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Hi All,

I have a story exactly like everyone I just read. It is not always acid reflux or GERD-mine isn't. Yes it is stress. You are not fighting cancer or heart disease-you are fighting you! I got this after having mole diagnosed as Melanoma-which thankfully did not get out of the mole!!! Then I got encephalitis-dizziness, headaches, blurriness ( I thought I was going blind) all this went away and in headed Globus Hystericus through my door and it hasn't left since! (nearly 3 years) I have been called Bi Polar, neurotic, menapausal, not RELIGIOUS enough and a host of other false indignities!!!! from very uninformed and yes I'll say it-ignorant people! You are fighting your subconscious-that's all! But when you fight yourself-who wins? My suggestion- cognitive therapy, and diversions and replacement behaviors. We all have to find a way to get this off our minds!!!!!! Believe me, I am a strong, educated person and this has been the battle of my life! To the point of debilitation. I too, have been on Xanax-still am and I hate being dependent on anything! But it does help one cope-temporarily. Xanax will NEVER cure your throat. I am having the 24 hour reflux probe on Sept. 20th and I know that is not my problem-I am having it to prove everyone wrong. It is a factor with some people-but not all. I have taken all the medications for reflux for 2 years and nothing! I do ph lithmus paper 3 times a day both in the mouth and urinally and it shows me either exactly where I should be or too ALKALINE!!! This is stress!!!! You better believe it. It is a huge feat-but if you can stop being upset and afraid of this- I promise it will lose it's power eventually. Just like a person who intimidates you-once they don't intimidate you anymore they become obsolete. Fighting yourself or your subconscious mind IS harder there is no doubt. Don't give up-we can do it and support groups like this do help. You are not alone and it is not a weakness in you. It's just bad luck. I have seen people overcome this drug free. GET YOUR MIND OFF THIS and don't let anyone or anything scare or stress you out to the point of this-nothing is worth it! You can get your \"health\" and peace of mind back. Just know this can not destroy or hurt you only the suppposed power you give it. Stop giving. Talk to people, get informed and get involved in something anything-but this! I pray for us all and know it can be done. This is not cancer- it will not grow or kill. Know that! and fight!

Sincerely, Michelle Fotheringham

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    On the 18th of November 2013 I had been struggling with alot of lower back pain and pain over my upper chest and my groin area had become numb. I had been frequently to a physiotherapist who suggested I ask my family doctor for an MRT. My family doctor had one scheduled for late December but for me at this time was to long of a wait so I decided to go to the hospitals emergency first aid station. I explained my situation and the doctor on call was able to get me a CT a type of xray.

    By this time my wife and son arrived and we looked at the image together with the doctor who was very surprised at what he saw. A tumor was lying at the base of my spine and now I was being told that I would have to stay in the hospital. Three days later they removed the tumor and three days after that the test results came back positive. I now have a rare blood form of cancer called multiple myeloma. I was transferred to a bigger hospital with a very good Cancer treatment station and after three days of arriving a neurological surgeon came into my room and told me he had looked at an image of my back and had found a hole in my upper vertabrae.

    He said it would be a very good idea if I would have this hole filled because if not I could very easily just by moving around damage my back and risk being paralysed. I was told by him that there would be a 5% chance that this hot cement they use to fill in bones could break through so I thought those were good odds and I signed my name for the operation to go ahead. The procedure took six hours and when I finally woke up in the recovery room I noticed I had such a tremendous heartburn in my stomach and I could not move my right leg and right foot an hour later the surgeon came over to me and told me he was very sorry but I was part of the 5% and the hot cement broke through and ran down my spine causing severe nerve damage effecting my right side which now is very painful and numb.

    My journey has been a long one with chemotherapy radiation and alot of physiotherapy on my leg I have been told I will have to live with chronic pain and I will never walk again and with this I have become quite depressed I am having a psychologist come by once a week along with a physiotherapist twice a week and this has helped me alot.

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    Hi all,

    I have had a lump feeling in my throat for almost 10 months. i had seen my GP but she said the throat was fine after checking it quickly. I have now , finally, confirmation that I have an underactive Thyroid and have been started on a low dose of thyroxine.

    But the lump is still there. I feel it the most when i lie down at any time. Swallowing is difficult and the GP didnt think anything of it last year. 

    One of the senior GP's has finally refered me to a ENT and have an appointment in August . lets see what the Consultant says. 

    I do wonder if it is related to stress!!!

    I have tried herbal teas and drink gignger and honey too but eating and drinking is not a problem , only when i lie down. Although i do feel the saliva to be a bit sticky even though i drink a lot of water. 

    P.S... I dont drink or smoke, and dont take any strong medicines.


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