure they know what they're talking about so do what they say 😊

      Let me know how you go 😊

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 charo88321

      Charo, have you considered doing a.complete body cleanse and.soaking in Epson salt and.essential oils. Your body is overloaded with chemicals it seems..You are on the right path..that bacteria can cause all kinds of symptoms. Researching is so overwhelming at times. We don't know anymore who to trust or whose in it for biggest profits. Sad, but do what seems natural. I think the good Lord gives us a.feeling inside to know what feels natural. If it doesn't feel natural for you, don't do it. I am also thinking about going to a homopathic..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      You need to take 1/4tsp bicarbonate of soda in 6 oz water on an empty stomach if you burp after 2-3 mins I think you have sufficient acid, if it's before that time then too much acid, if you don't burp at all ( like me) then little acid!! 

      I am going to see a nutritionist once I've seen a gastroenterologist to see if she can sort me out!!! 

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      I got a swallowing problem 2 years ago after biting a hard piece of pasta it broke my tooth in two and the pain that shocked my nerves was terrible, now I am so wary and can feel every crumb going down and it irritates my throat, I have had ent problems for 9 years did need a sinus op but now they say I don't, they told me to drink 3 llitres of water a  day and I feel sometimes that my food just sits on top of all that liquid, when I eat my nose runs but feel when I blow that the food that is on its way down is getting trapped because of the nose blow, I have tried many herbs and drank way to strong fresh lemon in water and have as result eroded my teeth most likely my throat and caused a hernia, I also have thyroid nodules which they say should not cause this problem, the particles of food after eating around my mouth drive me nutty, I cough mucus also, I try to drink some water after eating but then the burps come, lost a lot of weight, it is truly a scary illness, I have just started taking noni juice (from ebay) twice a day 1 hour before eating it is supposed to be good for stomach, inflammation etc, I cant swallow a pill (freaks me out0 and I used to swallow horse piils and multivits about 12 in one go, nobody understands this illness but i do sometimes try the waterpik to flush my tonsils and get lots of trapped food out but it can make me gag, am waiting to see speech therapist and maxillofacial specialist for my clicky jaw, am sick of putting bits of food back on my napkin that i can't swallow, where are you in the UK I am from Preston, Lancashire, thinking of trying hpynotherapy !!

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Hi Susan, poor you to have so long, I've only had for 6/7 months and am feeling quite depressed about it now. I actually had my tonsils removed a few years ago due to having tonsil stones all the time.

      i don't seem to have a problem swallowing food but every time I eat or drink I seem to burp and suffer acid daily, I also used to drink lemon water every morning, so maybe I have caused myself a hiatus hernia, this really worries as I've read having continuous acid can contribute to Barrett's oesophagus.

      im waiting for an appointment with a gastroenterologist, did you have an endoscopy? 

      Im in Kent! 


    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      Yes I have had everything done if you have the endoscopy have it while lightly sedated as I heaved that hard I pulled all my neck/back muscles and have knots in them now, I bur p lots and read that holding the burp helps but I dont know what that means can (anyone on here explain ?), I feel a lot of gurgling at the top of my stomach,  when I eat (doesnt matter what ) I feel the mucus building in throat but I make myself continue eating and slow my breathing down, I am eating ham sandwidhes right now cus I am past caring I dont eat anything with seeds as they are worse if stuck

      Read up on Noni Jiuce and Fenugreek Tincture I am using both for a few days, what about alka seltzer ?? I had some earlier but feel no different, what about schuessler tissue salts spray it's a muscle relaxant

      Mother in law sniffs a lot and says aaaahhh a lot too

      Wish i could just be with somebody with the same as me who could watch and tell me what to do to get rid of it, I walk  around a lot after eating as well

      Bye for now


    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755


      Forgot to say I have started drinking watermelon juice (2 litre for £2 at tesco) it's low in sugar and don't drink sour ones like cranberry orange pineapple is way to sweet

      Water is tasteless though and can sometimes make me feel sick

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Hiya, yes my stomach gurgles a lot too, I'm going to ask to be put to sleep or I'd panic, I was fine with the throat one but won't be with the stomach one!! 

      Im sure I've got a hernia, I don't want to take medication to I'd have to have an op which petrifies me!! 

      The restraining from burping I think is to try and strengthen the oesophageal sphincter, there are also some exercises to do online.

      Did the specialist say what to do about your hernia? 

      Ill look up the juice! I take so many other things 😂

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Ahh I bought watermelon juice from Holland &Barret the other day! I'm ok with water, that's all I drink really.

      i think all of us on here have tried lots of different things, I know charo's is caused by a bacteria so went on the sibo diet, look into that! 


    • meg 46791 meg 46791 katie16755

      Hi katie,

      I'm so glad I've found this site, I've had this tight swollen feeling in the front of my throat for a few months, I first noticed it in June this year it lasted a few days and went away so I thought no more about it, then in August it came back! I went to the doctors 3 times in 1 week and made made them refer me to ENT ,I was fast tracked and seen within 10 days ,I had the camera up my nose and down my throat and all was fine, but I'm having my neck scanned on monday, I have an under active thyroid and my levels have dropped from 2.7 to 1.3 in 6 months so they've increased my thyroxine, but..... I also had lyme disease in may which I contracted in Cyprus in early May, I did have a 3 week course of antibiotics but it seems strange to me that I only seem to have this problem with my neck / thyroid since having lyme disease, it also gave me painful ears which has now turned into bouts of tinnitus but in the UK no one knows anything about the long term implications of lyme disease, blood tests are unreliable so I feel like I'm banding my head against a brick wall!!!! 😔

    • katie16755 katie16755 meg 46791

      Hi meg, I’m sorry to hear you’re having this nightmare symptom too.

      it could well be related to Lyme as it has so many symptoms but very difficult to tell. Have you been very stressed?

      ive worried for years that I have lymes as I’ve had very odd symptoms over the last 20 globus is just another on the list!! My Lyme test came back negative 🤔

      i do have POTs so that can cause odd symptoms, I saw the gastroenterologist today, he is doing an endoscopy in 4 weeks, something to look forward to 😬😬 in the meantime he said try not to think about it and definitely don’t research about it! Makes things worse!!!

    • susan82641 susan82641 katie16755

      Hi Katie....I just stumbled on to this website. Thank you and everyone for your input that someone like me can find this when they google. By reading this it made me feel better to know I'm not crazy! 😂I'm very happy I did stumble on to these discussions because I have had the symptom of something stuck in my throat since this Aug 21 (2017). Prior I had some coin like rashes on my legs and arms that I had diagnosed as exzema and given ointment with a steroid. After dealing with these rashes I went into ER-hospital with a fever of 102 and thought I had the flu this July 14. They did full work up and sent me home saying probably viral. Anyway followed up with my gastro Dr 5 weeks later and they did endoscopy, colonoscopy, barium swallow. Endoscopy showed tiny hihatel hernia. Tiny bit inflammation in stomach. Barium swallow showed stripping of primary stripping wave and little acid reflux. So I'm on esomeprazole. Crazy my bloods were perfect on July 14 but by Aug 28th my bloods my dr wasn't going to take bloods because the last nloods I did in ER were good. So I convinced her to take new bloods because of the feeling I had in my throat. Couple of days later I got s call from dr saying bloods  were a little elevated showing inflammation, high colestrol and liver enzymes very slightly elevated. So that day went on strick diet .. lost 17 pound .. took another blood test and numbers got better but the feeling of something stuck in throat  I still have. I also got a sonogram have some fatty liver. I don't drink and no hepatitis. I did get my gallbladder out 2 yrs ago on emergency because it was twisted. I'm a little overweight and can use a couple pounds off me. I was told to take medicine for acid reflux and feeling in my throat and loose weight and make better health choices to get rid of fatty liver. Crazy In Jun 2015 I had colonoscopy and endoscopy and dr said I could have been in text book because I looked great. Blood were good and liver. Then I get gallbladder out and weight comes on, I get these blood readings and now I feel something stuck in my throat. I was lucky for 2 days it went away a few days ago but right now it's been back yesterday and today ... I feel like I'm going insane! I've been to the Ent and they scoped me and sent sleep study to my house. So I did sleep study and the night I did the sleep study I had the globus feeling in my throat. Sleep study comes back with obstruction sleep apnea with 19 episodes on the hr.  I'm thinking because of me snoring or maybe mouth open when I sleep ...drying me out is creating some of this feeling along with maybe needing a digestive enzym. Now they gave me the newest sleep apnea machine 2 days ago and the first night I tried it the humidifier was not turn up High and it made me worst and I couldn't sleep with machine. I was wondering how the hell does people use this. It caused me more anxiety. So Last night I realized that the humidifier thats attached to apnea machine could be put on 5 which is  the highest for humitifing and I felt better. But here is something I noticed my original reading from my sleep study said obstructed but none of my test and even Ent scopes show anything wrong. First night I used the machine. It's dream mapper app registered same (obstructed) without humidifier and with humidifier I got better.  I m thinking anything to bring inflammation down, natural digestive enzym, this apnea machine the dream station should be prescribed for globus because of the humidifier. It seems to be helpful. I used it watching tv. The other thing about this dream machine is that it has an app that you can monitor when you use it .... it breaks down and monitors usage, obstruction, air input & output, sleeping hrs. I'm going to be keeping close watch on how I feel Vs what the readings show. I only have it since Friday and I'm learning how to use it still. Very technical. Any input is welcome... sorry for run on but I figure I'll through my story out incase it might Ring a bell for someone or feedback for me. Best SM

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan82641

      Hi Susan! It’s a very odd condition indeed! 

      What I don’t understand is on the first endoscopy a small hiatus hernia but the 2 nd not 🤔 do they just disappear. My globus is definitely to do with my acid, just need to wait for endoscopy which I’m petrified about 😬

      how are are you doing?

    • susan82641 susan82641 katie16755

      Hi Katie.. when I had scope in Jan 2015 no hernia and dr said I could be in text book. Now have a little hernia .. a little bit inflammation of end of stomach.  I'm wondering if it's bile reflux instead of acid on me. Also I feel it has something to do with hormones.🤔 They want me to have a Bravo Test & monometry test( don't know if I spelled righ lol) for swallow now. Don't be afraid of the test..  Be preventative by knowing the results on what your dealing with. My girlfriend has hihatel hernia also and acid reflux  and symptoms like us with gloves and while on her medication started to take digestive enzyme then she came off omeprazole and started taking original papaya enzyme by America health after meals and she's fine. Of course eats clean most of the time. That enzyme you can get on amazon cheap. I'm figuring with this crazy flare up I'm trying to head down road my girlfriend is. I wake up ok but then I get feeling of globes as day goes on. Let's pray today globus takes it walking papers from all of us soon. 

    • charo88321 charo88321 susan82641

      Wow 😮 

      You really have a lot of issues and having this thing stuck in the throat doesn’t help !

      Definitely is inflammation. No doubt about it. Inflammation can come from different sources and I’m sure our sources are different but we all have information in common.

      So we all have to fight inflammation with diet, exercise , yoga, meditation and habits. 

      Like I have adopted this habit now that before I shower I dry brush from the top of my head to my feet, then I shower with this soap that I bought that has essential oils and while I’m full of soap I give myself a lymphatic massage ( google it) then I dry myself giving my skin a little wake up, rub myself with cold compressed organic castor oil ( that fights inflammation) mix with this cream that I found that is a detox cream that contains seaweed, a lot of different oils and eucalyptus then proceed to put it all over my body. Neck specially. If we all can share something that we are doing to get better we will be able to help each other. 🙏

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan82641

      Hiya, I have tried enzymes but maybe not for long enough 🤔

      I’m having the endoscopy with just throat spray to numb, we’re you sedated for yours? These tests do scare me but I’ve had for 9 months now so need to know what’s going on.

      I agree with charo, inflammation is a problem, I eat healthily but mine probably comes through stress so need to breath properly and meditate, I bought an infrared said to detox myself too as I don’t exercise enough

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      Had it done twice without sedation you will be fine it takes 5 minutes thats all and the numb wears off after 20/30 minutes do you know that the lump feeling can be just a trapped air bubble and you say you dont burp !!!! or if a hernia the food sits in a pouch thats when the acid comes out as the stomach is open I am sick of sneezing while eating now as that is causing the neck problem and god knows where my food is going wishing you well

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Hi Susan, ahh thank you, I’m still dreading it though 😬 do you only gag when it goes in or does it constantly make you feel like that?

      I don’t have a lump feeling as such now, just something sharp and scratchy around Adam’s apple area, I need to keep clearing it, I know they say not to but sometimes it does clear it! 

      I still have constant gurgling in throat and acid.

      cant believe how much this takes over your life!!! 

    • susan82641 susan82641 charo88321

      Hi Charo

      Thank you for your sharing!!!!because I know every time I get major crazy flare

      ups of Inflammation over the yrs and was sent for a scan and they see tiny lymph nodes for instance in my thoracic area. In 2010 had to get biopsy seven nodes taken out ( they were benign- thank God) but had a lot of tiny ones in area. They said pathology reading was exposed to foreign body and reactive meaning sensitive to something that's triggering inflammation. Now this crazy throat thing with these other skin exzema on my limbs. Definitely flare up but In back of my head this lymphnode flat ups I keep saying has something definitely to do with it. Only in the inside of  me they are you can't see them of feel them. This is why I was thinking what ever it is with these skin rashes it coming from inside out. They gave me clobetasol and they are pretty much gone, I dropped 17 pounds because of fatty liver and doing anything that is anti/ inflammatory.

      Since My recent MRI should the nodes like in the  The prior in 2010.  I'm paying close attention as I drop weight, do lots of anti inflammatory things, maybe IV Vitamin drip and use this keep using this sleep apnea machine to see if there is improvement like I had in 2011 up until Aug 21, 2017.  Since Aug 21 something triggered this but I really wasn't taking care of myself that great after my gallbladder came out in Jan 2015.  I think what you wrote in your blog was awesome and sounds like I should start asap. Specially because lymphatic massage. 

      -What do you use to dry brush from the top of my head to my feet, 

       -What's the name of soap that I can buy that has essential oils

      -What's the brand name of the cold compressed organic castor oil ( that fights inflammation) 

      -What the name of cream that is a detox cream that contains seaweed, a lot of different oils and eucalyptus 

      Thanks a bunch for sharing ... sound like a good plan for me to follow specially with skin issue and lymph issue and this globus 👍🏻Thanks again best always ...much appreciated!!SM

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Turmeric is also good for inflammation, I use the dLux range as it’s in it’s bioavailable form already.

      You can buy the brushes from most places, and online, just put in skin brushes, you can look online and it will show you how to do it 😊

      Have you looked in to infrared saunas for detoxing? 

    • susan82641 susan82641 katie16755

      Hi Katie... don't worry.. it's quick! I've had them so many times. Every time I go to my EnT. They spray you to numb the area. Take a look and they can even show you the video right after if you ask. The spray I think feels good because it helps my throat the rest of the day. Just listen to his direction you'll be ok I promise👍🏻🙏🏻 Hey if it gets to the bottom of this annoyance of Globus. Then just stick it out. I also get every 2-3 yrs endoscopy & colonoscopy but get knock out... they call it a double dip in NYC hospitals I just learned on my last visit.  Sending positive thoughts your way for got results and relief👍🏻best SM

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan82641

      Hi Susan, so are you sedated for the endoscopy or do they just use spray? When I’ve been to the ENT and they look in my throat with the camera I’m ok with that, don’t even have spray but for the endoscopy when they go into my stomach I’m not sure if I should be sedated but then I can’t drive after 😬

      I’m worried I’ll gag so much they won’t get the tube down 😬 all this anxiety just makes my globus and acid worse 🤣

      Wow, they are thorough where you live! We don’t get checked out like that unless there’s a problem!!

    • susan82641 susan82641 katie16755

      Good morning Katie

      Definitely get sedated because even if they don't see anything they still take biopsies of the different sections of upper GI and submit to pathology. I wouldn't want to be awake for that process because the procedure task a bit for what it envolves.  You won't feel anything if they knock  you out  . You'll be relaxed. You'll need someone to pick you up. Ive had about 5 done already with no problems. Best of Luck☘️

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Katie, keeping up with you on here. That's a sweet sleep so try not to worry. When are you having it done, I 4get. I will remember to say a prayer for good outcome and peace during the precedure and even before. Matter in fact I'm going to start now...wink You will have peace till all over..wink keep us updated..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      I'm pretty good. Awoke a few nights ago out of the blue trembling. Like a panic attack. But when I went to bed I wasn't even stressed. Don't know what tht was all about. Throat still irritated. But iv been doing pretty good other than that ..ears still ringing to beat the band, but might as well accept tht ridge shaped knot still on skull. That worries me ya hate ya u soon going to get some answers. That makes for peace of mind..Have a peaceful night...wink in prayers..wink

    • nick2510 nick2510 katie16755

      Hi Katie and everyone reading this.... I am currently 19 years old and back in August I choked on a piece of steak and had a panic attack thinking I was going to choke and die. I went to the ER and it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

      All turned out well but I had that feeling that something was stuck in my throat so I had an endoscopy an Barium Swallow Test and all came back clear. 2 months later and I still have this throat tightness/lump (it is more present other times) and when I try to eat sometimes it feels like my throat is closing up and other times I can eat more but either way I eat very very slow now. 

      Does anyone have any idea what it could be from? I've never had problems with anxiety before and I feel like I am quite young to have acid reflux....

      Please help and offer any advice, thank you!

    • susan82641 susan82641 nick2510

      Hi Nick

      I'm in same boat as you ...mine started Aug 21 out of nowhere. Had endoscopy, colonoscopy, barium swallow and now they suggested monometry & bravo test.. I'm exhausted from tests. Just hang in there . I'm right with you. I gotta tell ya I started the cpap machine for sleep apnea on Friday because my ENT had me do sleep study. Sleep study showed sleep apnea so they assigned a breathing coach..... he told me he gets so many people having these symptoms and some get relief. So this week 2 days I was really good then next 2 day it came back but I've been playing with the features on this newest machine model and masks. I down loaded the app that keeps track of obstructions, airflow, hrs you sleep and so on ( app is call dream mapper). Now Im really keeping track and Ill see if it helps at all.  So good thing is we know this lump in throat/ stuck feeling can leave. Ive been using sleep apnea machine with the humidifier on. The machine preheats the purified water 10 min before I put mask to go to sleep and then turn humidifier up to 5. It's been keeping me from not getting dry up my nose  and down my throat. I think this is really good for people that sleep with there mouth open. Nick relax your not alone! You will be ok! Katie I'll say a prayer for Nov 2nd and keep you in my thoughts. You'll be ok.  Best to all.Wishng health, peace and a clear throat to all🙏🏻

    • katie16755 katie16755 nick2510

      Hi nick, I think with you I’d definitely say that is stress! You’ve not suffered anxiety before but that’s a very stressful thing to happen choking!!

      With me mine is caused by acid but I really believe yours is from that stressful event, it’s amazing what your brain hangs on to!

      You’re not too young for acid as my 10 year old suffers occasionally but in your case I think it’s stress, eventually your brain will forget ( especially if you try and forget and don’t research, like us lot 😂wink 

      I’m sure Drs will try and put you on acid reducing drugs to see if that helps, personally I wouldn’t go down that route, I did and now I continually have acid 😒

      I really think in time you will feel better again, when eating try hard to not think about it as this will only make it worse.

      Sorry I can’t be any more help...

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

      Hi Katie and everyone, 

      I finally folded and am trying acid reflux medicine recommended by a new ENT who says he’s treated over 1000 cases similar to mine. I’ll let you know how it goes. I would love to get rid of this! 

    • deon28030 deon28030 nick2510

      Hi Nick, 

      I’m so sorry your going through this. I don’t have much advice except to be patient. And try to relax about it. I’ve had it for one year🙁 and though it sucks, I still can live my life. Maybe yours will go away. I hope so. 

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Hi deon, I think you have to try it, they helped my acid but not my throat, i was only on them for 2 months so maybe not long enough.

      The only thing I’m annoyed about is recently had bloods done and my haemoglobin has dropped, this has never happened in all the years I’ve been having tests ( I’ve had a lot 😂wink I can only think it’s the lansoprazole as they block nutrients 😒

      I really hope you can get some relief though 😊

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 nick2510

      I agree with Katie, allow ppi's to be last resort. Horrible gettin off thm even after a month like I did. Relaxing techniques help tremendously. Caused by stress I believe as well. Research deep breatbreathing exercises and othr relaxing techniques. Will .I never thot I was anxious till after I had a terrifying moment then bam, all this relaxation helps tremendously..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hiya Terrie, 

      I keep meaning to start breathing exercises as they’ve helped with my other symptoms before but we’ve been moving ( more stress!) and I’ve been busy so just haven’t bothered.

      Have the breathing exercises helped your acid? 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Something is helping. Not sure if it's the continuing of my acv in mornings, cutting back way back on acid inducers, breathing excercises for the globus taking b12, eating more sunflower seeds or all the above, but hey, so much better with acid...thanks 4 asking..wink

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Thanks katie, I even ate Mexican food and it didn't bother me. Now if I can get these ears straightened out. I still occasionally get the globus and mild acid but it is so much better. Hoping u 2 will soon get the answers u r seeking...Working now on trying 2 figure out what will help these ears..

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      That’s so good to hear Terrie!! Hope for us all yet!! 

      Can you just remind me! Did you have acid on a daily basis before? And how long for? I really hope mine disappears soon!! Endoscopy is next Thursday 😬😬

      Hopefully yours ears will follow soon 😊 

      Hopefully we don’t meet on another forum for a different symptom 😂😂

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      Yes that is where it is, I think it's trapped food deep down in throat or tonsil, I coughed a sand grain size of something silver out the other day, it could have been a bit of old broken filling but I don't have silver ones, it wasnt foil,I put a drop of clove oil on a tooth at night and can guarantee that either during the night or in the morning small  quite hard lumps of debris will come into my throat, my ears are cloggy and can feel the mucus but can't blow it out it's in very deep, good luck for next week I am on holiday and not looking forward to it at all but hey I can't stay home on my own for a week so will just try not to think about it, oh I think I am swallowing to strongly and then my muscles get tight, don't know any more cus it can be food or drink, take care

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Hi Susan, I have stinging nettle tea, tastes 😝 but I’ll try and drink!! Tincture sounds better! 

      My throat muscles hurt too, just need to get looked into now as so fed up of guessing and worrying 😞

      You have a great week away 😊

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Lol, Iv seen others on other forums...funny.funny . well I had silent reflux 2 begin with. Clearing treat all the rime. Irritation of throat UT only occasional pain. Then I got on ppi. This started up my acid pain. I got off ppi a Lil ovr a month, took a while to get the acid ro pain 2 leave . I still have occasional minor acid but nothing severe. When I skip my acv throat gets very uncomfortable and globus acts up. But overall it seems to be calming a hood bit. Iv stopped a lot of the acid inducing foods as well..prayed 4 u again...hoping Tha find reason and cure..

    • terrie27149 terrie27149

      I have dealt with all , clearing of throat for many many yrs. But what made me go 2 ent was a stranglation feeling in my throat. That was ladt year. That's when I was diagnosed with acid reflux. Silent ..

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      I don't know if drinking something horrible helps as I would be tightening my throat to get it down [biggrin] Do you have any problem with the bits of food left in mouth or throat after eating and what do you do with them I try to sip that doesnt help and drinking fast doesnt either

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Well it sounds the same as me, mine started just with the throat, I don’t remember having acid until they put me on the lanzoprasole then after the month I came off and there was the acid 😒

      did you say you’ve got a hiatus hernia? I forget who I’ve asked!! It’s affected my brain too 🤣🤣

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      Hi Susan, I’ve just started to have problems feeling like I’ve got food stuck or left in my lower throat, if I eat things that are slightly dry, I made a banana bread and although very moist it seems to get stuck, so annoying as makes me panic a bit, it’s like the throat muscles aren’t working properly 😒

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      Yes exactly the same i have a hernia 3cm it was early this year (I think brain is gone !!!) and yes the crumbs get stuck down there I am having some lemonade but I can still feel the thingy constant spit coming back up, my son has a problem sometimes and he does a backward swallow which is suck your throat up bring the rubbish back and chew swallow or spit  depending on the size but I don't know if that is good when you have stomach problem as well oh well gunna drink more lemonade which will make me burp cry

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      No it doesn't wake me but I bring those crumbs back during night sleep or morning suck them out, no op as not big enough but when you think a 3cm round lump for your food to pass or collect next to  it's not easy and your throat to your stomach is such a long way (the point in your rib where you get that pain is the opening to stomach) Yum banana cake I cant eat that cus the black pips come back !!!! My fella makes it every week he now puts a bit of bicarb in it so it is nice and soft and not so crumby everyone luvs it biggrin except me redface


    • katie16755 katie16755 susan39050

      I wonder what the black bits are 🤔 well it’s annoying isn’t it because if they won’t operate I don’t want to spend the rest of my like with this or on medication and I don’t think it’s something that gets better by itself is it? 

      So annoying 😒

    • susan39050 susan39050 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      The black bits are from the middle of the banana or even fine black pepper, I have dust allergy god knows what else I had hair analysis testing done sent it to a clinic in northampton it came back with allsorts even penicillin !!!! Thats what the docs gave me all the time


    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      Hi guys!

      I had my endoscopy done today, not the most pleasant experience but all over now! 

      All looked fine apparently apart from a slightly weak oesophagul sphincter, I’m seeing the consultant in 4 weeks to discuss but in the meantime I meet to research ways to strengthen my sphincter 😂

      Hope you guys are all doing well 😊

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      I’ve spent 8 months believing I have a hernia, it’s taken over my life!! No hernia but it says in the report a slightly loose sphincter so need to ask the consultant more, he wants me to go on omeprazole for 4 weeks which I’m not happy about as I do t see how that’s going to resolve anything 🤔

      How are you? 

    • deon28030 deon28030 katie16755

       Hi Katie, I’m so happy for you about this. I know you were worried about the test itself. And that’s great news! I don’t know what the deal with Omeprezole is either. That’s what the doctor wants to put me on. I’m going to try but I’m traveling to India for two weeks so I’m going to do it afterwards. Hope that you’re feeling better! At least you’ve moved forward in this journey. 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 katie16755

      Iv always heard 97% of what we worry about never happens. So glad in your case

      It didnt. I hate googling symptoms. I'm pretty good. Trying to stop stressing over health. So hard. I bet you feel so relieved now. I praise the Lord all okay..wink

    • katie16755 katie16755 deon28030

      Hi deon, thank you, it’s such a relief! I’m still wondering if the loose sphincter is causing my daily acid or it was stress worrying about, I guess we will see.

      I just don’t know how being on omeprazole for 4 weeks will do anything, I’ve been on them before and it didn’t cure the problem! 

      Ahh have a fab time in India!! 😊

    • katie16755 katie16755 terrie27149

      I’m always googling symptoms and I read something awful but then start to believe that’s what I’ve got, it’s been a very stressful time with this globus as I’m sure you know.

      I now have to stop googling and start trying to relax, I did read though that the one thing to help tighten a loose sphincter is to learn breathing exercises and relaxation!! I guess I know what I need to do!! 

    • susan82641 susan82641 katie16755

      Hi Katie

      Sorry I haven't been on a lot going on in NYC & Drs. So it kind seems some what like what's going on with you. I had my follow up after my endoscopy & colonoscopy and barium swallow.... what they saw was a very small hiatal hernia.. mild refux. The swallowing said mild dysmortality characterized by tertiary contractions and breakage if primary striping wave. They want me to see a dr that does bravo and menomerty test in swallow clinic. I'm so exhausted from drs. Crazy I don't sing, smoke, drink.  Gotta tell you last week I went to a Chinese Women for a Massage who did pressure point, meridian liver massage and lymph massages while doing the sleep apnea machine. Within hrs it stoped for the 5 days and I felt great. Started coming back on Friday night and then I went to her Sunday night. Now I'm paying attention it's been on and off. Trying to figure out if I'll make my appointments for these test. Anyone do these test : bravo and menamatry? Katie glad to here you are ok...all I know I wasn't streeted when this popedvoutbog no where but after all these test and drs I'm stress which I know it's making me nuts because I worry because of the what if's. I'm hanging in. Best Susan

    • katie16755 katie16755 susan82641

      Hi Susan, it seems you’ve been very busy 😒 it’s exhausting all these Drs appointments and tests and for me they definitely provoke more anxiety and then make me feel worse 😒

      They do seem very thorough with you which is good! I’ve only been offered the endoscopy, I’m now wondering why they haven’t offered a barium swallow, is that more accurate that an endoscopy 🤔

      It does still make me wonder what’s going on with me if it’s only a slightly loose oesophagul sphincter, is there something else going on!! 

      I really hope you can have a break from it all soon! It seems to me that if the massage helped so much then stress is definitely a huge factor.

      Take care and let us know how the rest of the tests go 😊

  • maureen98580 maureen98580 chippy12

    So pleased to have read your story - it is so similar to mine!  Mine started a year ago now when I took my nightly diabetic medication and also swallowed the silver foil from the bilster pack!!   I could feel it in the side of my throat for a couple of weeks and spend a long time trying to clear my throat, throw up, drink/swallow hot/cold, anything to try and shift it!      Started feeling the lump in my throat after that - and the rest is history - cameras up the nose - down the trhoat - barium  swallows etc etc!   Like you I have realised that it is not going to kill me - all tests are clear and  by doing the exercises also it has slowly got better - like you about 5% still there.  I was most struck by your comment about your neck - I also have that - "crawling" sensation in my neck - have never been able to describe it before - and never seen anybody on here with that particular symptom - it is all calming down now - after a year - maybe it will go completely, I dont know - but so hard to describe to non-sufferers!  Thanks for your post and good luck in future!

    • chippy12 chippy12 maureen98580

      Hi Maureen,

      Thank you so much for your post! I can't believe you also had the crawling feeling. I was hoping to read that someone else had this but nobody did. I really think it was the nerves in my neck playing tricks and sending wrong messages after the panic attack for weeks afterwards. It's so complex isn't it. I hope and pray it never happens again. I'm so pleased yours is calming down. Take care!

  • Mikeglobus Mikeglobus chippy12

    Thanks for your story Chilly12.

    The exercises are a new thing to me, I'm glad you shared with us! I will definitely be trying that from now on.

    I have had this for about two years now and have ups and downs. Like you though once I learned it wasn't actually choking me you kind of learn to ignore it - I mean, I'm always aware of it and its usually the first thing in the morning I think about, but it doesn't bring on the same panic. And I'm FINALLY learning to sleep again. That turned out to be a massive issue after the first few episodes - but thats a whole other story.

    For me though, and I haven't found anyone else with it, I get a specifically bad episode that has only happened 3 times in the 2-3 years. I get an actual physical swelling in my throat - like it feels if I breath out a certain way I can 'move' it. Like a nodule or something blocking my throat. I have had barium swallows, cameras up my nose etc etc and nothing but its definately a different sensation - seems to be after spicy food so may just be a bad reflux damage thing. It normally means I have to stay off work - I can't even talk without gagging when it happens. Not a nice feeling.

    Im an anxious and stressed person in general anyway so the globus makes sense - and as you all know its sort of a chain reaction/catch 22 type thing, but in a way this has made me address my anxiety and try to figure out ways of mentally to beat it. I do breathing exercise, journals and generally just learning to face my 'fears'. So thats a positive Im taking from it. Goes without saying I still wish I didn't have it though!

    Also I get a clicking sensation in my throat sometimes, as if my throat is 'failing' mechanically. I'm assuming though this is due to the over swalling with the globus sensation. Anybody else get that?

    Besides all that though I don't have a lot to offer - lots of water really helps for me and avoiding really sugary phlegm inducing items helps too. Dairy can be a pain sometimes with the phlegm/post nasal drip.

    Sorry I haven't added much here - just thanks for the exercise advice!

    Good luck everybody - remember, its not the end of the world! For the most part, its just a sensation!


    • maureen98580 maureen98580 Mikeglobus

      Hi Mike

      Good to read your post - the exercises really worked for me (got it all under control at least) - especially the "kissing the ceiling" one  - must really stretch things out - also mine is worse after spicy foods and sugary things (as a diabetic I shouldnt be eating them anyway!)

      Good luck with it all 

    • terrie27149 terrie27149 Mikeglobus

      Oh my yes. Me too. I also get like the click sensation like something moved over when I swallow. I am thinking acid causes swelling like a nodule. I can actually see like a nodule way down the base of my throat when i used a flashlight. My ent couldn't see it but is doin a scope next week. This feeling of fullness in my throat is a pain for sure. Hoping 2 get some answers..

  • jana6796 jana6796 chippy12

    Hi thank you for sharing your story I will definitely try it . My problem stared 2 years ago I was about 7 month pregnant. I'm 5ft2 and I had 10 pounds 3 baby. It felt like everything was pushed up and it never gone down. I remember saying it felt like my stomach was in my throat. I was hoping that after my little one will be born it will all go to normal. Two years later I'm left with lump feeling in my throat which I'm trying to swallow all the time. It feels like someone trying to strangle me and I feel pressure in my chest. I don't have panic attacks, depression or anxiety and I don't have any other symptoms. Im just tying swallow all the time as when I eat or swallow it makes it better.  I had thyroid scan, barium swallow x- ray, seen ENT all came back ok. Tried some medicine for Gerd with no effect. Doctor said that I worry too much and making myself feel like it.( not my case) She said I have to get used to it. Very hard to live with it and get used to as you all know it's very unpleasant. Another lady suggested to see endocrinologist and neurologist, very frustrating hope I will find solution one day :-(