Globus newcomer, scared and uncomfortable.

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I'm wrapping up my second week of Globus symptoms. Sore/swollen throat with the customary lump sensation everyone describes. My breathing and sustainance intake are mostly unaffected but are a little more labored. Coughs are dry and scratchy but I'm making lots of mucus. Every so often theres this odd ticking or clicking coming from my 'lump'. No real pain but its just really uncomfortable and 100% inescapable.

I've tried gargling salt water (along with really hot/cold water), powerful numbing lozenges (which make it even more pronounced), and I've been drinking alot of tea and water. Which are not effective at all really but the three seconds of relief are enough to keep me chugging all of the liquids. Side note: tried raw apple vinegar today. Which induced severe gagging and produced a sizable glob of feathery brown mucus. Unnerving.

The main thing that's getting me is the lack of sleep its causing me. I've been having great difficultly getting comfortable and am losing a lot of sleep. Partly because of the physical sensation and partly because of the anxiety it causes.. Which I'm not usually prone to.

My aunt who works in the medical field has looked me over and says there isn't a mass or anything she could feel. Luckily she could write a script for decent antibiotics and I started those today as well. (Fingers crossed)

Some of the things I've read leave me really scared.. Cases lasting months.. Even years.. People even being driven to consider suicide because of it. I know there's no quick fix, that trying not to stress out over it is really important and I've been doing my best in that department. But I'm really afraid and being driven crazy. I've had a deep distrust of doctors and the medical establishment as a whole for a long time and this has got me making appointments and going through all the hoops. Hoping something good will come out of all that.

Ironically I tried for a long time to get in tune with my body, and now I'm too aware of it all. I was scared at first this was cancer or something.. But its looking like that's not the case.. Small miracles right? I'm not getting much real support from my family. And there's nobody better to talk to than all the Globus ensared souls out there. How do you all get to sleep? Anything meant to relax muscles makes it worse and impossible not fixate on. I'm just at a loss. Thanks for even reading this and any advice would be highly appreciated.

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    Dear CaeronDe,

    Poor you!

    It is not a nice thing at all. However, you must eliminate all of the possibilities if you have any chance of relaxing and reducing your stress and anxiety.

    I was initally given a diagnosis of post nasal dripping (over the phone) and was taking steroid nasal spray. This dleared the constand dripping and swallowing feeling but then the pain in the throat (lump) got worse and scratchy and dry cough and constantly clearing throat.

    I was then diagonse as LRPD, which is stomache acid getting into throat and irritating it, thus causing the lump and sore feeling.

    I was advised to:

    Reduce alchol

    Not smoke

    Not to eat late or eat spicy foods

    Reduce tea/coffee/ citrus driks and fizzy pop

    more exercise

    not to wear tight clothes

    sleep with a wedge under matress to elivate head (10 cms)

    Try to meditate or relax

    I was also prescribed 2 anti-acid type tablets per day and 40ml of extra strong gaviscon per day and I was told to come back 7 weeks later for camera down nose to throat to check it was nothing else.

    The medication seemed to work and the pain and soreness has reduced day by day. It has got worse on occassion when I have had a lot of stress or anxiety, but on the whole it has been subsiding.

    Had the camera thing - which was not too bad and the consultant reassured me that there were no signs of cancer!!

    His diagnosis was Globus Hysterica! Basically part of the condition is physilogical and part psycolgical.

    I am on reduced medication (only 1 tablet per day) but was told to maintain the gaviscon for as long as the symtoms were present. He advised me that it would likely ebb away over the next fewe months. So I guess all I can do is wait and see and try and reduce all thr things they rekon exasibate it.

    My advise to you, would be to get to the doctors, get the camera done ( coz as soon as you know it isnt something serious you will feel better a bit anyway), join a yoga or pilates class to help relax.

    Exercise will also help you sleep better, so try and get some in and try that.

    I also would reccommend some herbal sleeping aid, lavender on your pillow, nytol to aid some sleep. maybe some relaxing music really low as you try to sleep...?

    Most of all - go and elimite anything scary from your mind so that you can try and relax.

    From what I have read, there are so many variations on how long this lasts and what are the triggers for it, I guess everyone is a little different depending on their circumstances....most important thing to remember is that you will get better, you must believe it and focus on that belief and try and find something to distract you as much as possible.

    Warm water with organic honey and a touch of lemon also helped me a bit in the day with the pain and sratchyness.

    Take care and chin up, hope you feel better soon.


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      Hello Louben,

      I have also been diagnosed with the same condition. I wish it would just go away. It started out with the feeling of a small piece of food stuck in my throat, and now I have the post nasal drip and the scratchy cough. I feel as though I should get a second opinion, as I have had the scope several times. My biggest issue is the worry that it is something worse. Thank you for your post, as it is exactly what I have been told by my doctor. Please continue to post if you find anything that works. I do know that alcohol is discouraged, but if I have a glass of wine, it seems to subside. Weird, that must be the anxiety side of it. rolleyes

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    I'm going to a doctor today, so we'll have to see how this plays out. Its good to know there is hope of this waning before too long. But I would be surprised if this started from the mental side of things over the physical.. I regularly meditate and am the exact opposite of anxious in my daily life. I've got kind of a short fuse.. But am generally very calm and cool. Well see what they say I guess. Thanks for the reply.
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    Hello, I have been wanting to respond to you, sorry for the delay.

    I have been experiencing this for nearly 2 years. I pay very close

    attention to it, in fact, probably too much. I have a very stressful job,

    and I can tell that it seems worse at work than it does when I am off.

    My best suggestion would be to pay close attention to when it seems to

    "flare up" more than usual. My ENT prescribed medication for the anxiety.

    I have to admit, that helps quite a bit. Although I know that I am stressed

    out and anxious, the medication does not give me the feeling of the anxiety,

    which in turn seems to keep the sensation at a minimum. The mornings are

    the best, right when I wake up, there is no sensation. As the morning goes on,

    however, it returns. This condition will drive you crazy if you let it. Rule out the

    obvious (which is what I worry about). See an ENT, get the proper diagnosis

    and then try to live with it the best you can. My ENT also told me it is a result of

    silent reflux. I sleep on an elevated wedge under my pillow and take an anti-reflux, over the counter medication. I have no idea when it will, or if it will, go away, but I hope it does every day! Hang in there and keep us all posted on your progress.


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      Well. I've been sorting out insurance nonsense for a while now so things about evened out. Thanks for the tips, I've been trying to relax a little and not focus on it. After several doctors visits I've found its either being caused by severe tonsil problems, or I have cancer. More than likely not cancer though, I'm staying optimistic. Had MRI today, finding out tomorrow what is going on.
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      Hi cameronDe...

      Hope you had the positive results

      ..ive been suffering with these symptoms for 4 1st doctor said my tonsils were really red n gave me ibuprofen. But then the problem went further down the throat and now 2 differnt docs say its globus...really is worrying me though..started having panic attacks at work because i feel like something is there which in turn starts me panicing ..waiting to go ENT on 14th dec hopefully its nothing to worry about and reading some of these comments sends a bit of reassurance but im a little scaredof how long this thing can last reading some comments...hopefully we all recover from this ..even though it's not life threatening its just annoying and cant see how to cope with it cause theres no real cure ..

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      My MRI came back clean.. That had me scared. Turns out my tonsils are the issue.. Much much better than throat cancer. They're causing my neck to swell somewhat and that's what's causing my discomfort. Thanks for the support everyone, it means alot to me. I'll post after my surgery to update on whether it helps my symptoms.
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      Yeah, I had it last week, well nine days ago now. It's helped my symptoms alot, ive only had one little episode since. I but I've been on a lot of pain meds (for me anyway) and that may or may not be contributing to my asymptomatic throat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once these awful giant scabs in the back of my throat go away I'll be normal again.

      But I'm well, much better than when I posted this, but if took a while, so if anyone is suffering with globus symptoms, just be patient, don't panic and think positive.

      Thanks for the concern! I'll update next week when I'm fully healed. THE ICE CREAM THING IS A MYTH BY THE WAY!!! Lol

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