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Dear All

I have been suffering from GH for the last 2 months of so. It just came on suddenly. I saw my doctor after about two weeks of this strange sensation - she immediately diagnosed GH and asked about my levels of anxiety. Having just started a new job which has taken me out of my comfort zone completely I could see that it could well be a result of stress.

I have tried since then to control my stress levels in the only way I know how - exercise, relaxation, moderate alcohol consumption. All to no avail - in fact it has got worse.

Can I describe my symptons to you? Please please let me know if they are at all common - I am feeling so low about the whole thing:

Extreme tightness in the whole of throat area - it is sore to touch

I have had dizziness on and off for the last month

A tightness and tenderness in my chest area

Blurred vision on occasions but usually sore and tired eyes

I think I will probably have to go back to the doctors for more advice. The irony is I didn't really feel stressed before all of this came on but I really do now. I do not know how I can continue in my job feeling like this every day.

Please can someone out there reassure me in some way and convince me I am not going mad.

Thanks so much


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    Hi Julia,

    I went through a really bad period of anxiety about 14 yrs ago (i'm now 46). My circumstances at the time were, a recent house move, a close relative got divorced and significant work stressors. My symptoms were numerous and I really thought I was going to die, even though all my tests were coming up with nothing to show except normal results. As far as my throat was concerned, I can remember waking up one Sunday morning with a real tension feeling in my throat and I could literally taste metal (there was no bleeding). I made a full recovery after about 12 months. Then about 7 years ago I noticed a strange sensation in my throat unlike anything before, like it had been scraped when swallowing. To cut a long story short I tried antacids, both over the counter and prescribed, I eventually had a gastroscopy (a camera down my throat) having been diagnosed with \"helicobacter pylori\" and everything was shwon to be normal :D That was earlier this year. I was prescribed medication for the \"helicobacter pylori\", but after that I did not take anymore medication and decided to tough it out. Some good news is that about 6-8 weeks ago I started to notice a gradual improvment in my throats discomfort and it has continued. I was at my GP's the other day re: a chest infection and mentioned the improvement in my symptoms to him. It was then that he mentioned globus hystericus, I hadn't heard of it before. So I hope this helps you and to pick up on your story, when I went through my stress season there were times when I really thought I was going mad, but guess what.......I didn't :D

    Here's wishing you all the best and God Bless.


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    I have this too, have had it for a while now. I was told it was stress related, which makes sense as I have it in cycles (along with my menstrual one). I suffer badly with post menstual tension (and fact I think there's only about a week of the cycle I feel sane!).

    Anyway, someone suggested I try Quiet Life (By Lanes, you can get them at most health food stores or online), it's a herbal stress remedy. I've been taking them for a couple of months now and I feel more sane than I ever have. The stress symptoms aren't as bad, less of the 'lump in throat feeling' and I don't feel like I am going insane anymore.

    Might be worth a try if it's stress related.


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    sad I too am suffering with these symptons at the moment and have been since about November. I been to the drs twice and have been told it is probably Globus but I have asked to be referred to the hospital as I want it checking out. It is making my life so miserable I constantly feel like I have a boiled egg in my throat everytime I swallow. I feel so alone at the moment and I wish I could just get it sorted now. Does anyone else feel like this?
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    I am joining the club as I too have been suffering with the throat feelings since beginning Dec - its making me real scared and anxious had a melt down beginning of Dec and back on Citralopram 20mg, feel dreadful over last few days feels like i have a constant \"germ\" feeling hot breath , slight stinging in ear and only on left side sometimes feels like its totally dry and carry round water with me everywhere just in case!

    Making my life a misery and going back to the docs on Monday glad found this web site tho as has made me feel bit better as you think you're the only one !

    take care all


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    I too have had GH since about last October, have had it before and had all the usual tests, no abnormalities found. It's a horrible thing to live with. I think mine is caused by stress, some days it's almost gone, then back with a vengeance. Mine feels like a lump in throat, a heavy feeling in chest, general discomfort in chest area.i also get a lot of wind. hopefully will clear again, but might try the quiet life tablets.

    I have been presribed omeprazole, and also take gaviscon, which are helping a little, also keeping off fatty foods.

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    I have suffered on and off for a few years. I am having a bad episode at the moment that came on a few days ago. I don't know what causes mine. I don't think I am stressed at the moment, I on holiday!

    The biggest impact it has on me is that I interferes with my sleeping. I find night times quite panicy. I know I won't stop breathing in the night but you get irrational when your tired.

    Mine does come and go, I haven't had an episode for months now. It only effects the left side of my thoat and like described earlier I do feel heavy chested as well. I do also find that I feel quite burpy too, but that the wind gets trapped sometimes!

    Glad I am not on my own.

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    I'm 29 now and since around the age of 20 I've had a dry feeling on the left side of my throat. When I swallow I can feel a lump like sensation which feels very uncomfortable and when I talk for a prolonged period of time, the left side of my throat starts to feel sore quite quickly, making speech more and more uncomfortable. It feels as though there is something in my throat obstructing it and the left side of my throat feels really tight and constricted. the problem is worse in the winter and in dry air conditions. Inside my left nostril feels very dry and my left ear feels a little blocked and itchy too so it could be a sinus problem. My left tonsil is larger than the right one too. I've been to the doctors several times but nothing out of the ordinary according to them. This problem, although minor compared to some other more serious illnesses is making my life miserable and uncomfortable. I came across this forum and it seems that my symptoms correlate with some of the symptoms of GH. I just hope that there can be a light at the end of this tunnel.
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    Hi, It is quite a relief to discover that there are others out there who are suffering from the same thing as me. I thought I was going completely crazy. I've always been quite an anxious person and to be truthful have a bit of a issue when it comes to choking. I've had panic attacks before (last year I ended up in A & E for 5 hours) but never accompanied by this lump in my throat.

    I am currently planning for my wedding in August and I think that this maybe part of the root of my anxiety. It was when I was recently over visiting my parents and arranging things for the wedding that I suddenly got this horrible lump in my throat. It also didn't help that I happened to get a vomiting bug at the same time and had a bit of a throat infection on top of it. It is really terrifying and I feel so upset as my fiance feels powerless to help me with it. Have been so tempted to just head up to A & E again even though deep down I know that I'll be okay and it'll probably be a waste of time. I have been put on 20mg of citalopram so I'll see how that goes but is Xanax effective for treating short term anxiety?

    Karen smile

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